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Medical Glass and Silicone Insertables
Nurse Lilu with Double Bumper Glass Sex toy

Glass Toys: Anal... Prostate Massagers... G-Spot and more...
  Insertable Toys! 

Cleary...the latest rage in anal and vaginal insertion play has developed from a very unlikely source... glass!

This is not ordinary glass, however! These Glass Dildoes, Butt Plugs, Prostate Massagers and Dongs are made from high temperature grade medical glass called borosilicate.

Borosilicate glass is also commercially known in the food world for cookware as the brand name, "Pyrex".

The unique properties of this glass make it silky smooth, slick and able to retain heat or cold.
Borosilicate glass has no "pores", so it does not absorb oils, gels or lubricants, which makes sanitizing them so easy. Imagine your insertable toys being completely dishwasher safe and microwavable for germ killing.

 (Safety Note: don't use immediately after being in the microwave, it'll be too hot!).

Each one is hand fired and formed...  and made with quality, quality, quality! Because they are hand made, all dimensions are approximate and may vary during the manufacturing and final processes.

Octopussy Nurse Lilu
Nurse! Get that Octu-Pussy over here... STAT!

Brief History of Borosilicate Glass

 First developed by German glassmaker Otto Schott in the late 19th century, it was sold under the brand name "Duran" in 1893. After Corning Glass Works introduced it as "Pyrex" in 1915, it became a synonym for borosilicate glass in the English-speaking world.

Glass Firing Example
Beginning stage of  borosilicate glass firing

The European manufacturer of Pyrex, Arc International, uses borosilicate glass in its Pyrex glass kitchen products; however, the U.S. manufacturer of Pyrex kitchenware uses tempered soda-lime glass. Thus Pyrex can refer to either soda-lime glass or borosilicate glass when discussing kitchen glassware, while Pyrex, Bomex, Duran and Kimax all refer to borosilicate glass when discussing laboratory glassware.

Most borosilicate glass is colorless. Colored borosilicate, for the studio glass trade, was first widely brought onto the market in 1986 when Paul Trautman founded Northstar Glassworks. There are now a number of small companies in the U.S. and abroad that manufacture and sell colored borosilicate glass for use in studio glass.

In addition to the quartz, sodium carbonate, and calcium carbonate traditionally used in glassmaking, boron is used in the manufacture of borosilicate glass. Typically, the resulting glass composition is about 70% silica, 10% boron oxide, 8% sodium oxide, 8% potassium oxide, and 1% calcium oxide (lime).

 It is somewhat more difficult to make than traditional glass (Corning conducted a major revamp of their operations to make it). It has superior durability, chemical and heat resistance and is used extensively in chemical laboratory equipment, cookware, lighting and, in certain cases, windows... and now, for our pleasure!... in uniquely designed insertable sex toys!

Nurse Amber loves her medical grade Glass Dong

Ask the Nurse:

Q.) "How long can I leave a glass anal toy in?"

A.) The best rule of thumb <pun intended> for anal play or any sex toy play, is paying attention to any adverse or allergic reactions, personal tolerance levels and/or post play reactions such as bruising, bodily functions or pain.
Glass {and silicone} toys tend to be one of the safest as far as toxicity, as they are made of high temperature resistant silica and have a dense molecular structure which does not break down or leach due to body heat.

Once you determine that you are satisfied with the initial result of the toy's use, then you can do personal experimentation to discover more of your own limitations, including how long you can or cannot tolerate leaving a toy in place by using the "rule of thumb" as a safety and sanity check.  -Nurse Laural

Curved  Bumpy Glass G-P Spot Insertable
click for larger image
"Bumpy Ride"
G/P-Spot Glass Insertable Toy

Curvaceous for G-Spot or Prostate Stimulation and plenty of bumps elegant glass wand features a graduated beaded shaft, allowing you to comfortably ease into its size. The bulbous texture is perfect for penetration, and cleverly curved for explosive G-Spot and P-Spot stimulation. Nicknaming this the "Bumpy Ride" came from the response, due to its upturned angle... hitting the G/P-Spot usually requires a seat belt or at least strapped to the exam table!

The hypoallergenic glass is nonporous and body safe, and when cared for properly, is designed to last a lifetime. Run it under warm water of place it in the microwave to heat things up. Chill it under cold water or put it in the freezer for a cool sensation. Since glass is nonporous, cleanup is a snap. Use a Toy Cleaner and warm water, or put it in the dishwasher for a worry-free wash after the fun.

Length: 4.75 in. (12 cm)
Width: 1.25 in. (3.5 cm)

G/P-Spot Glass Bumpy Ride
Item #320-6050
Price: $24.95


Glass Spinner Anal Insertable
Glass Spinner Plug

Slip it in and turn... then watch the reactions! This bumpy, penis shaped
Borosilicate Glass insertable will delight, tantalize and send you spinning! The small handle assists like an outer crank after insertion. Like a music box lever, those protruding "pleasure buds" will have you singing and moaning in no time!

 5.5" long overall
 2.2" wide base
  3.5" insertable length
1.58" insertable width

Glass Spinner Plug
Item #320-6008
Price: $24.95

Bumpmeister Glass Toy
Glass Insertable Toy
"The Bumpmeister"

A 'meister' is one who is regarded as skilled or prominent in a specified area of activity, that's exactly why we nicknamed this long, solid tower of tapering, row after row after row of round "bumps"! Made of medical glass this dildo/dong insertable is a full 8.75" with 'bumps" that are approximately 11/16" to 1 1/2"" diameters all the way up and down the long clear shaft.

The hypoallergenic glass is nonporous and body safe, and when cared for properly, is designed to last a lifetime. Run it under warm water or place it in the microwave to heat things up (but not too hot!!) or chill it under cold water or put it in the refrigerator for a cool sensation. Since glass is nonporous, clean up is a snap!

Length: 8.75 in. (22.25 cm)
Incremental Widths: .6875" - 1.5"
(1.75 cm - 3.81cm)
Weight: 8 oz.

Glass Anal Beads "Bumpmeister"
Item #320-6005
Price: $29.95


Heart Top Glass Toy
Heart Top Glass Insertable Toy
This heart-felt design is not only an insertable stimulating excitement toy, but it's a beautiful art piece, as well, in a decorative holder. A sensuously shaped wand with a heart top decoration intended for that special someone in your life. Uniuely made of 100% hand-blown, premium Borosilicate glass, it is of the highest quality, and can be heated/cooled to personal taste. *Great Gift Idea!!

Length: 8.5"
Insertable: 6"
Widest Width: 2"

Heart Top Glass Toy with Holder

Heart Top Glass Toy
Item #320-6055
Price: $39.95

Nasty Boy Vibrating P-Spot Massager
Nasty Boy
Vibrating P-Spot/Perineum
 Rocking Silicone Massager

Oh you nasty boy! ... This amazing prostate and perineum massager offers dual-action stimulation with a unique, but oh-so-satisfying easy-to-use design and almost double the girth and weight of the Rocker (above)! After insertion of the "bumpy" end into the anus, it positions itself, so you simply sit and rock (or stand) and that's it! Turn on the vibrator to send powerful vibrations directly to your P-Spot, then with it's hands-free reaction be ready for some serious orgasms. It also offers added excitement with those "bumps" during insertion and removal. Made from medical grade silicone, it's 100% waterproof, so it's easy to clean and can be used in the shower or tub. Hypoallergenic, Latex-free, and Phthalate Free.
 N Size battery included.

Dimensions: 4.5" x 4.5" x 1.375" 
(115 mm x 115 mm x 35 mm )

Nasty Boy
Item #320-4087
Price: $74.95


Rock-Chick Vibrator for Clit and G-Spot
Silicone Rock-Chick Vibrator
Simultaneous Clitoris & G-Spot Stimulation

Specifically designed for hands free pleasure, simply sit on the Rock-Chick and rock the toy as if rocking on a penis! The back and forth motion will massage deep into your g-spot and the front end of the toy will be vibrating and stroking the clitoris! Having a G-Spot orgasm combined with a clitoral orgasm is absolutely mind blowing! The Rock-Chick is made of 100% medical grade silicone, so it's hypo-allergenic and Phthalate free!
 1.5V LR1 / N Size / AM5 battery, included
 100% waterproof.
Dimensions: 4" X 2" X 5"

Rock-Chick Vibrator
Item # 340-2003
Price: $69.95 $55.95


B-Bomb Butt Plug
Silicone B-Bomb
Vibrating Butt Plug

This is a great sexy shape for anal play along with the added zzzing! of a vibrator and yet it can be a beginner's butt plug. Created by the Silicone Toy geniuses of Tantus, this is top quality, long lasting silicone whish includes a bullet vibrator just to make it even more exciting and fun! The shape makes it easy to insert and remove, yet it is large enough to be felt without feeling "too big". Get ready for some of the most intense orgasms you will ever have!

   1-1/2" in diameter at the widest point
and approx. 4" long. 
Bullet Vibrator: batteries included

B-Bomb Vibrating Butt Plug by Tantus
Item #320-4055
Price: $48.95


Ripple Vibe
Ripple Vaginal-Anal-Clit
Silicone Vibrator

This 3-way sex toy is specifically designed as a complete vaginal, anal and clitoral stimulator with a removable 10-speed bullet... finding your G-Spot, C-spot and A-spot are all taken care of now! The quiet 10-speed bullet ensures clitoral stimulation, while the perfectly shaped ribbed shaft instantly finds your G-Spot, then, at the same time, the subtle tail provides rippling anal pleasure! This 100% silicone toy very flexible, so it molds and bends to fit your body perfectly, almost immediately! Use the handle to move  and thrust it anyway you desire. The bullet vibe included may also be used separately. For guys: get creative by using the larger insertable portion anally, with the bullet vibe stimulating the perineum! Perfect for newbies (because of its small-medium design, unlike some of our gigantic vibrators and insertable toys!). It travels well and fun for water play (showers, too)... just an awesome sex toy!

Length: 5 1/2", Insertable length: 3 3/4"
Diameter: 1 1/2", Tail: 3/4" diameter
 and  2 1/2" long

Ripple Vaginal-Anal-Clit
Silicone Vibrator 

Item # 340-2013
  Price: $39.95

Slim RealDoe Double Dildo Strapless Strap-on

Slim RealDoe

"Strap-on-less" Silicone
 Double Dildo

Penis envy? Not anymore... here's the leveler... it's called the RealDoe for obvious reasons: realistic, yes! double dildo, yes! Similar in concept of the "Share" series of double dildoes, The RealDoe is the harnessless strap-on that only requires the inner squeeze of those PC muscles (Kegels) to hold  the "bulb" shape end in and have fun using the other end... wherever you want to put it... butt, pegging, vagina or even some faux-fellatio!

This Slim version (Classic is a bit bigger in girth [at right]) is sized long and lean, so there's plenty of room for vaginal penetration and anal, without being overwhelming on girth! The curve upwards hits that male prostate or P-spot, and the female G-spot quite easily.  As with any insertable , be sure to use lots of water-based only lube for  a much more pleasant ride! By the way, the Bullet Vibrator loads in near the outer base, so the the "giver" tends to get much more of the vibes than the receiver. So between the ridges near the clitoral area and the vibrator this is one hot toy that delivers for both!

Made in the U.S.A. by Tantus from the highest quality 100% medical grade silicone,  hygienic, phthalate-free, latex-free, odorless, tasteless, boilable, bleachable, and completely non-toxic!
Cleaning is easy... follow our recommendations for Cleaning Your Silicone Toys.

Length: 15 1/2"
Insertable Length: 3 1/2" bulb / 5 1/2" shaft
Circumference: 4 3/4"
Diameter: 1 1/4"
Harness Compatibility: O-ring compatible
Weight: 1 lb
Bullet Vibe: ABS plastic, 3 Speed
Batteries Included

Slim RealDoe
 Double Dildo by Tantus
Item #340-4020
 Price: $150.00 $139.95

Classic RealDoe Strapless Strap-on Dildo

Classic RealDoe

"Strap-on-less" Silicone
 Double Dildo

Penis envy? Not anymore... here's the leveler... it's called the RealDoe for obvious reasons: realistic, yes! double dildo, yes! Similar in concept of the "Share" series of double dildoes, The RealDoe is the harnessless strap-on that only requires the inner squeeze of those PC muscles (Kegels) to hold  the "bulb" shape end in and have fun using the other end... wherever you want to put it... butt, pegging, vagina or even some faux-fellatio!

This Classic version (Slim is a bit smaller in girth [at left]) is sized long and girthy, so there's plenty of room for vaginal penetration, but for some the anal penetration may be a challenge (so go with the Slim!) Designed with an upward curve,  it hits that G-Spot or P-Spot almost every time.

This like any insertable needs lots of water-based only lube for that long lasting, over-the-top ride! To make things even a bit more fun, the Bullet Vibrator loads in near the outer base, so it reverberates deep into the giver's vagina, while she brings home the receiver's bacon!  Between that and the ridges near the clitoral area, this is one hot toy that delivers for both!

Oh... and just because you used it on him or her... when you are all alone, it can become quite self-pleasuring dong, as well! Don't be shy, you deserve it!  Just push the  vibrator button and have fun!

Made in the U.S.A. by Tantus from the highest quality 100% medical grade silicone, hygienic, phthalate-free, latex-free, odorless, tasteless, boilable, bleachable, and completely nontoxic!
Cleaning is easy... follow our recommendations for Cleaning Your Silicone Toys.

Length: 15 1/2"
Insertable Length: 3 1/2" bulb / 6 1/2" shaft
Circumference: 4 3/4"
Diameter: 1 1/2"
Harness Compatibility: O-ring compatible
Weight: 1 lb
Bullet Vibe: ABS plastic, 3-Speed
Batteries Included

Classic RealDoe
 Double Dildo by Tantus
Item #340-4021
 Price: $155.00 $144.95


Prostate Vibro Kit

Prostate Vibro Kit

Whether you are just getting started with Prostate Stimulation or your an old "pro-pro", this kit is designed to assist in getting the most of out of your experience!

Designed to target and stimulate the prostate,  there are two  different vibrating prostate massagers! One is a slim wand-style vibrator with an angled 'head' and the other is a silicone vibrator, specifically designed for prostate, anal and perineum [taint] stimulation.  Included in this kit as a 4 oz. bottle of desensitizing anal lube. Start (or continue) your Prostate experimentation with this exciting and versatile combination!

 Prostate Vibro Kit Specifications:

  Prostate Wand: 7"insertable length
 1.4" dia. [widest point]
Black ABS Plastic

  Prostate Vibe: 5.5" overall length
 4" insertable length  1.55" max. insertable dia.
Black Silicone

Relax Lube: 4 Fl. Oz. Bottle
Batteries Required:
Vibrating bullet requires (3) LR44 tab batteries, included.
Prostate wand requires (2) AA batteries, not included

Prostate Vibro Kit 
Item #340-9025
Price: $48.95

EVI - Kegel Exerciser
EVI - Kegel Exerciser
Clitoral Stimulator

The anatomically designed Evi for women requires no vibration, offering a sensual, hands-free experience like no other. Designed to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles to help tighten the inner vaginal muscles that perform as a strong vise-like grip during intercourse, this also enhances arousal by increasing the blood flow. Exercisers like this contribute to multiple and more intense orgasms. For many with pee-sneezing syndrome, it enhance bladder control.

Upon insertion, the Evi is gripped by the user’s pelvic floor muscles, helping the user discover and exercise the muscles essential to sexual pleasure and also bladder control. Different than standard ball or wand style Kegel exercisers, the EVI has a curved front "bulb" that stimulates the G-spot, along with a "handle" designed to stimulate the clitoris, adding “Kegel fitness with orgasmic incentives!”

Evi is covered in velvet-touch silicone and measures 5.375" long X 1.45" wide and is 3.5" insertable. It weighs 3.3 ounces and can be worn undetectable under clothing.

Silicone EVI Kegel Exercizer & Clit-Stim
Item #320-4009
Price: $69.95


Silicone Toys

Silicone is the perfect material for producing fine adult toys, butt plugs and vibrators, being superior in almost every way than more commonly used materials. Silicone is the most reliable, safe, health-smart soft material used for toys made of 100% medical-grade quality silicone. These toys (with a little care) can last a lifetime! 

-Silicone is hygienic. No open pores to harbor bacteria.

-Silicone is hypoallergenic. It has no reaction to chemistry of the body, 100% silicone toys are completely inert. They don't alter pH balance, or cause a reaction to the body's natural chemistry.

-Silicone is phthalate free. You can recognize a toy with phthalates by their smell. So with silicone, no smells!

-Silicone is easy to clean. Silicone can be boiled or even put in a 10% bleach solution; they're even dishwasher safe. We recommend liquid dishwashing soap.
 Read more... 

However, don't use a  silicone-based lubricants  with silicone toys... The reason is that silicone lubricant may bond to the toy. This isn't true for all silicone toys-it depends on the purity of the silicone toy and the purity of the lubricant. But if you want to play it safe, just use one of the water based lubes we sell or of course, the Surgical Lubricant is fine!

Tantus Silicone toys are made of 100 percent ultra-premium platinum quality silicone and you can be sure that any toy made by Tantus is safe and hygienic with no open pores to harbor bacteria. Their silicone toys are hypoallergenic, too, so there are no reactions to chemistry of the body!

Tantus Silicone Toys are easy to clean because silicone can be boiled or bleached and dishwasher safe... completely safe up to 600 degrees fahrenheit!
Glass Butt Plug
Glass Butt Plug

Too sexy and sublime to call this piece just a butt plug, with its unique design and shape, it's more like an Anal Pleaser ! It is as functional as it is beautiful, too, with a tapered tip followed by two graceful swells along the shaft. A flared base makes it great for solo play. You can also amp it up by warming or chilling first!

5.75" long
 2.25" dia. base
 5.13" insertable length
 1.97" max. insertable diameter

Material: Clear Borosilicate Glass

Find more Glass Insertables here!

Borosilicate Glass Butt Plug
Item # 320-6035
Price: $39.95


Glass Double Bumper Anal or Vaginal InsertableGlass Double Bumper

Ready for a wild ride? This large, double sided 100% medical grade borosilicate glass insertable will keeping you ...uh... coming and going! The larger tapered end has a slight upward curve to zero in on that G-Spot or P-Spot  just for starters!  Then, on the other end is a series of 4 ball shaped bulbs, designed to feel like anal beads, popping in and out!

This is one BIG (8.25 inches long and 1.5 inches at its widest point), very versatile glass sex toy! And it is heavy, so try it out for a unique Kegel exerciser!

Color:  Clear
Length: 8 1/4"
Widest Diameter: 1.5"
Weight: 10 oz.

Close Up of the Double Bumper Glass Sex toy
Click to larger image

Glass Double Bumper 
Item #320-6045
Price: $49.95


Glass Anal Pacifier Butt Plug
Glass Anal Pacifier
w/Pleasure Bumps

Made of the medical grade body-safe Borosilicate glass, this Anal Pacifier Butt Plug is shaped with a curvaceous, tapered tip that allows easy insertion as it widens into the anal opening for a thrilling stretch, then, along the thick neck are stimulating black "pleasure bumps" for even more excitement! Let's face it... the nickname 'pacifier' may be an oxymoron!

 The very nature of glass being firm and unyielding makes this such a great butt toy for precision control of insertion and manipulation, thanks to the large ringed handle and wide base.
Glass Anal Pacifier Ring Pull
As with all of our Glass Insertable offerings on this page, it is so slippery when lube is used (as, of course, we always recommend for any insertion play!) as well as having a solid and heavy feel to it. Glass toys, like this, are also very hygienic, nonporous and seamless, so it's a dream to clean and keep them that way! The Pacifier can be safely boiled or bleached for total sterilization, or it wipes clean with simple hot soapy water and rinse or can be cleaned with a toy cleaner.

And don't forget, as with all of our glass toys, that it is also very receptive to temperature, so heating or cooling will definitely add even more tantalizing sensations!

It is sized just right for the newbie who may be just exploring the planet "Ur-anus" ... however, it's perfect for ass-ficienados! It's also a great 'bedside drawer' toy, ready to use for plenty of thrilling and inspirational fun!

Glass Anal Pacifier with Pleasure Bumps

Length: 5" / 12.7 cm
Insertable Length: 3.25" / 8.255 cm
Girth: 4.1" / 10.41 cm at largest point
Width: 1.25" / 3.175 cm at largest point
Materials: Glass
Special Features: Hypoallergenic, Phthalate Free, Smooth Surface, Temperature Sensitive
Color: Black, Clear

Glass Anal Pacifier
w/Pleasure Bumps

Item #320-6033
Price: $16.95


Glass Anal Slider
Glass Anal Slider
Glass is hard, durable and smooth as silk—properly lubed, the surface becomes incredibly slick. This unique variegated beaded design is perfect for increasing levels of anal penetration and pleasure. High durability, fun and exciting, along with an easy-to-control finger-loop handle, makes this the go-to sex toy for any kinky occasion! 

7.48" Long

As with all Glass Sex Toys:
- Fracture-resistant
- Hypoallergenic
- Easy to clean
- Retains heat and cold for increased stimulation
- Compatible with all lubricants

Glass Anal Slider 
Item #320-6002
Price: $18.95


Glass Double Prober sex insertableGlass Double Prober

The Glass Double Prober is a double ended Borosilicate glass insertable toy, yet it looks like an art piece! As a sensual sex toy, insertion with the smooth shaft lets you "probe" or use the the multi-ripple end for even more unique stimulation. Glass insertables toys are so easy to clean with added hygienic aspects of being non-porous and hypoallergenic. For additional sensations, try warming or chilling... and as with all glass toys, any lube is fine!

8.15" overall length
 7.5" insertable length
 1.45" widest width
 Soft, plush carrying case

Glass Double Prober 
Item #320-6009
Price: $19.95

Octu-Pussy Glass G-spot Massager
Glass G-spot Massager
for Head Banging Orgasms!

Heavy, curvy, bumpy, sexy and girthy... yes! All of the above describes this amazing Borosilicate glass insertable G-Spot stimulator that will have every gal screaming out a head-banging orgasm! Great for practicing Female Ejaculation techniques, too! The smooth ridges on one side and the nubby "tentacles" on the other make it so versatile, it feels different each time you use it! Use it solo for some amazing masturbation releases... or hand it to your partner and ask nicely for some special Octu-pussy attention -- guaranteed to leave you breathless!

Color:  Pink
Length: 6 1/4"
Insertable length: 4 1/2"
Circumference: 4 3/4"
Diameter: 1 3/4"
Weight: 10 oz.

Octu-Pussy Glass G-Spot Massager 
Item #320-6040
Price: $79.95

Glass Anal Joy
Glass Anal Joy Plug
Attention! Bend over and assume the position! For the adventurous anal-ist, this is a must have!! The Anal Joy Plug is phallic shaped, shatter resistant, borosilicate clear glass butt plug is non-porous, hygienic and 100% phthalate free. A perfectly smooth surface slips and slides so easily with any type of lube. Clean up is a snap! with some warm soapy water, and an alcohol swab down before re-using. For more edge play, try warming or chilling it!  It holds the temperature very well! Sexy to see sitting on a shelf, awaiting the next session!
side view Glass Anal Joy Plug
5.0" [12.7cm] overall length
4.5" [11.43cm] insertable length
  1.85" [4.7cm] max. insertable width

Black Glass Anal Joy Plug
Item # 320-6001
Price: $26.95

Clear Glass Insertable for Prostate or G-Spot
G-Spot / Prostate
Glass Toy
Double your pleasure, double your fun! ... with this double-ended glass toy. Having two "business" ends, makes diversity of play just a turn of the direction! One end has a smooth, rounded "penis tip" with a curve for G-spot stimulation or prostate milking! The other  end has 3 larger ridged "balls" that will give a very stimulating and bumpy ride, whether used anally or vaginally! It can even be put in the freezer or hot water for tantalizing temperature play.

Length: 7"
Widest Point: Diameter: 1.75"

Clear G-Spot/Prostate Glass Toy
Item #320-6020
Price: $48.00 now only $27.95

Glass P-Spot Anal Toy
Pure P-Spot Glass Anal Toy
The Pure P-Spot is an ultra-hygienic, adventurous anal toy for more advanced users. Four and a half insertable inches, an angled tip and unique shape, makes it perfect targeting the prostate or G-Spot for gals! It has a smooth, sturdy finger ring-grip for easy use. And insertion is a dream, because it becomes super slick when lubricated. The cool slick sensation of glass creates an extraordinary experience enhanced with its functionally designed multi-level shape and texture. The bulbous design adds even more pleasure of prostate milking! And, as we said, the ladies will love this toy, too!

Made from medical grade, borosilicate rolled glass, this extremely durable material is non-toxic and can easily go from the dishwasher to the freezer without fear of damaging the glass in any way. Not just a sex toy, it is truly a work of art!

Waterproof. Phthalate free. Specifications: 5 3/4 inches end to end (14.6 cm), 7/8 inch ( 2.22 cm) tapered tip's point, 1 5/8 inches (4.2 cm) widest point

Pure P-Spot Glass Prostate Massager
Item #320-6007
Price: $42.95 only $31.95

320-6010 New Wand Glass Design
Borosilicate Glass Wand

This newly updated design now has an extra "handle" area for safer usage. It's still has its sleek and oh so smooth surface Glass Wand is made of durable, Borosilicate glass... seamless for extra comfort and easily washable for use after use! Designed long, thick, and smooth, it can disappear deep into anal or vaginal cavities for a unique and intense pleasure.
 Clear Borosilicate Glass
Dimensions: 9" long, 1.45" wide

Clear Glass Wand
Item #320-6010

Price: $45.00 now only $35.00

Silicone Butt Beads and Ball Locker
Silicone Butt Beads and Ball Locker

An amazing combination of stretchy, easy to use cock ring/ball sack connected to tapering anal beads... does it get any sexier than that? If this one toy doesn't become one of his favorites, we'll eat our Nurse's caps! It's so versatile and fits just about every size and shape!

Made of premium silicone that's very flexible, pliable and durable.  When it comes to CBT and Butt Play all in one, just like all of our other "Butt Lockers" ...the Wild Ride, Red Silicone Butt Locker and the original style Butt Locker ...
 it's the way to go!
Anal Beads and Cockring Combo
Cockring is 1.5" / 3.75 cm diameter
 The Butt Beads 7.25"/ 18.5 cm long
 1.25" / 3.25 cm tapering down to .50" / 1.27 cm

 Butt Beads and Ball Locker
Item #320-4063
 Price: $28.95


Note: may vary in packaging & manufacturer name, logo, etc.
Surgical Lubricant

 Surgical lubricant is a sterile, water soluble, non-staining lubricating jelly. It is especially formulated for surgical and gynecological lubrication and is thicker consistency, which makes it a perfect match for glass toys!
This is a 4 oz. tube.

Surgi-Lube Lubricant
Item #460-2000
Price: $7.95

Sex Toy & Body Cleaner
Sex Toy & Body
Cleaning our insertables, vibrators and other sex toys just became easier and healthier! M.D. Science Labs, created this Swiss Navy Toy & Body Cleaner after careful research, which resulted in a hygienic, dermatologically-tested formula! To use after toy play, simply spray the toy with a complete coating of the cleaner, then wipe it off with a clean cloth. Do a final rinse with water and allow the toy to air dry! Works great on "cutting through" the residuals of silicone lubricants and it is a refreshing post play clean up for the outer genital area! Safe for latex, rubber and silicone!


Toy & Body Cleaner
 6 oz. Bottle

Item # 470-1000
Price: $11.95


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