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Nipples, Breast, Labia ... and more... Squeeze Play!

Nipple Clamps
  -and Labia, Cock and Ball, etc.

After a year of designing, prototypes, trial and error with lots of sore nipples, we developed (now it's become a mainstay in the BDSM play world) our very own unique Nipple Torture Sets! They are made of steel with a thumbscrew design (similar to our CBT idea...) which s-q-u-e-e-z-e-s the nipple between the ever tightening bar as it is screwed closed... And they will stay on! And on and on and on.... 

By the way, if you haven't already been there, be sure to visit our Medical Fetish Library  it has  a great section just for Nipple Play... 

If you seek a truly nasty, strong grip, almost unbearable squeeze toy, our Fiber Handled Tweezers Straight or Curved will do just fine, thank you very much! Any strong submissive requiring extremely tight and eye-tearing pain will absolutely adore these innocent looking devils!

The rest of the great, ever-growing collection of nipple clamps and devious devices of torture for squeezing on this section of our website is surely to offer ideas for nipple and squeeze play you may have never imagined before, like the Steel Sliders ... or find one of your favorites that you may have been searching for!

Or if you are a true pain junkie (or know a "naughty patient" or subby who is...) these nasty Extreme Claws clamps will have them sitting up and taking notice ... and then ... either begging for more, or begging to stop!

Extreme Claws Clamps how they work

Booby Trap on Kelly Shibari

Kelly Shibari - sexy booby trap bondage bra
Lock 'em up for the night, boys! ...Kelly Shibari of is simply gorgeous... and she loves her Booby Trap Bondage Bra that keeps her huge breasts snug, secured in locks and bound in leather pleasure.

Kelly Shibari  in the Bondage Bra
Can be worn without the nipple cover and lacing.
Like this, Kelly is ready for any of our other
Nipple Clamps or Tit Torture! <evil grin!>

It's the perfect party accessory for that
amply endowed, but oh-so-innocent submissive!

Designed by a loving Dom for his zaftig slavegirl, this is the ultimate leather bondage bra! Affectionately nicknamed, "The Booby Trap", it is perfect for an intense breast bondage scene for the tit-play fetishist or worn as an outfit accessory to create a captivating entrance at a play party! Made from heavy duty Latigo leather and adorned with nickel plated hardware. Basically this bondage bra can be worn with or without the included leather nipple shields to create a variety of enticing looks.

Barrel Clamps in action
  Deluxe Adjustable Barrel Nipple Clamps 

We've added even more nipple clamps and nipple play devices here, since the overwhelming response to our Nipple Torture Set!...

Such as, the Japanese style Clover Clamps... and the Tweezers Nipple Clamps 

...So keep coming back for a visit... by the way, here's the latest addition: the
Nipple Clamp Vyber and the Wireless Vibrating Clamps!! Add some weights for a very interesting effect

Japanese Butterfly Clover Clamps
Clover Clamps

Also known as Japanese Clover Clamps or Butterfly Clamps these are one of the most intense of the nipple / BDSM clamps out there! These nasty little devils were originally used in Japanese/Asian fabric making and dying to pull the corners taut and stretch them with strings to allow the fabric to air dry after the dying process.  Obviously, they have to be strong and retain their grip, which makes them so deviously delightful for nipple, CBT, ball, penis or labia tormenting play!

They have a unique design with articulating joints that allow it to open when squeezed at the center finger guide area and then closes automatically when released. Because of this, we recommend slowly releasing the opening prior to closure. Testing them on the arm or fingers is a good idea, especially for the first time user!
Japanese Clover Nipple Clamps

These are definitely made for the those who desire strong pinching! They are so devious, that they can actually get tighter as they are pulled on or weights attached!

 Clover Clamps are usually sized about 2" W X 4"L (5 cm by 10 cm) and they are a popular favorite, so much so that many of our naughty patients buy mutiple pairs!

Paitient Paige with Clover Clamps

Nurses Ivanna and Laural applying Clover Clamps

Clover Clamps

Nipple  Vacuum Cups

Vacuum suction with glass or plastic "cups" is an age old system used in healing and purging poisons by suck the blood to the surface of the skin... in acupuncture, it's called "cupping"... check out our entire page dedicated to Cupping!

Well, think of the possibilities for your nipples (or other areas, like the penis head, clitoris, ballsack, buttocks... get it?) when you use that same vacuum suction!

Our Nipple Milking Cups have a similar concept, in that they suck in air by squeezing the bulb at the top, thus causing a vacuum when applied over the nipples! 


Nurses Ivanna & Laural applying our thumbscrew
 Nipple Clamps
on Patient Paige!

Nipple Clamp Set-Blue Logo

Nipple Clamps shown adjused
The adjustable bars with the thumbscrew make these Nipple Clamps one of the most popular because they stay on almost any type of nipple...
no two nipples are the same, don't you know?


The tweezer-style clamps are created from bending a thin metal bar in half so that it forms a V-shape; it can be anywhere from 5–10 cm (2–4 in) in length. Then, a small ring is used to slide up and down, causing the V-shape to close down completely... basically to look like an I-shape!  There is a slight curving of the tips, to accommodate the roundness of the nipple, with a small rubber cover over this tips protect the nipple from damage and reduce slippage.
Tweezer Nipple Clamps

To use, simply place the open V-shape tips on either side of the nipple, then slide the ring along the clamp shaft to close the V-shape into the I-shape... as they close down, pay attention to the tightness and reactions if there is too much sudden pain... the idea is to have a sensual, sexy experience! It's so easy to slide the ring up or down to find the "sweet spot" then, let go and watch the excitement! 

Nipple Tweezer Clamps

These are so versatile and can be used on almost any part of the body ... labia lips, ball sack (scrotum), ear lobes, tongue tip, nostrils... but always remember to be safe and be sure there is no blood flow blockage or nerve pinching. If the pain is sudden and severe, that means it is too much and needs adjustments!

Tweezer Nipple Clamps on Paiteint Paige
Nurse Ivanna and Patient Paige love Tweezer Nipple Clamps!



Be sure to visit the Nipple Vacuum Pumping Products 

as well as the Vacuum Cupping products for more exciting nipple play devices!



Natali Demore in Red-White Cuffs and Forceps

Nurse Natali Demore demurely enjoys the tight pinch of the Nipple Torture Forceps!
(She's wearing our Nurse Cap and  Premium Red-White Leather Cuff  and Collar)

Looking for CBT- Cock & Ball Torture squeezing toys, as well?
... check out our CBT Toys section! 

The Monster Forceps... G-R-E-A-T for CBT... 
can you handle them? 




Pump it up, baby! Here's another great idea we came up with playing with our medical toys one night in the clinic! Yes, we know... they are just blood pressure cuffs, but we found that they are the greatest for squeeze and pressure play!

Simply wrap them around body parts, pump up the pressure and release... then do it all over again!

And we stuck a Cyber Vyber in the air bladder compartment (by the way, the air bladder comes out for easy cleaning!), then wrapped the cuff around, secured it to the velcro completely, pumped it up and turned on the Pocket Personal Vibrator/Massager... Yowza! Yowza! What an awesome sensation...

The Small and Medium are great for penis and ankle, wrists and foot play, while the Large works well for  arms, lower legs and fuller size breast play. 

Oh, this won't hurt a bit, it's good for you! 
Just one more pump!!

P.S. ~See more CBT Toys here...


  Vacuum Pressure Cuff Set 
 Yes, it's what the real med-folks use for checking blood pressure, but we Devious Docs and Nasty Nurses have something more diabolical in mind! Just wrap, velcro in place and pump the inner bladder for a nice tight squeeze! Get all three sizes for multiple body parts squeezing! The set includes the pressure meter, pressure cuff, pump and case, also! Wrap a  Pocket Personal Vibrator/Massager in there to add some extra zing! to the experience!
  • Small is 10" X 3" (great for penis and small wrists)
  • Medium is 14" X 4.25" (great for combo cock & ball or ankles) 
  • Large is 21" X 6" (great for arms, legs or breasts) . 
  Vacuum Pressure Cuffs
Price: $42.00

Body Pressure Cuff Size Selections




... and then there is the Complete Nipple Enhancer Ring  Kit

Nipple Enhancer Demo

  -- makes 'em stick out!

Works like the Penis Pumping, since it gets them erect and hard, and then they stay in place with the tiny rubber band (like a mini-cock ring!)
Nipple Enhancer Kit


Nurses Ivy & Victoria adjust Madison's Breast Vice

Nurses Ivy & Victoria adjusting
breast vice device on patient Madison!



Nurse Lacy teases her patient with the Rubber Tip Forceps

Nurse Victoria and Madison doing Nipple Vacuum Pumping

Nurse Victoria stares deeply into Madison's eyes, as she Vacuum Pumps her nipples!

Nurse Ivanna demonstrates the CBT...

CBT & The Ultimate Squeeze!
Oh, nursey! Have you no mercy? Here's our tried and true CBT, the huge metal crushing device! 

And it's heavy! It is solid cast metal and has some weight to it, also! The handy "screw-up" closes around whatever is forced through the opening and with the loop on the end, added weights can be tied or it can be tied to a spreader bar or just use your own imagination...

Peek - a - Boo! I love the CBT, too!

 The CBT Ball Weight... Opens and Locks with an Allen Wrench!  Oh! ... so devious!!

Made of 316L surgical stainless steel the two piece design comes with its own allen wrench for ease of "squeezing" around the ball sack. 

They are very, very heavy, so they work wonders on gonad elongation!

The 42 mm is designed for even longer stretching of the ballsack. Never a lack of commitment for this beauty.

 These are truly serious ball stretchers for a fit and feel and function like no other!

They come in a few sizes and are very heavy! These are truly serious ball stretchers for a fit and feel and function like no other!  All are standard 1.38" (35 mm) inner diameter.

P.S. more CBT Toys here...

  More Squeeze Play Toys

<>Yes, indeed, all of the toys on this page specialize in the Big Squeeze, be they nipple, labia, ball sack, penis... wherever and whatever your erotic imganiation can grab on tightly! And now that you have a firm grip on that idea, we also have other great pages with various Squeeze Play Toys, such as Forceps, genital and nipple vacuum pumping, cock and ball chastity toys, etc. These kinky medical devices are perfect for various body parts to pinch, squeeze, twist, torture and crush! 

Each one of the toys has its own specialty, too!  

The Jumbo Tweezers are an awesome sight! A full foot long (12 inches, that is!), these are just like the ones that yank splinters and eyebrows out, but HUGE! You won't lose these in the makeup or junk drawer!

We also have a very special big squeeze... ourour full collection of Forceps , they are quite essential for all sorts of medical fetish uses! They can be used for CBT, NT or labia pulling, because some of the larger sized Forceps are quite heavy! Add a few weights to them for even more delights!

And for more fun, we offer our our lovely squeezers, the Rubber Tip Forceps , which work great for nipples, labia, ball sacks... and more! All shapes, types and sizes of squeezers! Along with the Fiber Tip Forceps Tweezers... you'll love all of the versatility and creative play options!

Be sure to check out 


Extended Claws
click on photo for larger image
Extreme Claws
Nipple Clamps

   For the true pain-junkie... the ultimate in squeeze, pinch and pain!

Extreme Nipple Claws
These amazingly intense clamps have four needle-thin spiky "claws" that protrude out when the plunger section of the barrel is depressed...  ready to grab tightly on to whatever they are targeted for!

Claws Detracted into the Barrel
As the "claws" retract back into the barrel, they'll close down to grasp the flesh.

 Like we said... intense! For serious nipple play (and whatever other areas of torture you choose to try!)

 2.85 inches in length
 0.3 inches max. opening diameter
Material: Stainless steel

Extreme Claws
Item #530-3035
Price: $29.95

 Barrell Clamps with Rings
click on photo for larger image
Barrel Clamps
with Rings

  These heavy-duty barrel clamps feature a dangling ring at their base offering countless bondage and weight hanging options! One idea may be to attach a chain from one ring to the other, so both swing in unison as your naughty patient or sub moves. Then give a slight tug or add a set of hanging weights. Another way the rings can work is to attach to ropes or include in a Shibari rope bondage scene or clip in D-Clips for various weights or connections to bondage restraints. Imagination is all you need to find new ways to use these very handy, very intense clamps!  Just screw them open or closed, or adjust the pressure with a simple twist!

4.57" overall length (includes ring)
 1.12" inner diameter ring pulls
0.55" diameter barrels


Barrel Clamps w/Rings
Item #530-3025
Price: $29.95/Pair

Steel Nipple Clamps Sliders
click on photo for larger image
Steel Nipple Sliders
Such a devious device... simply pull apart the center of the two steel rods, hold the opening over the nipple and let go! Then you can tighten even further with the adjustable "Sliders" (small rubber rings that slide back and forth)... they look so intriguing, yet they can be so torturous!


Steel Nipple Sliders Clamps

Nipple Slider Clamps
Item #530-5005
Price: $17.95/Pair

Booby Trap Leather Breast Bondage
click on photo for more details

'The Booby Trap'
Leather Breast Bondage Bra

Designed by a loving Dom for his zaftig slavegirl, this is the ultimate leather bondage bra! Affectionately nicknamed, "The Booby Trap", it is perfect for an intense breast bondage scene for the tit-play fetishist or worn as an outfit accessory to create a captivating entrance at a play party! Made from heavy duty Latigo leather and adorned with nickel plated hardware. The Booby Trap can be worn with or without the included leather nipple shields to create a variety of enticing looks.

You will need have or purchase 4 'baby' locks to keep it secured, as they are not included.

Sizing Information:
• Shoulder straps adjusts from 12" to 19" in length

 • Underbust strap adjusts from 35" to 45" in length

 • Around breast straps adjusts from of 14" around to 20" around

 • Fits breast size 34C to 44DD

Allow a week or two for delivery. worthy!

Leather Bondage Bra
'The Booby Trap'
Item #530-9000
Price: $235.00

Vibrating Pinchers
click on photo for larger image
Vibrating Pinchers
Almost the same idea as a clothespin, but much, much more devious! These vibrating pincher clamps have an adjustable thumbscrew and a push button to turn on the vibrations! Nipples, labia, cock and balls will never be safe from these nasty devils... so get multiple pairs for multiple locations!!

Batteries included!
(Requires 6 watch/pair and you get 12!)

Dimensions: Overall 2.5""x 1.5""(6 cm x 4 cm)
Clamp  1""x .75" (3 cm x 2 cm)

  Choice of Purple [shown below] or Black [shown above].
Nipple Vibrators Purple

Vibrating Pinchers
Price: $25.95/Pair

Vibrating Pinchers Color Selections

Nipple Clamps Barrel Style Chrome and Black
Deluxe Barrel Style
  Nipple Clamps with Chain
These nipple clamps are not for the faint of heart (or other parts!). The original use of these was for the military and they still have the same heavy duty design and look! Gleaming chrome is accented with black are sexy... but watch out: they are tough and weighty!! The easy twisting mechanism is powerfully deceptive – one turn goes a long way. Sturdy link chain connects the two barrels – a must have for the well-stocked clinic (or night stand!).

Deluxe Adjustable Barrel Clamps
Item #530-3010
   Price $32.95 now only $27.95

Barrel Nipple CBT Clamps with Weights
Deluxe Barrel Style
 Nipple Clamps (pair)
each with 8 oz. weights

Just like our Deluxe Chrome Adjustable Barrel Nipple Clamps [above] these are a true heavy duty nipple clamps with an added twist! ...4 ounces of ball weights hanging from each one!! They stay tightly gripped to nipples (or perfect for CBT!). And you can remove the 8 oz. weight and add any  other size ball weights or weights you already have! Barrel style nipple / CBT clamps are just the best ever!

•Each barrel nipple clamp is 3 inches long
 and a 1/2 inch in diameter.
•A unique feature of the Barrel Nipple Clamp is that they can be opened a full one inch wide, then closed down tightly with a twist of the barrel!
•Heavy 8 oz. chrome ball weight adds hands-free "tugging" power

Deluxe Adjustable Barrel Clamps (Pair)
  each with 8 ounce ball weight
Item #530-3020
   Price $45.95

Thumbscew Nipple Clamps on Breast
Nipple Clamp Set
These are what all of you have been asking for! Nipple clamps that stay on... no matter what type of nipple! Designed like a vice, these are one of our most popular Nipple Clamps.The lower bar has a safety hinge that allows it to slide out for quick release. Made of stainless steel with a small thumbscrew to really put the squeeze where you want it! When fully opened each clamp is approximately 1.28" square.
Nipple Clamps Set with adjustable bars
Nipple Torture Clamp Set
Item #530-3005
Price: 24.95


Japanese Nipple
Clover Clamp Set
Ah so! Very fine nipple torture!! Yes, these exotic Japanese style nipple clamps are so popular, we just had to add them to our squeeze page! They work great on labia and ball sacks, too! The connecting heavy jeweled chain is perfect for adding weights or tugging for additional... painful pleasures!

Clover Clamps Set
Item #530-3000
Price: $24.95

Nipple Tweezers Clamps
Tweezer Nipple Clamps
Okay... let's put the squeeze on! These tweezers style nipple clamps are clinically approved by our Nurses as the "tight as you can go" clamps!

Tweezer Clamps, 1/8" X 3"
Item #530-3001

The sliding ring squeezes the rubber tipped prongs together... as tightly as you like! The heavy steel chain really adds some weight to the situation!
Add more weights for for more "tug-power"!

Tweezers Style Nipple Clamps
Longer Thinner Clamps with Chain
1/8" X 3" Tweezer Clamps
with Chain
Item #530-3001
Price: $19.95

Nipple Clips for Little Nips and Labia
Little Nips Clips
Nipple/Labia Clamps

Perfect for those hard to fit, tiny little nipples...
but don't forget to try them on the labia or even ball sack and penis!

Easy to use, they are made of light-weight plastic and clip on to anything, so easily! The link chain that connects them works great for tugging and/or adding weights!

Little Nip Clips
 Nipple/Labia Clamps
Item #530-3006
Price: $16.95

Plastic Vacuum Cupping Set 10pcs.
10 Piece Plastic Cupping Set
One of our most popular sets, this cupping set comes complete with a pistol grip pump and ten plastic cups opening in various sizes 2" (6 cups), 1 3/4" (one cup), 1 1/2" (one cup), 1 1/4" (one cup) to 1" (one cup) ! Instruction sheet and a snap closure, box-style carrying case included.

Cupping Set, 10 Pieces
Item #420-3000
Price: $45.00

Note: only one of the smallest cups comes in the kit, but you can get spares!!

Plastic Cup Spares
Since the 10 piece and 17 piece plastic cupping sets are manufactured for acupuncturists, they don't "pair off" the smaller size cups in the kits (as we fetishists would like to have!) So here you go... we are offering them here as a spare for your kit!  The smallest is 1" in diameter and the medium is 1 1/2" in diameter.

Small Spare Cup
Item #420-5000
  Price $3.25


 Medium Spare Cup
Item #420-5001 
Price $3.25

Nipple Clamps with Magnetic Weights
Nipple Clamps with
Magnetic Weights
Another delightful way to slowly drive your "patient" mad! Each clamps has six magnetic weights (each weighing 1/2 ounce) which allows for adding one at a time...or add them all at once! They definitely keep the "patient" or bottom in suspense and anguish awaiting the next magnetic kerplunk! The adjustable clamp section is also very versatile, so it can work on other body parts, such as labia, scrotum, or wherever!

Grab some extra spare magnets, too!  Oh, can you just hear the whimper of a sniveling you start a counting game: "One...two...three... uh, was that four or seven, dear patient?  -WRONG! Now we have to start all over, again!"

Magnetic Nipple Clamps Set
(12 magnets)
Item #530-4005
Price: $27.95

Complete Nipple Enhancer Kit

Complete Nipple Enhancer Kit

The Complete Nipple Enhancer Kit comes with four different ring sizes and two different pump applicators, allowing a full range of sizes and sensations
. Can be worn under clothes and/or extended periods of time.

Easy to use, too:
~Slide the chosen sized ring onto the tip of the pump.
~ Squeeze the bulb, then attach to the nipple.
~Wait for nipple to swell to desired level.
~Slide the ring off the tip of the pump onto the base of the nipple.
~Remove the pump.

Complete Nipple Enhancer Kit
Item #530-2010
Price: $23.95

Be sure to visit the Nipple, Cock & Ball, Pussy Enhancement  and the Nipple Cupping pages for more...
Nipple Milking Cups Pair
Milking Cups
Another 'medical device' developed to work as a suction pump on the nipples for drawing milk during lactation.

Well, of course, they just so happen to be perfect for medical fetish nipple play, too!

Made of durable polyethylene plastic with a rubber squeeze bulb. A must have for every Medical Fetishist's collection!

Note: Rubber Bulb Color varies depending on availablity: Black Rubber (as shown, above), Red Rubber or Blue Rubber

 Milking Cups
Item #400-3000
Price: $32.95/Pair

Giant 12" Tweezers

Jumbo 12" Tweezers
Another oversized medical instrument to intimidate the willing... And you thought tweezers were just for getting splinters out and stray eyebrows plucked! These 12" long gigantic tweezers are impressive... Great for pinching various body parts or grab that wagging tongue on your unsuspecting "patient"!

Oversized 12" Tweezers
Item #480-4040
Price: $12.95 only $10.00

Rubber Tipped Forceps

Rubber Tip Forceps
Rubber "grippers" which fit inside the holes of the tip of this forceps and the adjustable ratcheted closure controlled by the fingers make them a must have for the clinic, bondage or practically anything! Get two for those duplicities of body parts and areas!

detail of rubber tip on forceps

Single Rubber Tip Forceps
Item #480-4030
Price: $13.95


24" Monster Sized Forceps
Monster Forceps 
So cool!! You'll want a pair just to hang on the wall for their intimidation factor, alone! Or perhaps you've been looking for the ultimate CBT device???

Stainless steel forceps gigantico!! A full 2 feet long! Yes, 24" of clamping and squeezing! ...and it is heavy! Open it up, slide a body part or two and then lock it shut with the adjustable ratchet closure near the finger holes ...the possibilities are endless! Try hanging weights from them, too!

More sizes of
forceps available, too!

Monster Forceps
Item #480-4020
Price: $36.00 only $20.00

Stainless Steel Ball (Scrotum) Weights Stretchers

Item # 540-4001
0.6" (15 mm) wide
5.3 oz. (150 grams)
Price: $78.00

Item # 540-4002
1.0" (25 mm) wide
9.7 oz. (275 grams)
Price: $88.00

Item # 540-4003
1.6" (40 mm) wide
15.9 oz. (450 grams)
Price: $98.00

CBT Ball Weights Size Choices


Cock & Ball Crusher for CBT
Cock & Ball Crusher 

One of our most popular items ever... It is the ultimate CBT squeeze... Slowly turn the screw mechanism and the big squeeze is on!
The ringed end "screws-up" to close around whatever is forced through the opening. It has a convenient attachment ring for additional bondage or weights. It's
true CBT!

The handy "screw-up" closes around whatever is forced through the opening and with the loop on the end, added weights can be tied or it can be tied to a spreader bar or just use your own imagination...  

And it's heavy! It is solid cast metal and has some weight to it, also! This heavy (3/4 lbs.) metal vice will keep 'em squirming and pleading, "tighter, please?"!!

4 1/4" H (o.d.)  X 4" W (o.d.)
Inner opening of 2 3/4" X 2 3/4"
which can closes down to 0 (zero)!!

CBT Cock & Ball Crusher
Item #540-4020
Price: $38.00

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