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Prostate Stimulation
For those who have been begging us for "Prostate Milking" devices (oh... did you see the movie, "Road Trip"
 when that lovely Nurse assists the actor, Seann William Scott with a "milking"?) ...well, here they are!
This page is filled with innovative devices for your ultimate orgasmic pleasure, dear patients!
Erection Enhancing 4-way Butt Plug
  4-Way Anal-Prostate-Stim Plug
Erection Enhancer

Absolutely, ingenious and just what the Doctor ordered for keeping that erection high and tight! This super supple and flexible cock, ball and butt toy (we thinks it's a tool, because it fixes limp dick syndrome!) is firm where it needs to be, so it is so easy to slip on and insert with some lube! Once it is in place, get ready to use that erection! Nurse Laural recommends this, since it is a completely drug-free way to get hard!

The prostate butt plug section is 4.5" long [insertable] with 1.48" width. The penis ring area is 1.42" wide i.d. and the testicle ring area is 1.3" wide i.d.. The perineum "bump" adds even more stimulation in the right place for the complete combination of squeeze, pressure and stimulation in all four areas that effect and create an erection.

Erection Enhancing 4-Way Anal-Prostate-Stim
4-Way Prostate Stim Butt Plug
Item #320-4065
  Price: $42.95 


Erection Cage
Erection Support Cage
Stretch this amazing cock cage over your erection for added support and increased pleasure. The Erection Support Cage is  uniquely designed to encase the entire head and penis, while also looping around the testicles. The super stretchy material provides sturdy support, while also being soft and pliable, just where and when you need it ...for extra stamina!

It stretches easily to fit anyone... this is great for post pumping, if you want to maintain the erection... or use it with the Erection Enhancing 4-Way Plug [above] to really make it last and last! Many guys keep this on while having sex, because it keeps them firm and their partner likes the way it feels, too!

5 inches long, unstretched.

  Erection Support Cage
Item #540-3201
Price: $9.95


Titus Prostate Stimulator
Titus Prostate Stimulator

Innovative and unusual, the Nexus Titus proves that prostate massage has limitless possibilities. With its pebble-shaped head and ribbed shaft, the Titus is perfect for stimulating those hard to reach areas!

 The unique stainless steel roller ball perineum massager and handle for manual intervention. Ribbed and wickedly curved, the shaft of the Titus is designed to give strong stimulation along the entire anal canal while its bulbous head exerts delicious pressure against the Prostate.

 Made from firm polypropylene the tip will deliver a firm prostate massage whilst the ridges on the shaft will stimulate internally.

By the way, that stainless steel roller ball is strategically placed on the base to deliver licking sensations to the perineum and can be easily removed for cleaning.

For use with water and silicone based lubricants and is easy to clean. 

Tip Width: 1" (approx.)
Mid-Ridge Width  1.25" (approx.)
Insertable Length: 10cm / approx.4"
(detailed 'blueprint' in millimeters)

Titus Prostate Stimulator
Item #320-2009

5 Function Prostate Vibrator
5-Function Prostate Vibrator

The 5-Function Prostate Vibrator is uniquely designed with a soft rounded, beaded massaging shaft that stimulates the rectum and prostate with vibrating action, delivering mind-blowing sensations and most explosive ejaculations ever! The smooth, rounded tip makes insertion easy, and the beaded wide-grip handles ensure safe removal, which also stimulate the perineum area. Choose a function that is right for you and enjoy a whole new realm of pleasure. Easy to keep clean with warm soapy water.  And it's great in the shower, spa, or bath!

 Length: 8.5 in. - ( 216 mm )
Width: 4.5 in. - ( 114 mm )
Height: 1.5 in. - ( 38 mm )

Note: Uses 2-AA batteries, not Included.

5-Function Prostate Vibrator
Item #320-2025
Price: $64.95


Electro-Sex Butt Rammer
Silicone Electro-Sex Butt Rammer

Bend over and kiss your limits good-bye! ... YES! here's proof that you are not the only one out there who just loves this unique sort of butt play action! This 100% medical grade silicone, bi-polar e-stim ass play toy is made with an innovative Flex and Stay technology allowing you to shape this device to hit just the right spots!
Bend and Stays in position
 There are three conductive oval ball shapes that "pop" and hit the sweet spot for some deep prostate stimulation, too. The "ramming handle" is non-conductive silicone so you can get a really firm grip that will p-u-s-h it to the limits... and beyond!

Conductive areas on the Butt Rammer

Since it is made from medical grade platinum silicone, cleanup is easy with warm soapy water, rinse, then followed by an antibacterial sex toy cleaner.
handle has 2mm female jack inputs for connection to any T.E.N.S. style electro-stimulator.

 If you have a P.E.S., Erostek or Folsom Power Box, the Electro-Stim Sleeve will work with the 3.5mm Male Connector to Pin Wire Leads.

As with all electrical toys we recommend water based lubricant, like Surgical Lubricant or Sex Grease

Overall Length: 9.5 inches
Insertable Length: 7.5 inches
Largest Circumference: 5 ¼ inches
Smallest Circumference: 3 ¾ inches

Silicone Electro-Sex Butt Rammer

Item #200-7155
  Price: $99.95


Pure Plug 2.0 by NJOY TOYS
Stainless Steel Pure Plug 2.0
by njoy™
The Pure Plug 2.0 by njoy™ has a 2" wide large head and a tapered 3-1/2” long insertable length stem with an easy-to-hold "handle" for control during insertion.  The heavy (1.25 pounds!) steel gives that sense of fullness yet the ingenious design is great for long term comfort and retention.

Spec for Pure Plug 2.0

It's made of high quality, 316 grade stainless steel and hand-polished to a shiny smooth finish so do not clean with any abrasives! It is great for temperature sensitivity play with heat (not too hot!!) or cool (never freeze!!) which add even more exciting options to the sensations this awesome butt plug can offer!

  • 2.0" head and 1.5" "bulb" on the other!
  • Approx. 3.5" stem (insertable)
  • Specialized ring-shape grip for safety and control
  • A hefty 1.25 Lbs. (20 oz.)
  • Packaged in a beautiful sleeved box  5" x 9.5" x 2.75" with fuchsia satin lining
  • Cast in 316 medical grade stainless steel and hand polished to a mirror shine
  • Completely non-porous, so they can be cleaned or sterilized by any means
  • Holds heat and cold beautifully for temperature play
  • Luxuriously smooth and shaped perfectly to the curves of the body
  • Suitable for use with any type of lubricant
Pure Plug 2.0 in Box
Pure Plug 2.0
Item #320-5055
 Price: $114.95


Prostate Fun Anal Butt Plug
Prostate Pfun Plug

 A well thought out design, engineered for pleasure, has the curve of this stainless steel anal toy (butt plug) going in the right direction! --- straight to the Prostate!

It's perfect for prostate milking, thanks to the ingenious ring-handle grip. It can also be used as an insertable butt plug toy during sex, role play or bondage games! And its formidable weight will leave you ... breathless!

The smooth hand-polished finish is impressive to see and fantastic to feel! ... just read the specifications!
Prostate Pfun Plug Specs.


  • Ergonomically designed to target the prostate
  • Approx 4.75" end to end
  • 3.5" long insertable length
  • 1.25" wide sculpted head
  • Weight is 11 oz. (310 grams)
  • Packaged in a beautiful sleeved black box with fuchsia satin lining
  • Cast in 316 medical grade stainless steel and hand polished to a mirror shine
  • Completely non-porous, so they can be cleaned or sterilized by any means
  • Holds heat and cold beautifully for temperature play
  • Luxuriously smooth and shaped perfectly to the natural curves of the body
  • Suitable for use with any type of lubricant
Stainless Steel Prostate Pfun Plug
Item #320-5042 
Price: $89.95


Glass Prostate P-Spot Plug

Glass Prostate P-Spot Plug

   Similar in design, fit and function to the solid steel Pfun Plug, this is made from medical grade, borosilicate rolled glass!

Perfect for anal prostate play, this luxurious glass P-Spot Plug features a tapered tip to ease insertion, bulbs that provide extra sensation, and a narrow neck that allows your muscles to wrap around and hold it in.

Cleverly curved for Pprostate stimulation, this anal insertable plug guarantees the most explosive orgasms you've ever imagined! The ring at the base ensures it won't slip too far inside, and offers safe and easy removal.

Hypoallergenic glass is nonporous and body safe, easy to keep clean and bacteria free with hot soapy water and a wipe of an alcohol swab prior to usage or use a sex toy cleaner.

When cared for properly, this P-Spot Glass Anal Plug is designed to last a lifetime!

Length:    4.25 in. - ( 108 mm )
 Width:    1 in. - ( 25 mm )
 Weight:    2.75 oz. ( 79 grams )
Glass Prostate P-Spot Plug
Item #320-6015
Price: $30.95


Protouch Prostate Vibrator-wine color
Protouch Silicone Prostate Vibrator

The silicone Protouch has a unique finger-shaped design specifically for offering just the right curve to stimulate the male prostate gland anally.  It is five inches long (125 mm) insertable and has an additional half inch (12 mm) for the base. The tip has a circumference of two and a half inches (65 mm) and this increases to three and a quarter inches (85 mm) and then to four and a quarter inches (110 mm) at the widest part nearest to the base, so it is harness compatible.

 It comes with a removable mini bullet style vibrator that fits perfectly in the base. With or without vibrations, this toy will literally hit the spot! It's an excellent prostate milking toy for those who've had trouble finding their P-spot in the past.
Use only water based lubricants with this!

Watch type batteries included.

Protouch Prostate Vibrator - black color
Note: This is a great "beginner" tool for those just learning how to massage and milk their prostate and prefer some vibration.

Protouch Silicone Prostate Vibrator
Price: $49.95

Choose Protouch Vibrator Color


Glass P-Spot Anal Toy
Pure P-Spot Glass Anal Toy
The Pure P-Spot is an ultra-hygienic, adventurous anal toy for more advanced users. Four and a half insertable inches, an angled tip and unique shape, makes it perfect for targeting the prostate! It has a smooth, sturdy finger ring-grip for easy use. And insertion is a dream, because it becomes super slick when lubricated. The cool slick sensation of glass creates an extraordinary experience enhanced with its functionally designed multi-level shape and texture. The "bump" adds even more pleasure of prostate milking!

Made from medical grade, borosilicate rolled glass, this extremely durable material is non-toxic and can easily go from the dishwasher to the freezer without fear of damaging the glass in any way. Not just a sex toy, it is truly a work of art!

When cared for properly, this Pure P-Spot Glass Massager is designed to last a lifetime!

Specifications: 5 3/4 inches end to end (14.6 cm)
inch ( 2.22 cm) tapered tip's point, 1 5/8 inches (4.2 cm) widest point

Pure P-Spot Glass Prostate Massager
Item #320-6007
Price: $42.95 only $31.95


The Stainless Steel Multi-Stim
 FUN  Pleasure Wand

Versatility, unique design, quality and luxury... everything you look for in an adult sex toy, all beautifully rolled into this new multiple stimuli fun insertable toy. Made with the highest quality new-world craftsmanship by nJoy, it is built for safety and infinite durability.

Yes, it's perfection for so many reasons and uses. It is great for playing with when you are alone or using on a partner. Male or female, it has whatever you need: G-Spot or prostate stim, anal stim or vaginal stim! Try it with a Fukuoku!

Pleasure Fun Wand Specifications


  • 1.25" and .75"-1" graduated bulbs
  • Approx 8" end to end
  • 12 ounces
  • Packaged in a beautiful sleeved box  5" x 9.5" x 2.75" with fuchsia satin lining
  • Cast in 316 medical grade stainless steel and hand polished to a mirror shine
  • Completely non-porous, so they can be cleaned or sterilized by any means
  • Holds heat and cold beautifully for temperature play
  • Luxuriously smooth and shaped perfectly to the curves of the body
  • Suitable for use with any type of lubricant
Fun Wnad in gift box
The Stainless Steel Multi-Stim Pleasure FUN Wand 

Item #320-5040
Price: $89.00


Prostate G-Spot Vibrator Tool
click on photo for larger view

G-Spot / Prostate Vibrator
This uniquely shaped new silicone vibrator is designed for anal or vaginal penetration for either the female "g-spot" or prostate stimulation! Just call it the Bi-Sexual Vibe! The simple yet very effective design makes it easy to play with alone, as well as for driving someone else into ecstasy!

It is very quiet and has six (yes SIX!) different vibration settings: low, medium and high, then pulsing, escalating and super sonic! Simply slide it in, pointing the protruding tip toward the G-Spot or Prostate and push the button on the bottom for your different settings... and away you go! This is one toy that anyone and everyone will love! And because it's silicone, it'll last forever!

Note: This is a great "beginner" tool for those just learning how to massage and milk their prostate and prefer some vibration.

Size: 4.5" Long 
3 (three) LR44 ("watch batteries"), included. 

G-Spot / Prostate Vibrator
Item #320-4080
 Price: $49.95


And for those of you who may be scratching the top of your head (which one?) asking, "What's Prostate Milking?" here's a brief summary: 

Prostate Massage/Milking

The prostate is often called the male G-spot, as it is a source of sexual pleasure in men, especially relating to orgasm. Prostate massage involves massaging the prostate through the anus by hand, or with a massager or electro-stimulation The prostate can also be indirectly massaged externally through the perineum, the fleshy area midway between the anus and the reflection of the skin on to the scrotum. 

Prostate milking refers to the sexual practice of relieving the buildup of semen by regular prostate massage. It may be used as part of BDSM activities, such as games involving the erotic use of sexual denial.

Prostate Anatomy & Function

The prostate is a small gland, about the size and shape of a quail's egg. Nestled in the man's pubic bone and surrounded by the pelvic muscles, the prostate gland will respond to pressure applied through the rectum.

The main function of the prostate is reproduction. The testicles produce sperm then via vas deferens (this gets cut in a "vasectomy") carries this sperm to the prostate, where it mixes with fluid from the prostate and the semen so this is the fluid combination ejaculated at the moment of orgasm, which is comprised of 5% sperm and 95% seminal/prostate fluid.

Vive la différence...

Each individual man responds to prostate stimulation differently, it basically depends on the individual's physiology. Some men experience almost violent orgasms when they stimulate their prostate glands, while others may have normal, but extremely pleasurable orgasms. Yet others prefer no prostate stimulation at all because they don't enjoy the sensation of it. 

So the best advice, if you are unsure about your own personal feelings about this, but are curious and highly aroused by the idea, just try it!

Nothing adventured, nothing gained...

Prostate Pleasure Book
Book: Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure
by  Charlie Glickman, PhD & Aislinn Emirzian

We've helped so many over the years with our prostate stimulation page, here, as well as with our Prostate Stimulation section of our Medical Fetish Library. But up until now, there hasn't been a book on the subject that covers not only prostate health, but also prostate pleasures!

So here it is, "The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure" written by sex educators Charlie Glickman, PhD and Aislinn Emirzian. This indispensable manual covers both solo and partnered P-spot pleasure play. Regardless if you are a first-time adventurer or a seasoned practitioner, this book will be a portable support and guide for beginning, cultivating and/or improving your exploration and techniques far beyond what you once felt comfortable or capable of, when it comes to prostate play!

So, what are you waiting for? Grab the book, a new prostate stim toy and get ready for new levels of sexual excitement!

A hefty book of 368 pages! Depictions of finger placements, toy use and body positions alone make this a Prostate Bible for the beginner as well as a wealth of new information for men already familiar with their P-Spot!    

Book: The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure
Item #660-7840
 Price: $19.95


For more information and details visit the Prostate Stimulation section of our Medical Fetish Library!


Vibrating Prostate/Perineum w/ Cock & Ball Ring
Vibrating 4-Way Anal-Prostate-Perineum w/Erection Enhancer

Okay, how many of you who already purchased our oh-so-popular Item #320-4065 (look to your left!!) and wished it vibrated? Especially, in two strategic areas: the prostate and the perineum???

Well, here you go! A vibrating butt toy that provides stimulation in all four zones (Butt, Taint, Cock, Balls) built into one delicious package!

 The vibrating shaft on this is designed to stimulate the prostate, and the vibrating base is shaped to stimulate the perineum at the same time.  There are two buttons on the bottom which control each vibrating motor, prostate area and perineum area, independently

The two stretchy yet firm rings fit around the cock and balls for increased  tugging sensations, too.
... and yes, it's another one of Nurse Laural's recommendations, since it is a completely drug-free way to get hard! ... one more added benefit: It's fully waterproof!


Perineum Stimulator Length: 2.25"
Insertable Length: 3.93"
Width of Prostate Massager: 1.5"

  • Made of Silicone
  • 6 modes
  • USB rechargeable via magnetic cable
  • Waterproof
  • 10 hours of play per charge
  • Compatible water based lubes

Dual Vibrating Prostate & Perineum Stimulator
 w/ Cock & Ball Erection Enhancer
Item #320-2013


Quad Pole Prostate Estim

Silicone Quad-Pole Electro-Stim
 Prostate Massager

Sirius has a quad-polar design... yes! takes four 2 mm male pin connectors to function, which means much more powerful results! Prostate milking and stimulation has a new device that increases the power as well as the area of stimulation!

Dual Areas of conductivity for more power and intensity

 Stimulate up to four areas at once with a dual-channel stimulator TENS Unit , teasing deep inside the anal cavity, tickling the perineum and massaging the prostate in unison. Expect powerful contractions and an intense tingle that nudges Sirius against that sweet P-spot!

4 male pin insetion holes on base of Sirius

Its uniquely designed shape and pliability allows for angling the tip, shaft and perineum stimulator for a tailored fit for contact with the erogenous zones. Feel the tip stroke and push forward on the prostate with every pulsation. This specialized device takes sexual satisfaction to incredible new heights!

 Male Pin Leads 2 sets.

Powerbox/ TENS Unit, lead wires and adapters not included.



Quad-Pole E-Stim Prostate Stimulator Massager
Item #200-7149
  Price: $95.00


  Vibro-Rotating Prostate Stimulation
Prostate massage devices just continue to get better and more innovative, like this ingeniously designed milking machine that rotates, vibrates and stimulates the perineum all simultaneously, if desired!

Ergonomically shaped to securely lock into the deep contours of your body, with its sensually bulbed arm extending down to a slender curved neck. The perineum area also gets plenty of attention with stimulating bumps for an even more heightened experience with maximum intensity and precision for explosive results.
Control Switch POV
Once inserted, the control button located on the base delivers 2 types of sensual rotating motions of the uniquely angled head for gentle, rolling prostate massages that yield long, full body climaxes. And don't forget, you still have 2 powerful modes of vibration and pulses for a total of 6 combinations of incredible stimulation, all controlled with the simple push of a button.

Recharger USB Cable
This intense prostate massager has no need for batteries, either! Simply charge using a magnetic USB charger included and you will get 10 hours of play after a full charge. Made from silky smooth silicone, it is hypo-allergenic! It's water resistant, too, you can clean it easily, but please do not submerge it in water. Use only water based lubricants with this!

Length: 5" (12.7 CM)
Insertable Length: 4" (10 CM)
Circumference: 4.25" (10.8 CM)
Base diameter: 5.25" ( 13.3 CM)

    Vibro-Rotating Prostate/Perineum Massager
Item #320-2008
Price: $199.95 $175.95


Vice Prostate Progasm Vibrator
The Progasm Vice
Male G-Spot or Prostate Stimulation:

Prostate Milking Device with Vibrator

After careful research and development, the specialists at Aneros came up wit their amazing Vice... the vibrating Progasm! This beauty is an evolution in prostate massage, built with the quality materials and craftsmanship you’ve come to expect from Aneros.

Vibrator Progasm Vice in postion
Unlike other products on the market, the Vice’s every curve has been anatomically designed to fit your body for an unbelievable experience.

Vibrator and Progasm
Combined with our unique multi-patterned vibrator, you’ll be taken to limits you’ve never imagined. The sensuously smooth silicone plug slides in place easily and the unique shape applies gentle pressure on the prostate while still allowing a safe and comfortable fit. Use only water based lubricants with this!

Vice Vibe
The extra-long (4"- 101.6 mm) stainless steel vibe is powered by a single AAA battery and features four pulsation patterns that provide direct vibration stimulation to the prostate for an orgasmic experience that is out of this world. Beautifully packaged it its own storage case, the Aneros is an elegant introduction to the pleasures of male prostate stimulation.

Overall Length: 5"  (12.7 CM)
Insertable length: 4" (10 CM)
Diameter: 1.25"  (3.175 CM)

The Vice Progasm
Prostate Stimulator with Vibrator

Item #320-2015
Price: $178.00


Progasm -Black
The Progasm
Male G-Spot or Prostate Stimulation:

Prostate Milking Device

This male g-spot prostate massager, the Progasm (shown above) was developed by the Aneros family of male prostate massagers designed uniquely to help stimulate the prostate-perineum areas. The concept is a hands-free, self propelled device which works to stimulate and "milk" the prostate gland by using the sphincter muscle. Each anal contraction of the sphincter muscle engages the Progasm, sending movement through to the prostate. Lubrication (water based, like Original Wet ) is the secret for easy insertion and great results!

On the exterior,
the extension in the front from the handle rubs on the perineum (the area between the anus and the scrotum) while the
Kundalini or “K-Tab” hits the spot that just above the anus and between the buttocks for additional stimulation in an area that on most men is overlooked as another highly erogenous zone! This combination arouses and stimulates the entire area, sending shivers, quivers, and waves of pleasure, all triggering very intense orgasms.

Milking the prostate has been used for centuries to rejuvenate the prostate gland. This can help prevent and relieve many prostate related problems, including sexual dysfunction.

The Progasm is made of an award-winning, FDA approved, medical and food grade plastic and comes with instructions, also! 

Available in Black or Clear

1.25” diameter at widest part of tip
1.30” diameter at mid-ridge
1.52” from center of stem to perineum pressure point
.60” perineum tab diameter
4.75” overall length

Male G-Spot Prostate Massager
The New Progasm

Black Progasm
Prostate Massager 

Item #320-2001
Price: $75.00 $69.95


Progasm Clear

Clear Progasm
Prostate Massager

Item #320-2002
Price: $75.00


Prostate Massager Rocker
Prostate Massaging Silicone Rocker

Rock it... to the moon! This  Prostate Massaging Rocker is designed for a unique experience in prostate stimulation. Made of pliable, soft silicone, the P-spot angled U-shape "head" stimulates your prostate on the inside [of your rectum], while the outer end cups and vibrates the testicles. It really flexes to fit your body comfortably. The battery-powered, one-touch push button vibrator is waterproof and removable, for ease of cleaning, battery replacement or just using the rocker with no vibration at all. Great for beginners or those looking for a different "twist" on prostate stim! Use only water based lubricants with this!

One size N battery is included.

Dimensions: 2.75" X 2.75" X 1.175"

Prostate Massaging Silicone Rocker
Item #320-4085

Price: $36.95


Nasty Boy Vibrating P-Spot Massager
Nasty Boy
Vibrating P-Spot/Perineum
 Rocking Silicone Massager

Oh you nasty boy! ... This amazing prostate and perineum massager offers dual-action stimulation with a unique, but oh-so-satisfying easy-to-use design and almost double the girth and weight of the Rocker (above)! After insertion of the "bumpy" end into the anus, it positions itself, so you simply sit and rock (or stand) and that's it! Turn on the vibrator to send powerful vibrations directly to your P-Spot, then with it's hands-free reaction be ready for some serious orgasms. It also offers added excitement with those "bumps" during insertion and removal. Made from medical grade silicone, it's 100% waterproof, so it's easy to clean and can be used in the shower or tub. Use only water based lubricants with this!

Hypoallergenic, Latex-free, and Phthalate Free.
 N Size battery included.

Dimensions: 4.5" x 4.5" x 1.375" 
(115 mm x 115 mm x 35 mm )

  Nasty Boy
Item #320-4087
Price: $74.95


Prostate Stim Attachment for Magic Wand
   Prostate & Perineum Stimulator
 Magic Wand
Attachment for Men!

The girls have coveted the infamous Hitachi Magic Wand for decades... and every guy out there has turned green with envy! (Confess: how many, in secret, have tried to use the cool attachments on their partner's Magic Wand?) Well, finally, here's one for the boys, only! It's designed specifically for anal prostate stimulation with a flexible and expertly angled shape to vibrate and massage with a direct hit for a mind-blowing experience!

 Just slip the attachment over the head of the Magic Wand, then slide this sensually curved piece into place and turn on! There's even a nasty little external stimulator, that teases and tickles your perineum at the same time!

By the way, check out some other GREAT attachments "just for the boys", here!

Measurements: 3.25" insertable length
 1.22" max. i.d.
 2.3" i.d. of attachment cup

Prostate Stimulator Attachment for Magic Wand
Item #340-9010

Price: $16.95


Hitach Magic Wand Vibrator
click for larger image
The Original Magic Wand Vibrator

 For over 30 years, the Hitachi Magic Wand has set the standard for personal hand-held massagers and vibrators. The soft spherical head gives a soothing massage, operated by a two speed switch located on the Wand's slender handle.

 Unlike cordless style massagers and vibrators, the Magic Wand's strong electric motor is powered using a standard electric cord and plug, providing a constant power source for those extended sessions. It has, by far, the strongest vibrations and because it plugs into the wall, you don't have to worry that it will die out just when you need it most!

Specifications: It measures 12" long x 2-½" wide and uses standard U.S. 110v Socket (not for sale outside of USA)

Add some attachments ... and push even more boundaries with the Magic Wand Leather Harness

Magic Wand Vibrator (original plug-in)
Item #340-2010 
Price: $69.95


Rechargeable Cordless Original Magic Wand by Hitachi
Cordless Magic Wand Vibrator
After decades of being one of the best, if not THE best, vibrators in the world... the powerful Hitachi Magic Wand, is now upping the ante... as a cordless, rechargeable vibrator! YES!!!

The Magic Wand is known worldwide as everyone's go-to vibrator and thanks to so many new attachments, it is also making the favorite list for many guys!

Now, it is so much easier to use! No long cords... just charge it up, unplug it and play, play, play!

 And the features don't stop at its recharge-abilty!    It also has an improved smooth silicone head, quieter sound, plus four power intensities (low, medium, high, and ultra), along with four vibration patterns! It runs for three hours on a full charge!

Add some attachments ... and push even more boundaries with the Magic Wand Leather Harness

Magic Wand Rechargeable Specifications:
White ABS plastic with white silicone head
 blue silicone control pad
13" Long (33 cm)
Charger included (110V-240V, 50/60Hz)
(Low - 2,700 rpms, Medium - 3,800 rpms, High - 5,400 rpms, Ultra - 6,300 rpms)
For sale only in North America

(Not waterproof nor splash-proof)

  Magic Wand Vibrator (cordless / rechargeable)
Item #340-2020 
Price: $139.95


Another method for Male Prostate Stimulation:
Electro-Stimulator T.E.N.S. Unit Set

TENS Unit Set
The T.E.N.S. [*Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation] electro stimulator unit set comes complete with two sets of leads (the male banana-style plugs on the end of the leads, they work on the Quad-Pole Electro-Stim
 Prostate Massager
Curved Butt Plug / Prostate Stimulator, Butt Rammer , each designed with unique properties for incredible stimulation of the prostate using powerful, yet controllable waves of erotic e-stim!

This TENS Unit kit also includes 4 self-sticking hypoallergenic pads, an instruction booklet and yes, the 9V battery is included!

Most popular question: What does it feel like?
Best answer: Initially feels like a tingly, "pins and needles" sensation and after practicing with it, it can be controlled to give a pulsating, muscle contraction effect. The more practice, the more understanding of its effects and how it works best for each individual depending on their level of excitement!

Easy to use and definitely easy on the wallet, this kit has everything you need to get started. Then, add any of the Electrosex Erotic-Stim Electrodes Accessories you see here for even more fun, exciting and unique electro-sex-play!

Don't forget to get some spare pads!

 Electro-Stim TENS Unit Set
Item # 200-6000
 Price: $95.95 only $79.95


*See more of our TENS compatible electrodes, too! Such as the
Large Butt Plug Electrode,   Ovals Anal/Vaginal Accessory, CBT Chastity Electro-Stim , 6-Ball Extra Long E-Stim Insertable ) ,
Electro-Stim Masturbation Sleeve , Flexing Depth Charger, Flexible Anal or Vaginal Probe Electrode, etc.

More Male G-Spot or Prostate Stimulation:

Van Buren Sounds Set

The Van Buren sounds are about 26 cm (10.5") long and are J-shaped: there is a single curve near the tip. The flat handle side made for holding and easier to maneuver. There are eight sounds in the set with sizes ranging from 8 FR up to 22 FR!

The ultimate sounds for prostate stimulation via the urethra! The flat handle makes them easier to hold & maneuver while inserting. They're uniquely designed to fit the "J curve" of the male urinary-urethral tract, as discussed in our Medical Fetish Library section on Sound Play!

Van Buren Sound Set
Item #240-4030
  Price: $89.95


Prostate Play Pleasures

  The male G-Spot refers to the prostate gland, located on the front wall of the anal canal. If you never tried prostate manipulation, you need to remember to take things slowly!

   1. Start with a hot shower so you will feel clean. Some men even like a quick enema or douche before they engage in prostate milking.

   2. Don't just jump into prostate stimulation -- enjoy a little foreplay first, either alone or with a partner, have fun!

   3. Use lots of lubricant! Slippery makes it easier to slide with less friction.

   4. To initially locate the prostate gland, so you know where it is and what it "feels" like, insert your index finger into the anus to the second knuckle and press forward, in a firm "come hither" motion. You'll be able to feel the prostate through the front part of the rectal wall.

   5. Press gently. If you like the sensation, press a little more firmly. You might enjoy a "shunting" sensation, experienced by smooth, rapid insertion and removal of one or more fingers.

   6. Then to add to the experience, add a prostate stimulation device, such as the new Progasm

   7. The sensation of prostate stimulation alone is great, but adding other sexual stimuli such as masturbation with a vibrator or oral sex with a partner is mind blowing!

Note: Your response to prostate stimulation depends on your particular physiology. Some men experience crashing orgasms when they stimulate their prostate glands, while others simply enjoy a great deal of pleasure.

Some men don't enjoy the sensation at all, while others could take it or leave it. If you are unsure about your feelings toward this type of sensation, try it! If you don't like it, you don't have to do it again. But guess what happens if you DO like it!

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