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Vibrators, Cyber Vibers & Vibration Play
Nurse - Rabbit Habit

Great Vibrations!

1. To move back and forth or to and fro, especially rhythmically and rapidly.

2. To feel a quiver of emotion.

3. To shake or move with or as if with a slight quivering or trembling motion...

...that just describes almost every sensation, feeling and desire we all go for! And that's why it's such a popular feature in many of our sex toys!

 From the versatile and powerful Magic Wand to the small but extremely effective Cyber Vyber (also called, the "pocket rocket"), and that just names a few of the many, many types of vibrators we offer here! Check out our Vibrator Kits page, too...

Always be sure to check in frequently or visit the What's New Blog, for updates on new products and info!

The Vibrator's Medical History

The vibrator has a long and rather odd history beginning in the mid-1600's with the basic use of rapid movements of fingers to "heal" women with hysteria due to conditions caused by "widowhood, celibacy and religious lives".

Then in the early 1800's the use of rocking chairs, swings or any vehicles that would bounce the pelvis area was thought to calm the nerves of "high strung" women. In 1870, a wind-up vibrator was developed for massages at spas and for physical therapists, however, it didn't stay "wound up" long enough to complete any treatments!

Then in 1872, an American physician patented a steam-powered vibrating apparatus, which is obvious why it didn't make it into the next century! 
In the 1880's, a British physician invents the first electro-mechanical vibrator for use as a medical instrument by doctors.

Other physicians followed suit with contraptions intended to serve as vibrators. Articles and textbooks on vibratory massage technique praised the machine's versatility for treating nearly all diseases in both sexes and saving physicians time and labor. These vibrators reduced the time of "getting there" from up to an hour to approximately 10 minutes. By 1905,  convenient portable models became available, permitting doctor's  house calls.

The "home versions" of the vibrators began to appear soon in advertisements in places like Needlecraft, Woman's Home Companion, Modern Priscilla and the Sears & Roebuck catalog, with tag lines like: "...all the pleasures of youth will throb within you."! These disappeared in the 1920s, however, when "stag films" started using vibrators as props. Physicians finally realized that orgasm didn't necessarily involve penetration, so once they connected "arousal to paroxysm" with eroticism, the vibrator's era as a medical appliance ended..

This certainly does not look like a "safe and sane" practice!! ...and it was recommended by the manufacturer to "use at the same time"... the electrically powered vibrator and whirlpool!



It was nearly forty years that the electric vibrator thrived under wraps, being sold as a massage tool or physical therapy device until the late 50's, early 60's did it re-merge as an openly marketed sex-aid toy.

And in the last thirty to forty years, the vibrator has evolved and grown to mind boggling variations, from the earlier, poorer quality battery operated hand held phallic designs to the expensive sophisticated remote control device with multiple attachments.


  Vibrator Electric Eureka


You gotta read this!! ... (click on the above)

UPDATE : Click here to read our Newsletter "The Examiner" article on vibrators!

... an E-Stim-Vibrator developed by Dr. Yvonne K. Fulbright

With adjustable electro intensity, 7 vibration levels and a crescendo pulse pattern feature, Inspire is the foremost choice in electro stimulation. Designed to target the pelvic floor muscles, strengthening as well as stimulating the vagina for more intense orgasms. Its superior design begins from the inside out. A durability tested motor emits powerful vibration throughout the piece while the interior fusing transmits electro pulses that are sensually stimulating.

The exterior features a velvet soft ergonomic curve that bends subtly along the 6.5" length with a hint of textural ripples at the middle. The two solid brass plates at the sides of the top end provide electro-stimulation at various levels through a gentle current. This superior electro massager has the ability to vibrate and electrically stimulate simultaneously, or you can use either mode on its own.

The benefits of using Inspire include strengthening the pelvic floor muscles of the vagina giving you stronger Kegel muscles to help with incontinence as well as vaginal elasticity. Power on Inspire by depressing the lower button for the electro stimulation option, or the upper 'wave' button for vibration. You can select the level that you desire, by depressing either the left or right '+/-' buttons to amplify or lower the levels of stimulation.



Elise 2 in hand
ELISE 2 by Lelo

The 'Elise 2' is one of the latest and greatest from LELO,  the Swedish intimate lifestyle company that designs, develops and manufactures upmarket sex toys, BDSM accessories, and lingerie and massage products. This waterproof and dual motor vibrator is 8 1/2 inches in length with 5 inches that are insertable.

The girth is 4 1/2 inch circumference at its widest point and is 1 1/2 inches in diameter. The shaft of the vibrator is designed with a slight curved, enough to reach and stimulate the g-spot.

    • Satisfying Form with Vibrations in Stem and Tip
    • Enhanced Motors Take Pleasure to a Peak
    • Enjoy in the Bath or Shower and Clean Easily
    • Smoothest FDA-approved Silicone with Soft-touch Coating
    • Fully-lockable with Discreet, Satisfying Vibrations
Lelo Elise 2 waterproof

Materials: ABS Plastic / Silicone
Finish: Matte
Size: 220 x 42 x 36mm / 8.7 x 1.7 x 1.4in
Diameter:  38mm / 1.5in.
Insertable Length: 130mm / 5.1in.
Weight: 210g / 7.4oz.
Battery: Li-Ion 900mAh 3.7V
Charging: 2hrs at 5.0V 500mA
User Time: Up to 2hrs
Standby: Up to 90 days
Frequency: 100Hz
Max Noise Level: <50dB
Interface: variable interface dial, 5 modes

As with all pleasure objects by LELO, 'ELISE 2' is designed to offer total peace of mind in whatever situations arise. Made with FDA-approved and phthalate-free ABS/ silicone, it delivers up to 4 hours of near-silent vibrations after just a 2-hour charge.

Speed and intensity are easily controllable via an intuitive interface dial, while these functions are fully lockable to ensure discreet transportation at all times.

Additionally, ELISE 2 comes presented in an elegant gift box and luxury satin pouch for appropriate storage, complete with charger, user manual with LELO warranty.

Suggestions from the packaging of the Rock-Chick:

Ways to Rock Out: Besides using your hand(s) to guide the rocking motion of the Rock Chick it is also designed to be used hands free.

Position yourself comfortably on the bed with your legs extended and arms stretched out behind you.

Now, slowly start to rock your body back and forth against the Rock Chick.

Vary the position of your body until you find what works best for you.

Vary the speed of your rocking to increase or decrease stimulation.

Alternatively, use the Rock Chick while sitting on the edge of a bed or a chair.

P.S. (from our own staff) ~ It works great in a luxurious hot bubble bath!


The Magic Wand

Appropriately named for its uncanny ability to bring magical results, this diverse and very popular vibrator was invented over thirty years ago for the rapidly growing massage therapy market in the U.S., Europe and Asia. Needless to say, it quickly moved from the spa and therapy clinics to the bedroom with its easy to use "one-handed" capability!
(Also, see video and read about "No-Hands Experiment" with the Hitachi Magic Wand...)

The tennis ball sized head is about 2-1½" in diameter and is capable of very powerful vibrations. The handle is over 9-inches long and makes it easy to maneuver during solo and partner play, with a two speed control switch allowing you to adjust between the "low" and a very powerful "high" setting quickly. 

It is large and in charge... and is really, really, really strong! It works so quickly, you won't have problems with "numbness" which sometimes happens if using weaker vibes for longer periods of time.

Attachments to this fantastic vibrator make it even more exciting! For example, the Tri-Pod attachment is a design for achieving 3-way female vibration: clitoral, vaginal and anal! We Nurses definitely give this one a superior approval rating! (And plenty of sighs and smiles, afterwards!!)

Another great unisex accessory for the Magic Wand, designed for either male or female, is the G-Pod attachment. The concept is so unique, with nubby surfaces in the "crotch cup" area and a large, protruding insert for deep, penetrating prostate massaging or g-spot vaginal vibration. This works ideally for men who have not been able to reach the prostate with other devices, as well as for women who prefer a larger, fuller feeling in their vagina.

Yet another great attachment is the G-Spotter (shown on the head of the Hitachi Magic Wand, lower right) or Knobby version or  the G-Plus (shown about to be placed on the head of the Hitachi Magic Wand, lower left) are fantastic attachments, transforming the Magic Wand into a penis-style insertable vaginal or anal vibrator, designed to hit the G-Spot (on her or him!) or a double digit, double whammy!

G-Plus Attachment

Gyno Girl (Nurse Victoria V. Gyna) touts the Magic Wand as a  girl's "power tool"

More Magic Wand Info and Accessories

Magic Wand and G-Spotter Kit

Magic Wand & G-Plus+ Vibro Kit

This is everyone's (guys and gals) favorite combination!
The most versatile, electric, full powered vibrator of the 21st century, teamed up with the multi-use g-spotter plus or female ejaculation and/or prostate milker attachment.

 The combinations for insertion and stimulation are endless: vaginal, anal, clitoral, perineum... be creative! You cannot go wrong with this on price or performance! Along with some luscious lube to make it all work smoothly! Grab some Sex Toy Cleaner for easy clean up!

Kit includes: G-Plus Attachment, Magic Wand and Lubricant

Note: Just read 50 Shades of Grey and want to push some more boundaries?
 Try the Magic Wand Leather Harness [below]

Hitachi Magic Wand & G-Plus Kit
Item #340-9100
Price: $110.95 only $98.95!



Magic Wand and Butt Plug Harness

Magic Wand "Hands-Free" Leather Harness

Look! No hands! ... but oooohhhhh mmyyyy ggggg....
 What an ingenious device! Designed specifically to keep the Hitachi Wand securely in place over the clitoral area (or penis!) ...for hours and hours, if need be... or can be tolerated, before absolutely collapsing!

 Strap in and belt up, click on the Magic Wand and watch the agony and ecstasy begin... and go on and on and on...  Such a devious design, this belt also comes with a butt plug harness! Perfect for creative bondage sessions: hands cuffed behind the back, Magic Wand Belt on, butt plug in ... flip the switch on the Magic Wand - boom!

  • High quality leather
  • Two belt buckle systems for security
  • Three O-Rings attached to the front of the belt
  • Accommodate a Hitachi Magic Wand [or a vibrator of similar size and shape]
  • Fits 28" - 36" hips
  • Butt plug holder internal diameter 1 7/16" 
Hands free hitachi wand harness

Hitachi Magic Wand Leather Harness
Item #360-2500
Price: $94.95


    Love the original Magic Wand by Hitachi?
Be sure to visit our entire Hitachi Magic Wand accessories
 and attachment page


Thunder Cloud Vibrator

This is one B-I-G vibrator with a "built on" clitoral stimulator for those that like 'em really, really large, dear patients! We have seen plenty of pleasing prosthetics when it comes to anatomically correct apparati, but this one has us all aghast! It is made in Japan, but we are sure it was influenced by the voracious appetites of the Americans, because we can't imagine this being a regular size for the petite Japanese!  Even the name, Thunder Cloud, conjures up visions of some larger-than-life Native American chief from long ago! 

The ingenious design combines vibration with an undulating gyrating head along with a large clitoral stimulating pod which lines up so perfectly after insertion of the huge head and shaft portion.

Once the buttons are slid into action ( that's how the controls work on the bottom of the shaft) they can be adjusted autonomously faster or slower and the light show that the shaft provides is mesmerizing in itself! Yes, there are flashing lights of various colors that pulse with the varying vibration levels!

The feel of the Thunder Cloud is really exciting, also! It's so amazingly real... if you closed your eyes and did a side by side testing with the TC and the real McCoy, you would be... uhm (upcoming pun intended)... hard pressed to tell the difference!

 Believe us, this is a huge vibrator... it measures 11" from tip to tip and there is about  5.5" of insertable length with a  2.5" diameter head and a 2" diameter tapering shaft! Can you say, "Uunngmmph!"?

Thunder Cloud Vibrator in use

Scary big... yet so exciting! The Thunder Cloud ...
Scene: Nurse Victoria pushes Ivy's limits in the original
Johannes Muller's Studio Gum Inflatable Body Bag.


Cyber Vyber

The little tool that could! Wow! That is the best way to describe a Cyber Vyber!... simply, Wow!! It is so small and compact, yet so very powerful!

Nicknamed, "Pocket Rocket", this little vibrator is sure to become your favorite... it became Sam Phillips' fav (our vivacious interviewer from Playboy TV)! She just loved it! The first time she tried to turn it on she jumped back from the stimulation as she touched the tip of it on her cheek! 

So don't be left out of the secret... it goes where no other vibrator can!! Nipples, penis, pussy, balls and don't forget to try it on the tip of an inserted sound for a truly incredible experience!! Great to use with the sounds, the body pressure cuff or after you've applied the vacuum cups... zow-wieee!!! The possibilities are endless... and they'll leave you breathless!!


Lubes to Use

Water-Based Lubrication:

The most popular lubrication currently offered is the water-based lube.  Since it contains mostly water, water-based lubes will not stain your clothes or sheets and they are safe with all sex toys.  They are long lasting and easy for after play clean ups! We recommend one of our many water based options for lubing with your vibrating sex toys!

Silicone-Based Lubrication:

Along comes the silicone-based lubes as a high-tech version of lubrication. They work as lube without using any water, so they are completely  waterproof. They don't dry out as quickly as water-based lubes, so they tend to last longer. However, silicone lubricant is not safe to use with silicone toys!  Silicone lubes are safe to use with all other types of sex toys, such as latex, jellies, plastic, glass, etc. 


Madison Cyber Vyber Plus Laya Vibrator

The Laya Vibrator, designed by German adult toy creator, Fun Factory, is a perfectly shaped, ergonomically designed silicone vibrator that looks and feels great. It's small (about the size of a computer mouse), and fits very nicely in your hand. It also cradles perfectly in the contours of a woman's pelvic area. 

The intensity of the vibrations are controlled with two illuminated buttons that vary the vibrations from barely noticeable to Oh my stars...WOW! The three different vibrating programs each with multi-speed vibrations, allow for an unending array of pleasure choices.

The Laya is beautifully designed to allow it to fit very comfortably between a man and a woman during intercourse. This allows for perfect stimulation and amazing simultaneous orgasms!

The Laya Vibrator is also waterproof, so there's no end to the fun! It's designed to fit in the palm of your hand, and angled to allow easy adjustment of the vibration level with just one finger.

This super quiet, yet exceptionally powerful vibrator is made of 100% satiny medical grade silicone which is completely waterproof and immersible, velvety soft, gentle to the skin and easy to care for. Built for power, performance, comfort and functionality, these toys are the quietest you'll ever experience without compromising power or durability.

Item #340-2001 Black/Silver 
Price: $49.99


Bendover Beginner Harness Kit

Bend Over Dildo Harness Kit
When the Nurse says "Bend Over!"... she means business... now we've got the perfect kit for those naughty patients who need some long overdue deep therapy!

This Bend Over Dildo Harness kit comes complete with a small sized silicone dildo (girth of under 1" X 4.25" long) and medium silicone dildo (girth of 1 1/2" X 5.25" long) both designed with the up-turned end for precision G-Spot stimulation.

The purple velvet padded strap-on harness has a removable mini vibrator pouch (yes, the mini-vibe and batteries are included!) for satisfaction on both sides of the equation!

The harness is designed to work with most flat bottom based dildoes and dongs, so it is extremely versatile! Simply unsnap the straps over the large "O" ring insert you favorite dildo or dong, snap the straps back in place and go to town!

The mini-vibe uses 3 watch batteries which are included. So you are ready for some action right out of the package! Just don't forget the lube!

The easy-to-use straps adjust on hips for up to 50"

Bend Over G-Spot  Dildo Harness Kit
Item # 360-8000
 Price: $99.00
now only $89.95


Click here for the  G-Spot Book!



Aphrodite Rechargeable Vibrator w/ 3 attachments

Aphrodite Rechargeable Vibrator
w/ 3 sensation attachments
Developed by Sexuality Doctor Laura Berman, this is perfect for beginners who want to try different sensations plus so easy to use. The seasoned vibration players will love it as an addition to their vibrator collection for many reasons including its large size and weight for durability (12 3/4" long!), the infrared area for heated play action and the convenience of being cordless and rechargeable! The three changeable silicone attachments are a snap to use, providing a variation  of sensations. Since the "heads" are made of pure silicone, use only water based lubricants with them. Oh by the way, it is great for working out muscle pulls and strains with pin-point accuracy... after all, it was developed by a Doctor!  Rechargeable batteries are included.
  • Stimulate the nipples, breast, vulva and clitoris
  • Provide warm stimulation all over the body
  • Get your lovemaking stimulated
  • Add to a strict bondage session
  • Excellent massager for working on muscle strains (caused by intense BDSM scene?!)
Sensation attachments for the Aphrodite Wand
Click on image for details of these sensation attachments

Aphrodite Vibrator
Item #340-2014
  Price: $69.95


Nurse Victoria teasing with Thunder Cloud

Nurse Victoria having fun... with the Thunder Cloud!

A scene from the play by Sarah Ruhl,  In the Next Room
(also know as " The Vibrator Play")

[the Doc, above, is using one of the early "gadgets" for relieving women of their "maladies"
... a vibrator... under the sheet]

An excerpt from an Ask the Nurse email:

Q. "... was asked if I have 'multiple orgasms' on a date last week. ...We aren't having sex (yet), but I know I want to go there...  I am really open and have fun with sex, but I guess I'm just a "one-hit-wonder" because I don't think I ever had more than one at a time... can you give me some hints or is it just that some can and some can't? ..."

A. You are not alone, as a matter of fact, many women struggle to have just one orgasm and that may take all they can muster energy-wise, emotionally and physically! But as with anything, practice, patience and perseverance always pays off... most likely with a euphoric afterglow!!

A few simple steps may mean all the difference of the one-hit shebang!
...or multiple, rolling, undulating orgasms!

First:  Take time to create the sexual tension!

The key ingredient in achieving multiple orgasms is patience... patiently letting the moment build into a crescendo. So tease, taunt, titillate and tickle the lips, the eyelashes, the earlobes, the neck, the breasts, the inner arms, the lower back... everywhere... except the honey pot! -- leave that alone for a while... a long while! It will become obvious, the more tense and turned on you are, the more highly sexually stimulated you are, and that will lead to the almighty realm of multiple orgasms.

Second: Move to the honey pot... but don't let go... yet!

We've all had those masturbation moments when we work ourselves up to that point of orgasm and the cell phone rings, the dog barks or a book falls off the shelf (you too, huh?)... well, that's actually one of the best practices to achieve multiple orgasms... warm up, start, get closer...closer... feel the orgasm about to explode and now STOP! ... okay now start all over again... and do that a few times and watch what happens when you finally let it happen. Pay attention to how that feels when that orgasm is finally "allowed" to happen, because that's another key to the multiple orgasm.

Lastly: Just let it happen!

Too often, immediately after our initial orgasm, we get distracted... or start thinking too much about how we look, what is my partner doing and feeling, did I pay the electric bill?... all of that throws the multiple orgasmic moments out the window. So let it all go, go with the flow, stay in the moment of what your post-orgasm body is feeling, how great your throbbing vagina and clitoris feel, the warmth, the floating feeling in your head... and then begin again...  feeling, touching, caressing, keeping the juices flowing --- right after or within  a half hour of your first orgasm just about guarantees you will have more.

And remember, practice, practice, practice... it may not happen every time, but it won't happen at all if you don't try to make it happen!

Jennifer Lawrence - work out  your vagina

Jennifer Lawrence tells Chelsea Lately to work out her vagina!


InsideOut Complete Kit by Womanizer
Womanizer's InsideOut

Developed with the unique "pleasure air technology" which stimulates the clitoris without touching it - - soft pressure waves gently suck the clitoris resulting in a new kind of orgasm! The Womanizer's InsideOut also provides G-Spot curved vibrator for vaginal stimulation, along with the unique clitoral stimulation!
insideout - side view
Battery life is 2 hours of usage... yet it only takes a few minutes to climax! Do the math: that’s a lot of orgasms!!

It's 100 % waterproof, too ... so be sure to allow extra time taking showers and baths after getting one of these may be there a while!
Womanizer Angle View
Both the clitoral and vaginal stimualtion features have 12 different levels of intensity. Variety of different levels ensures the perfect settings everytime! They can also be controlled separately.
Vaginal Insertion G-Spot view
No batteries include... because they are not needed! The Womanizer's InsideOut comes with a magnetic pin USB charging port. It is fully charged in 120 minutes. And likewise, it is so easy to clean ... all you need is some warm water and any type of antibacterial soap     or a toy cleaner.

Size: 192 x 120 mm
Weight: 240 g

Silicone stimulation head
USB Charger & USB charging cable
Operating instruction
Luxurious leather like packaging
High quality bag for storage

Womanizer's InsideOut
Clitoral and Vaginal/G-Spot Vibrator
Item #340-2065
$219.00 only $189.95

Cordless Rechargeable Wand Vibrator - Massager
Cordless Rechargeable Wand
Vibrator Massager

Yes, your read that correctly: RECHARGEABLE. That means you can now use this amazing variation of the Magic-Wand type vibrator/massager, where the cord won't go... uhhmmm... anywhere!

This is Wand Essentials 8-Speeds with 8-Modes power house of cordless vibration. With so many choices of sensations and vibrations, each orgasmic experience can, well, have a more unique result! Let's face it, we are always seeking more... and different... so here its is!

 Whether you choose a lower speed to soothe and tease or want to rev it up to the higher speeds for some hard-core gyrations, it's up to you to discover the sensation that is perfect for that moment... but next time -- it's a whole 'nother level!

The pliable massage head is attached to a flexible neck that bends as you apply pressure
and all of the Magic Wand accessories fit over that head!

It is also lightweight and quiet... once charged with the handy adapter provided (available in USA 110V and EU 220V versions, too!) it becomes cordless and ready to please anywhere your fantasies take you!

  •  12.5" in length
  •  2.42" in diameter (massage head)
  • Materials: TPR and ABS
  • Batteries: Rechargeable battery
  •  8 vibration speeds
  • 8 pulsation modes
  • Flexible neck
  • Lightweight
  • Quiet

Cordless Rechargeable Wand

  U.S. 110V
Item #340-2025
Price: $95.95 $84.95*
*Take advantage of our limited time
 introductory sale price offer!


Cordless Rechargeable Wand

  EU 220V
Item #340-2026
Price: $95.95 $84.95*
*Take advantage of our limited time
 introductory sale price offer!


click for larger image
Feeldoe Vibrating Strapless Strap-on Dildo

FeelDoe Vibrator Slim: The penis-end has an insertable length of 6-3/4" and is 1-1/4" in diameter at the widest point. The bulb-end that goes inside the wearer (held in by the PC Muscle) has an insertable length of 3-3/4" and is 1-1/2" in diameter at the widest point. 

FeelDoe Vibrator Regular: The penis-end has an insertable length of 7" and is 1-1/2" in diameter at the widest point. The bulb-end that goes inside the wearer (held in by the PC Muscle) has an insertable length of 3-3/4" and is 1-1/2" in diameter at the widest point.

FeelDoe Vibrator Stout: The penis-end has an insertable length of 7-1/2" and is 1-3/4" in diameter at the widest point. The bulb-end that goes inside the wearer (held in by the PC Muscle) has an insertable length of 3-3/4" and is 1-1/2" in diameter at the widest point.

In addition to this, the Feeldoe is cleverly ribbed just about where the wearer's clit would sit, allowing you to grind away towards orgasm as you are doing your lover. Great for Pegging, too!

All sizes include a micro-mini vibrator (batteries included!) that's about the size of Nurse Laural's lipstick case which is inserted into the back of the Feeldoe. 

Feeldoe  Slim 
Item #340-4050   Price: $145.95


Item #340-4051   Price: $145.95


Feeldoe  Stout
Item #340-4052   Price: $155.95


Sqweel2 Oral Sex Toy
 Multi-Tongue Oral Sex Toy

Sqweel2, so aptly named, because it is a rotating wheel that will make you squeeeeel!!!  Not a vibrator or a thruster... the concept is a wheel of small silicone "tongues" lapping away, repeatedly! Easily controlled 3-speed stimulation to deliver deeper, long-lasting, more 'real' sheet-clenching orgasms - whenever, wherever, however you want them!

See this quick little video from LoveHoney, the makers of this fine toy for more operational details, clever techniques and how to clean!

-New and improved Sqweel 2 is better than ever!
-Softer silicone tongues
-Tongues rotate forwards, backwards AND back and forth in a flickering mode!
-Touch button technology…no more switches!
-Three speeds deliver orgasmic sensations - start slow and work your way up
- 360 degree spinning wheel of 10 super soft silicone tongues that simulate oral pleasure!
- Easy to clean: snap parts off, wash & dry!
- Requires 3 AAA Batteries, not Included
-Measures 5 inches x 4.5 inches x 2 inches
Sqweel 2 - Multi-Tongue Oral Sex Toy
Item #340-2050
Price: $69.95 $59.95

Rechargeable 7 Mode Rabbit Vibrator
'Sexy Rabbit'
7-Mode Vibrator

We nicknamed this one, the 'Sexy Rabbit' due to its obvious features, but also because it gives quick responses that get you off! This is a vibrator with targeted intent for pleasure as well as being a great travel companion, with its USB recharging capabilities! Plug in your cell for a charge, then plug in your 'Sexy Rabbit'!

Dual functionality, combining the 'bunny portion' and thicker insertable probe with seven uniquely different powerful patterns of vibration, the rabbit tickler and internal pulsing will definitely wreak havoc producing spasmodic orgasms!

Created with durability in mind, this lovely piece is made of body safe silicone that is flexible and contoured to mimic a woman's natural curves. With a splash-proof design and is backed by a one year limited manufacturer's warranty.

To use, simply charge the massager with the included adapter and USB for a minimum of three hours. To turn on or off, depress the power button. Once on, cycle through the modes by depressing the lower button, tapping once to change to the next mode. Massager will last approximately three hours on a full charge. But you probably won't last that long!


Size: 8.5"/ 21.59 cm long
 4"/ 10.16 cm insertable
 1.5"/ 3.81 cm at widest point
Power: Requires a USB port to charge

'Sexy Rabbit'
Rechargeable 7 Mode Vibrator
Item #340-2035
$65.95 $59.95

Ripple Vibe
Ripple Vaginal-Anal-Clit
Silicone Vibrator

This 3-way sex toy is specifically designed as a complete vaginal, anal and clitoral stimulator with a removable 10-speed bullet... finding your G-Spot, C-spot and A-spot are all taken care of now! The quiet 10-speed bullet ensures clitoral stimulation, while the perfectly shaped ribbed shaft instantly finds your G-Spot, then, at the same time, the subtle tail provides rippling anal pleasure! This 100% silicone toy very flexible, so it molds and bends to fit your body perfectly, almost immediately!

 Use the handle to move  and thrust it anyway you desire. The bullet vibe included may also be used separately. For guys: get creative by using the larger insertable portion anally, with the bullet vibe stimulating the perineum! Perfect for newbies (because of its small-medium design, unlike some of our gigantic vibrators and insertable toys!). It travels well and fun for water play (showers, too)... just an awesome sex toy!

Length: 5 1/2", Insertable length: 3 3/4"
Diameter: 1 1/2", Tail: 3/4" diameter
 and  2 1/2" long

Ripple Vaginal-Anal-Clit Silicone Vibrator 
Item # 340-2013
  Price: $39.95

Bullet Vibrator 5 Speed
Bullet Vibrator 5 Speed

Neat, sweet, petite, but do not let the petite size fool you! This small but fully packed little beauty has power to rock... with variable 5 speeds.  Just perfect for nipple torment, clit play, penis tip taunting, vaginal tease and enhancing sensations in any of your favorite erotic places. It's also a great "spare" for any of your toys that may have a bullet vibrator, but may needs some uumphh!

 Approx. 2.25" long
.72 " diameter

Requires 3-Button Cell batteries, Included.

Bullet Vibrator 5 Speed
Item #340-1500
Price: $13.95

Rock-Chick Vibrator for Clit and G-Spot
Silicone Rock-Chick Vibrator
Simultaneous Clitoris & G-Spot Stimulation

The all new Rock-Chick Vibe is a sex toy revolution all-in-one! This vibrator works on both the G-Spot and the Clitoris, at the same time!
How Rock-Chick Vibe Works
Specifically designed for hands free pleasure, simply sit on the Rock-Chick and rock the toy as if rocking on a penis! The back and forth motion will massage deep into your g-spot and the front end of the toy will be vibrating and stroking the clitoris! Having a G-Spot orgasm combined with a clitoral orgasm is absolutely mind blowing!

Rock Chick comes with the all new RO-80mm bullet vibrator, probably the world's most powerful and quiet mini-vibe, which
can be used separately. The Rock-Chick is made of 100% medical grade silicone, so it's hypo-allergenic and Phthalate free!
 1.5V LR1 / N Size / AM5 battery supplied and is 100% waterproof.
Dimensions: 4" X 2" X 5"

Rock-Chick Vibrator
Item # 340-2003
Price: $69.95

Lelo Elise 2 waterproof vibe
Lelo 'Elise 2' Dual Motor
Waterproof Vibrator

Lelo's reputation for making the finest quality, best action and most ingenious designs in vibrators, gives them the title of being a world leader in sexual pleasure devices! We've chosen one of their latest creations, the ELISE™ 2, for its ultra-strong, deep-reaching sensual stimulation along with being 100% waterproof!

Many BDSM scenes and Medical Fetish play sessions can be wet and messy... so here's the perfect vibrator for those moments when a "plug-in-the-outlet" vibrator may be way too risky!

And, of course,  it's just the best toy for shower and bath playtimes! Promising intense G-spot massage and boasting two ultra-powerful motors – located in its base and tip – ELISE™ 2 provides the most intense intimate experiences imaginable.

Elise accessories
Long, Sleek Design with Substantial Girth
Motors in Base & Tip
 8 Adjustable Vibration Modes
100% Waterproof & Rechargeable
Ultra-smooth, Body-safe Silicone Design
Insertable Length: 130mm/5inches

Lelo 'Elise 2' Vibrator
Item # 340-2021
Price: $169.95


Rabbit Habit Vibrator

click for larger image

Original Rabbit Habit Vibrator
Words can't describe the sensual pleasure offered by the original Rabbit Habit Cordless Vibrator... okay... absolutely orgasmic! Take a ride on this classic vibrator that changed women's personal pleasure encounters over two decades ago, then you will understand how sophisticated and sensational this adult toy's accolades are so deserved.

  This vibrator does just about everything you fantasize for and more! Here's how it works: the shaft twirls and gyrates for G-spot and vaginal stimulation, the "rabbit ears" and head flutter and vibrate for serious clitoral stimulation and the encapsulated "pearls" ripple, tumble and roll around as they stimulate the sensitive opening of the vagina.

It has separate variable speed controls to power each of the two components. It inserts to about 5" with a diameter of 1.75". Smooth and very flexible, this is makes a perfect first-time vibe for the beginner as well as a premium addition to the vibration play expert's collection! 
Requires three "AA" batteries. (not included) 

Rabbit Habit Wireless Vibrator
Item # 340-2015 
Price: $84.00


click for larger image
Rabbit Pearl Vibrator
And in case you are looking for the vibrator that they raved about on Sex in the City... here it is! It's the kissing cousin to the Rabbit Habit (above) which does everything exactly the same, except for its color (translucent pink) and the fact that its separate dual action control unit is hardwired which  is perfect for "self - controlling"! Since it uses 3 (three!) "C" batteries, you know it will pack some power! The shaft twirls and gyrates for G-spot and vaginal stimulation, the "rabbit ears" and head flutter and vibrate for serious clitoral stimulation and the encapsulated "pearls" ripple, tumble and roll around while stimulating the sensitive entrance to the vagina. It inserts to about 5" with a diameter of 1.75".  Requires three "C" batteries (not included).

Rabbit Pearl Vibrator
w/ Wired Remote Control
Item #340-2016 
Price: $80.00

Hitach Magic Wand Vibrator
click for larger image
Magic Wand Vibrator
 For over 30 years, the Hitachi Magic Wand has set the standard for personal hand-held massagers and vibrators. The soft spherical head gives a soothing massage, operated by a two speed switch located on the Wand's slender handle.

Unlike cordless style massagers and vibrators, the Magic Wand's strong electric motor is powered using a standard electric cord and plug, providing a constant power source for those extended sessions. It has, by far, the strongest vibrations and because it plugs into the wall, you don't have to worry that it will die out just when you need it most!

Find all sorts of imaginative attachments for this powerful, versatile vibrator here!

Specifications: It measures 12" long x 2-½" wide and uses standard U.S. 110v Socket (not for sale outside of USA)

Magic Wand Vibrator
Item #340-2010 
Price: $69.95


G-Plus Magic Wand Attachment
Uniquely designed for variety and versatility, this "double digit" vibrator attachment fits snug over the head of the Hitachi Magic Wand or Cordless Wand. It's made from a seamless mold of high grade latex-free, odor-free, and Phthalate-free synthetic material. The patented design works for both men and women, since it was created to directly stimulate two areas simultaneously... anal/vaginal, vaginal/clitoral, anal/perineum... hitting that G-Spot or Prostate! It is very soft, flexible, and durable.

Specifications: Base dia. is 2.5", total length 6", main insertable probe is 3.5"L X 1.5"W, smaller insertable probe is 3"L X 1"W

Magic Wand Attachment: G-Plus
Item #340-9003
Price: $42.00 $29.95


Tri-Pod-Hitachi Wand Attachment
click on photo for larger image
Magic Wand Tri-Pod Attachment 
 The girl's perfect dream toy, it vibrates 3 different ways -- all at the same time! The Tri-Pod is a great attachment toy that easily slips over the head of the Hitachi Wand or Cordless Wand creating the most extraordinary, exhilarating vibrator, ever! Its nubby "tongue" in the front portion stimulates the clitoris, while the vaginal insert hits the G-Spot with a uniquely styled large stimulator head and then the rectal probe portion acts like anal beads, pushing deep into the rectum. When all are in place, and the wand is switched on, these three intense vibrations areas cause incredible, mind blowing orgasms!
 --Our nurses highly recommend this one...     based on personal experience! <evil grin>

  • 6 inches in total length.
  • G-Spot Stimulator: approx 3 inches insertable length.
  • Clit Stimulator: 1 inch by .75 inches surface area comes with nubs for extra added sensation.
  • Rectal/Anal Stimulator: 3.25 inches of insertable length and .75 inches in width.
  • Material: TPR -Latex-free / phthalate-free.

Tri-Pod Attachment description

Magic Wand Attachment: Tri-Pod
Item# 340-9002
Price: $28.00


G-Pod Attachment for the Hitachi Magic Wand
click on photo for larger image
Magic Wand G-Pod Attachment
The G-Pod attachment is designed as a unique unisex vibrator, to stimulate both the male prostate and/or female G-spot. It is another great attachment toy that easily slips over the head of the Hitachi Wand or Cordless Wand. Perfect for solo or partner play: it can be used vaginally or anally. (Safety tip: never insert the same toy directly from the anus into the vagina) The design has a large full insertable prostate or G-Spot stimulator and a wide, nubby "cup" area that can stimulate the ballsack and anus or clitoris and anus. When this attachment is inserted  and the wand is switched on, the various sensations from the different areas all work in sync and are so intense, that, male or female, you are going to erupt in an uncontrollable orgasm!

Dimensions: Center Insert = 3.25" long X 2" at widest/Nubby Base Cup area = 5" long.
Total length = 6"
Material: TPR Latex-free / phthalate-free.

Magic Wand Attachment: G-Pod
Item# 340-9001
Price: $28.00

For more G-Spot Toys, click here.

Liberte Vibrator for G-Spot
Liberte G-Spot Vibrator
The Liberte G-spot vibrator has a very comfortable contour design, utilizing the precise curve of the female vaginal anatomy to ensure a "direct-hit" of the g-spot. The ergonomic and elegant shape of this vibrator is enhanced by a three speed easy to use single button for powerful vibrating and pulsating, yet it is very quiet.

- 8 inches long
-1 1/4 inches in diameter

Requires two AA batteries (included).

Liberte G-Spot Vibrator
Item #340-2005
 Price: $35.00 $29.95

HUGE Thunder Cloud Vibrator
click for larger image
Thunder Cloud Vibrator
  Another of the behemoths... having the same girth as the Nimbus, but the Thunder Cloud is equipped with an added appendage: Vibrating Clit Tickler.  Well, we have the answer right here, with a nickname that says it all: Thunder Cloud.. you'll feel the thunder as you fly into the clouds! Made of a semi-translucent "cyberskin" type of material, anyone who touches it can't seem to let go of it! feels so real, so soft, and it is HUGE! The Thunder Cloud also lights up! It cycles through various colors as it operates along with its variable speed vibration and rotation controls. It has two very powerful motors, one in the clitoral stimulator that vibrates and one in the shaft that undulates the shaft, yet it's quiet.

  Insertable: 5.5" insertable x 2.5" widest
Clit Tickler: 2.75" long x 1.25" wide
Overall Length: 11"
Weight: 1.4 pounds
100% medical grade silicone
Requires three "AA" batteries. (not included)

Thunder Cloud Vibrator
Item #340-4035
 Price: $225.00


Click on image for larger detail...
Vibrating (Wireless) Bullet Clamps 
Oh, these are too cool! Nasty nipple/labia/CBT clamps with a definite edge: push button wireless vibration. Yes... simply push the little button on the bottom and let the stimulation begin!   We sent a bouquet of thorns to the inventor of these nasties!!

Specifications: "bullet" section is approx. 3" X 1" and the clamps are adjustable for maximum pleasure (or pain!), small watch-type batteries (included).

Wireless Vibrating Clamps

Item #530-6005  
Price: $42.00
Vibrating Pinchers
click on photo for larger image
Vibrating Pinchers
Oh so popular... these are basically the same idea as a clothespin, but much, much more devious! These vibrating pincher clamps have an adjustable thumbscrew and a push button to turn on the vibrations! Nipples, labia, cock and balls will never be safe from these nasty devils... so get multiple pairs for multiple locations!!

Batteries included!
(Requires 6 watch/pair and you get 12!)

Dimensions: Overall 2.5""x 1.5""(6 cm x 4 cm)
Clamp  1""x .75" (3 cm x 2 cm)

  Choice of Purple [shown below] or Black [shown above].
Nipple Vibrators Purple

Vibrating Pinchers
Price: $25.95/Pair

Vibrating Pinchers Color Selections

Longer Vibrating Urethral Sound
Longer Vibrating Urethral Sound
Just like our original Vibrating Sound, but this is just longer and a bit bigger! Great for those who have been playing for sounds and urethral stretching for a while and are now ready for the "upgrade"!

 The full length is just over 11.5 inches, of which the "insertable" length is about 6.5 inches and it is approximately .75 inches (between 22-24fr) wide.

The thumbscrew on the end rotates to turn the vibrator on and off and can vary the vibration a bit, too!

Large Vibrating Urethral Sound
Item #240-2025 
Price: $125.00 $87.95


Pocket Rocket Vibrator CyberVyber
Pocket Personal Vibrator/Massager is just 4 inches long, so yes, it is small enough to fit in your pocket, but amazingly powerful enough to get you off! Also nicknamed the CyberVyber and the Pocket Rocket, this small but very effective vibrator/massager have been a mainstay staple for any and all levels of play, including CBT and Chastity, Sounds and Urethral Insertion, Nipple Stimulation , Prostate Stimulation, Butt Toys, and other Insertables... just about as many possibilities as your imagination can dream up!

So easy to use, just turn the ON dial clockwise until you reach your desired speed. Then, to turn off, turn the dial counter-clockwise.

• Four interchangeable heads
• Waterproof
• Phthalate free

Use any of the four included attachments for variations on tactile sensations. It's waterproof, so it can virtually be put to work almost anywhere, anytime!

Note: Requires two AA batteries, not included.

Item #340-2000
 Price: $16.95


Kegel - Vaginal Wall Rechargeable Vibrator
Regardless of age, giving birth or even hereditary aspects, the Vagina needs to keep those inner wall [love] muscles firm and responsive for physical health (like bladder control!) as well as sexual health!

So here's the true step-up training program, ingeniously designed to change with your level of achievements!

- Take your love muscle exercises to the next level with the waterproof Rechargeable Kegel Ball, a self contained silky silicone kegel exerciser with easy retrieval cord packed with 12 stimulating vibration, pulsation and escalation functions

- Get excited about training your kegel muscles with 12 intense vibration, pulsation and escalation functions to stimulate and strengthen. The easy push control button is located at the end of the retrieval cord!

 - The smart vibe’s state of the art memory chip lets you quickly dive deep into thrilling pleasure by resuming the last function used. Simply turn on and embrace high intensity vibrations!

 - While the powerful vibrations arouse, they also work to strengthen and tone pelvic muscles. By working these key muscles, you reduce the risk of incontinence and pelvic floor disorders, while increasing vaginal pleasure

 Silicone body ABS plastic vibration bullet = 3” (7.5 cm) by 1.25” (3.65 cm).
Enjoy up to 50 minutes of vibrating pleasure with a complete recharge in 1 hour

Kegel Vaginal Wall Trainer Vibrator

Kegel - Vaginal Wall Rechargeable Vibrator
Item# 320-4010
Price: $45.95


Surgical Lubricant
Note: may vary in packaging and manufacturer name, logo, etc.

Surgical Jelly Lubricant

  Surgical lubricant is a sterile, water soluble, non-staining lubricating jelly in a 4 oz. tube. Another easy clean up after use with vibrators and other insertable toys, as well as with all of the PES electrode attachments as well!

Water Base Lubricant
Item #460-2000 
Price: $7.95

Sex Toy & Body Cleaner
Sex Toy & Body Cleaner
Cleaning our insertables, vibrators and other sex toys just became easier and healthier! M.D. Science Labs, created this Swiss Navy Toy & Body Cleaner after careful research, which resulted in a hygienic, dermatologically-tested formula! To use after toy play, simply spray the toy with a complete coating of the cleaner, then wipe it off with a clean cloth. Do a final rinse with water and allow the toy to air dry! Works great on "cutting through" the residuals of silicone lubricants and it is a refreshing post play clean up for the outer genital area! Safe for latex, rubber and silicone!


Toy & Body Cleaner
 6 oz. Bottle

Item # 470-1000
Price: $11.95


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