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Venus Black Cuffs
Black Leather Cuffs!
Back to black... it is the basic, classic essential of every BDSM play scene... the Black Leather Cuffs!

Designed to be clipped, tied, buckled or locked into place, with a feeling of security and sensual seduction... from both sides!

We offer two types in this section to give different options for different needs. The Leather Lined Cuffs are perfect for the classic, heavy duty restraint, no-nonsense black leather cuffs. While the Thick Padded Cuffs offer a snug secure feel, but are softer and more cushioned. Both make the newbies and the veterans, feels so hot and sexy... ready for whatever may be awaiting them!

Visit our Fleece and Faux-Fur Lined Cuffs for more options in Black Leather Restraints!

Venus Suspended
Black Leather Suspense:
Nurse Venus flying in the clinic... in her
Black Knee High Ballet Boots, Black Leather Lined Wrist & Ankle Cuffs and Collar on Spreader Bars

Black Wrist Handle Chain Leash
Black Leather 30" Chain Leash

Don't forget to get them ready for discipline training with this leather wrist loop and chain leash that can attach to their collar, restraints or even CBT leather bondage cages and Gates of Hell!  Just clip it and tug... they'll get the idea soon enough!

Black Leather/Chain Leash
  Item #580-2100
 Price: $23.95


Magic Wand and Butt Plug Harness

Magic Wand "Hands-Free"
Black Leather Harness

Submission just took a really devious, yet ultra exciting power turn... with the flick of a Magic Wand's switch!  This ingenious device is designed specifically to keep the Hitachi Wand securely in place over the clitoral area (or penis!) ...for hours and hours, if need be... or can be tolerated, before absolutely collapsing!

 Strap in and belt up, click on the Magic Wand and watch the agony and ecstasy begin... and go on and on and on...  Such a dastardly design, this belt also comes with a butt plug harness! Perfect for creative bondage sessions: hands cuffed behind the back, Magic Wand Belt on, butt plug in ... flip the switch on the Magic Wand - boom!  Or get even more creative and use for other bondage restraints to hold anything your nasty mind can think of...

  • High quality leather
  • Two belt buckle systems for security
  • Three O-Rings attached to the front of the belt
  • Accommodate a Hitachi Magic Wand [or a vibrator of similar size and shape]
  • Fits 28" - 36" hips
  • Butt plug holder internal diameter 1 7/16" 
Hands free hitachi wand harness

Hitachi Magic Wand Black Leather Harness
Item #360-2500
Price: $94.95


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Black Leather Lined Cuffs
Black Leather
 Lined Cuffs
w/ lockable buckle
Soft glove leather lined leather restraint cuffs with stitched finish, makes these a must-have for any dungeon, clinic or night stand! They wrap snugly and securely around the wrists or ankles (available in both sizes) with that signature squeak sound of leather, that will start the heart racing!
(D-Clips sold separately)

 Wrists fit sizes from 7" up to 11.5"
Ankles fit sizes from 8.5" up to 13.5"

Leather Lined Wrist Cuffs (pair)
Item #580-4030
Price: $90.95


Leather Lined Ankle Cuffs (pair)
Item #580-5030
Price: $92.95


Black Leather Tick Padded Cuffs
Black Leather
Thick Padded Cuffs
w/ lockable buckle
Thick foam over leather padding make these cuffs, soft yet very, very secure. The padded encases the entire wrist or ankle and holds it in place. Perfect for the spunky little "patient" or subby who always seems to be able to wiggle out of their cuffs!
  (D-Clips sold separately)

Wrists fit sizes from 7.5" up to 11.5"
Ankles fit sizes from 8.5" up to 12.75"

Thick Padded Wrist Cuffs (pair)
Item #580-4050
Price: $94.95 $85.95


Thick Padded Ankle Cuffs (pair)
Item #580-5050
Price: $98.95 $89.95


Black Leather Bondage Collar

Black Leather Lockable Collar

Black Leather Bondage Collar with lockable buckle is lined with genuine black garment leather collar providing a firm but gentle touch to the skin. But don't get too cozy... these are made to push limits, and take the rigors of restraint and bondage. A small padlock can be placed on the locking buckle of this collar. With three D-rings, it's so easy to clip wrists or add a leash any where... any time!
  Black Leather Bondage Collar
  fits up to 17 1/2" neck
Item #580-2020
 Price: $65.95


Black Leather Bondage Collar
   fits up to 19" neck
Item #580-2021
 Price: $65.95

Black Leather Hog Tie
Hog-Tie Clips
What a clever idea! And so time efficient! Simply clip each one of the leather bound d-clips to a cuff, wrists, then ankles and voila! If you attached behind your patient you now have a perfect hog-tie! If you prefer to attach in front, that will keep them either stooping or squatting or sitting with their ankles and wrists attached! What a picture!

Black Hog-Tie Clips
Item #640-2000
Price: $26.95

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