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Nurse Angela with a Hank Sound Urethra Dilator
Urethral Inserts, Penis Plugs & Sound Sets
"Sounds pretty serious to me, Nurse!"

Sounds are medical instruments designed for insertion into the urethra, the tube connecting the bladder with the outside world.

Basically, they are highly polished stainless steel rods with a handle and a rounded tip, and they come in sizes which are very close to each other (differing in diameter by less than half a millimeter). They can vary in length from 8" to 11" depending upon their design and usage.

In a medical setting, their purpose is to gradually and gently enlarge the urethra. In the BDSM medical fetish setting, they can be a source of exceptional sexual stimulation and an instrument used in 'power exchange' or submission/domination experiences.

Incidentally, the name sound is used in the sense of 'to find the depth of' in the same way a lead weight on a line is used by mariners to sound the depth of the water.

Our original collection of full sets include The (Rosebud/Bud) Bakes , The Hegar, The PrattThe Van Buren or  The Dittel will give hours and hours of Medical Fetish sessions that are extremely intense, unusual and  extraordinary! 

We also have Vibrating Sounds that have their own built in vibration motor! Slip it in, turn it on and .... vaarrrooommm!

For beginners, check out the new Silicone Flexi-Sounds Set. It's also an ideal set of sounds for travel!

So, even if you already have one (or all, as some of our customers have begun collecting them!) of the other sounds sets, this one will add yet another unique new experience especially when these are used with the Five Finger Vibrating Glove! These offer a vibrational stimulation to the inserted sound!

Urethral Inserts and Penis Plugs
Penis Plugs

Along with our great collection of urethral sound sets, we also carry a wide variety of unique penis plugs and urethral inserts that offer even more of what the sounds and urethral play  aficionado seek for enjoyment, pleasure and exploration.

A penis plug is designed to be inserted into the first few inches urethra and may be suitable for prolonged wear. They are usually shorter (between 1 - 4 inches long) than a standard medical sound and designed to stimulate the inner tip portion to approximately mid-shaft portion of the penis through the urethra.

There are so many unique designs and variations of penis plugs, each with its specialized fit and functions, such as the flexible silicone plug with a ring for ease of use and removal, perfect for the beginner. Other plugs are textured with a glans ring or beaded or beaded with a vibrator... each uniquely designed penis plug provides its own specific effect and sensations!

Some are designed with a though hole opening in the center of the plug to allow the wearer to urinate and ejaculate without removal, while others are solid.

Overall, whichever design(s) you choose, penis plugs are designed to increase sensitivity, prolong erections and provide stimulating reactions!

A few of our latest additions to our these collections are the Flexible Urethra Plug, especially good for the beginners. And for the experts, the Gates of Hell Penis Plug!

More designs and ideas are available here, as well, like the Mini-Dipsticks,  and a new Penis Plug, we nick named 'Spinal Tap' for obvious reasons! 

Plus, if you like some good vibrations along with your urethral insertion, we have the Vibrating version of our Beaded Dipstick ... as well as the  longer and bigger version of our very popular Vibrating Urethral Sound.

... and great for beginners, the Flexible Silicone Vibrating Sound ... keep 'em coming...

So grab some latex gloves and Surgical Lubricant Jelly and slip into one... They're quite versatile, as well, and so work great in any orifice: penile, vaginal, anal...' know of any others?

Nurse Ivanna Van Buren Sound SetThe Van Buren Sound set is a collection of eight single sided J-curved shaped sounds, specifically designed for deep penetration to the prostate for urethral to prostate stimulation.

 These sounds have a flat "handle" on the end for easy holding and maneuvering while inserting and after insertion. Their sizes range from 18FR to 32FR.

 This set is not recommended for the beginner or novice just learning how to use urethral sounds. We highly  advise reading more details and safety tips about them in our
Sound Play section of our Medical Fetish Library! There you will find more information, safe play as well as the care and cleaning of sounds and urethral dilators.

Van Buren Urethral Sounds

A diagram of the "J-Bend" of the Van Buren passing through to the bladder.

See our Prostate Stimulation Products and Prostate Stimulation in the Medical Fetish Library

Pratt Sounds

The Pratt Sounds Set! The total weight of this set is two and a half pounds of pure stainless steel pleasure. 

The sounds have two sizes on each end... beginning with an fr13/15, then 17/19, 21/23, 25/27 and so on up to fr41/43... there are eight sounds total, 16 sizes! And each of these heavy weights is made of long smooth polished steel.

Inserted Pratt Sound
Pratt Sound inserted to mid-point of sound.

Bakes Rosebud Sound Set

The Bakes Sounds  also known as the Rosebud Sound or Bud Sound Set, just like an "American Beauty" rosebud...  and what beauties they are!

 A truly unique set of long thin rods with various sized almost bullet or rosebud shaped tips... and just as unique are the sensations during insertion!!

Uniquely designed with a "bud" or "bullet" shaped tip and long, thin, semi-flexible rod, this sound set offers  that different feel: As it goes in and comes back out , it is stimulating the inner lining  of the urethra.

Just imagine anal beads popping in and out of the sphincter muscle, it's a similar principal of the "bud" tip of these sounds, as they "pop" in and out of the tip of the penis! Just as with all of our sound sets, this Bud (or Rosebud) Sound Set comes in graduated sizes, so you can start out with the smallest size and work your way up!


The Bakes (Bud or Rosebud) Sound Set also provides great thermal/temperature retention so they can be used warmed and/or cooled for even more varied stimulation! Add a vibrator , like the Cyber Vyber with it's variable speeds and pulses, or take it to the next dimension by using the Five Finger Vibrator Glove on the handle after it's inserted and enjoy the wild ride!

Nurse Arianna applying Rosebud Sound Therapy!
Nurse Ariana applying Rosebud Sound Therapy!

  You'll be the envy of every kinky fetish party!
And don't forget the Alcohol Swabs, Surgical Lubricant and Latex Gloves!!



Here's a historical medical "reality" tid-bit we found:

"Among the small instruments noted is a vibrating urethral sound used by Lankowski, Berlin. It [Journal of Advanced Therapeutics, June, 1902] is 'a large metal sound fitted into the rolled end of a wide metal spring, wider and stronger than a watch spring. The end of the spring holding the sound is screwed flat between the narrow metal plates, and fastened together with two thumb screws. The sound is inserted in the urethra, and slight blows are struck on the projecting coil of the spring with a padded mallet.'

 The treatment was administered daily or on every second or third day. The largest sound, able of being introduced without causing pain was found to produce the best results. It was used in cases of relaxation, over-stimulation sexual neurasthenia, phosphaturia and prostatorrhea." 

Dittel Urethral Sounds SetThe Dittel Sounds set are a collection of eight single sided straight sounds, which are specifically designed for penis urethral dilation. 

Way back in the day (early 1900's), Dr. Leopold Dittel developed these specifically for dilating the urethra for his sex diseased ravaged patients! In those days, the medical profession lacked the pharmaceuticals now used to treat venereal diseases, so those afflicted unfortunately suffered severe scarring in their urinary tract from the episodes and onsets of syphilis or gonorrhea or whatever other sexually transmitted malady they incurred! Thus, the only way to open the scarred and shriveled urethra was by dilation with the various sized steel rods designed by Dr. Dittel. ("Just stick that rod down there..." ~  Did you see the urethral dilation scene in the HBO series, "Deadwood"? ... It was quite a tear jerker!!)

Dittle Sounds Set
The Dittel Sounds (often seen misspelled as Dittle... do you think because they are perfect for "dittling" with?) are a complete set of eight, ranging in sizes from 18FR to 32FR  with a flat "handle" on the end to make it easy for holding and maneuvering while inserting. 

For more information, safe play and cleaning of sounds, dilators and sets, be sure to read the Sound Play section of our Medical Fetish Library!

Hegar Sound Urethra Dilator set

The Hegar Sound Set is a urethral dilator sound set with full set of eight sounds that are hollow, double-ended and made of metal with a mirror finish plating. Like the Pratt and the Hank,  each end is a different size, offering a total of 16  graduated sizes, ranging from 3 mm all the way up to 18 mm!

 Their purpose is to gradually and gently enlarge the urethra, when inserted into the urethra for such dilation.

The sizes of the Hegar Sound Set are as follows: 3mm and 4mm, 5mm and 6mm, 7mm and 8mm, 9mm and 10mm, 11mm and 12mm, 13mm and 14mm, 15mm and 16mm, 17mm and 18mm. And, as with all shiny metal instruments, they look so sexy when they are laid out on an exam tray.  Each of these hollow steel Hegar sounds fits snugly in the velvet lined zippered case, for storage between sessions...

Also available are Flat Sided Hegar Sounds in sizes from 4 mm up to 11 mm, perfect, as well, for beginners, experimenters and collectors!

It's very versatile, and the larger sizes can be used for anal, prostate or vaginal stimulation, also.  If you don't already own a set, what are you waiting for?

Hank Urethral Dilator Sounds

UPDATE: These are currently unavailble :-(

The Hank Sound Set is a great set for beginners, because the "speed bump" works as a "stopper" from allowing the lubed up sound to slide in further than 3 1/2". This is helpful in learning to control the sound as dilation (expanding the urethral opening) is done from one size up to the next size and so on.

This is a solid, heavy weight set, so it allows for practicing on handling the weight, as well! The whole set is almost two and half pounds (1.13 Kg) of solid stainless steel sounds!

The set has two different sizes on each end of the sound and there are 6 in the set... thus 12 sizes in all, starting at 10 Fr/11 Fr up to 21Fr/ 22Fr.

Heating and chilling of these sure add quite an experience, too, since the steel retains the temperature for quite some time!

After learning the "ups and downs" of sound play with this set, you'll be ready to graduate to the ultimate heavy duty sets:  the Pratt (designed for advanced urethral expansion) or the Van Buren (specifically designed for prostate stimulation).

Hanks sound set

Nurse Lacy holding Sim Sound

Okay... get to the point!

If you are wondering about playing with urethral sounds, but hesitate at the financial commitment to a whole set, why not try a simple, single Sim Sound?

The Sim Sound is long ... 13" tip-to-tip for deep... so it's easy to do deep probing without "losing it"! And it's a very small diameter...  3mm, about 9Fr... so it's perfect for those who are just starting out and want to get a "feel" for urethral insertion and Sound Play!

 It also has a handy flattened handle for ease of maneuvering  and good grip, which won't slip out of those lubed up fingers!

 UPDATE: These are currently unavailble :-(

Beaded Bumpy Electro-Stim Sound

Beaded/Bumpy Urethral Sound Electrode
 TENS Unit Accessory

For the adventurous Urethral Sound Player, here's another variation, perfect for thrill seekers! This bumpy ride of an electrode is made of hand polished medical aluminum and is 7.75" (19.685 cm) long with a full 6.5" (16.51 cm) insertable with 0.314" (.8 mm) thickness at widest point.
Designed for much more tactile sensations over the smoother Urethral Sound Electrode (right), this also adds more intensity during the insertion and removal process of sounding, along with the added benefit of plugging into the ElectraStim Duo Flick or TENS Unit after applying plenty of lube to gently slide the sound in and turn it (and ultimately you!) on. Some may even discover stimulation of the electro-kind for their prostate!  As with all urethral sounding, this product should only ever be used with a sterile, water-based lubricant.

Beaded/Bumpy Textured aluminum
15g weight and tapered tip make insertion easy
Insertable Length: 6.5 inches / 16.51 cm
Overall Length: 7.75 inches /
19.685 cm

Beaded/Bumpy Urethral Sound Electrode
 TENS Unit Accessory 

Item #200-7148

Price: $129.95


Urethral Sound Electrode

click on image for larger image

Urethral Sound Electrode
 TENS Unit Accessory

If you like sound play and electro-stim, then here's the E-ticket <puns always intended>. This Urethral Sound Electrode is made of hand polished medical aluminum. The smooth 9.8" (25 cm) sound when gently introduced into the tip of the penis stimulates the urethra creating an intense pulsing sensation. Plug into the ElectraStim Duo Flick or  TENS Unit using plenty of lube to gently slide the sound in. As with all urethral sounding, this product should only ever be used with a sterile, water-based lubricant.

  • Length is 9.8 inches (25.0cm)
  • Diameter is 0.3 inches (0.8 cm)
  • Weight .088 lbs (1.41oz)
  • Made of hand polished medical aluminum

Urethral Sound Electrode
Item #200-7115
Price: $98.50


Flick Electro-sex Complete Kit
ElectraStim Duo Flick Complete Kit

Sitting on the fence (not an electric one, obviously) about playing with Erotic EStim? Looks too complicated? Well, fret no more! Here is one great starter kit for you, the newbie electro-sex pleasure seeker, ready to try electro-stim play! ... yet, this is also the perfect set up for the busy traveler who wants to make sure they can have their electro-sex with them on the road! Yes, it is just the perfect combo for any E-Stim beginner or addition to the aficionado's collection! 

This complete multipack kit includes a "Flick-technology" dual-channel (so you can use two different types of electrodes at the same time!) stimulator power box with 3 unique function electrodes and all of the necessary wires and accessories to explore the realm electro-sex!

The three unique electrodes included with this amazing set are:
the bi-polar silicone Noir Aura probe (suitable for vaginal or anal use), four single pole self adhesive electrastim pads (2 pairs) and a pair of uni-polar ElectraLoops Cock Rings. Try each separately or combine the "cock rings" on one channel and the Aura anal plug on the other channel... and go for it! The power box control unit fits so easily in one hand, it's a cinch to use and regulate the sensations!!

... and the sweet joy of all of this newfound pleasure release, is that with this kit (like the TENS Unit) works with all other fun electro-sex toys such as: Electro-Stim Masturbation Sleeve , Flexing Depth Charger, Flexible Anal or Vaginal Probe Electrode, Large Butt Plug Electrode, Curved Butt Plug / Prostate Stimulator, "Ovals" Anal/Vaginal Accessory, both versions of the CBT Chastity Electro-Stim and 6-Ball Extra Long E-Stim Insertable )

Here's what the kit comes with:

- 1 x ElectraStim Flick dual-channel ElectaStim Flick Duo Stimulator
- 1 x Silicone Noir Aura Anal or Vaginal Insertable Plug
 [approx.1.5" width X 3" Long]
- 2 x Uni-Polar ElectraLoops Electro Cock Rings
- 4 x Uni-Polar ElectraPads [2 pair]
- 1 x Tube of Electro-Conductive Gel
- 1 x Premium Lubricant Sample
- 2 x Connecting wire with 2mm pin connectors
- 1 x Charging cable (USB)
- 1 x Storage pouch
- A 1-year warranty
[extendable to 3 years if you register the unit after your purchase]

Product Features:

- Patented "Flick" motion-activated feature:
It lets you ramp up the intensity with a simple shake up and down.
 Tap the box when the Flick feature is activated and get a real jump!

- Rechargeable via USB - no batteries required
- Up to 6 hours Use between charges
- Low battery indicator
- Easy to use, even for beginners
- 7 stimulation settings including
continuous stimulation, pulsation and escalation
- 24 intensity levels
- Soft-touch control unit with push buttons and LED display
- Built to the highest quality standards

Power Box Dimensions:
3.74 inches x 2.25 inches x 0.75 inches (95mm x 55mm x 15mm )

Electro-Stim Flick Duo Kit
Item #200-9500
Price: $344.95


Also visit our T.E.N.S. Unit / E-Stim page for amazing  electrodes and toys
 designed for urethral play, CBT, chastity and more...

Medical Fetish Libraryhas more information, safe play and cleaning of sounds, dilators and sets, be sure to read the Sound Play section of our Medical Fetish Library!


Fukuoku Massage Vibrating Glove
(right hand)

(left hand)

Fukuoku Five Finger
Vibrator Glove

Imagine each one of your finger tips working like a mini-vibrator! You can do it! ...just slip on this water-proof glove, tighten the strap, switch on the power pack located inside the wrist area of the glove for Hi or Lo, and then feel it activate the five individual vibrators hidden within each fingertip. Because it's waterproof, it can be used with any lotion or massage oil and anywhere your imagination wants to use it!

The Fukuoku Five Finger Massage Glove is designed for the right hand, creating up to 45,000 vibes per minute (9,000 vpm per finger!) for up to one hour or so, before you need new batteries. Because it's waterproof, its a perfect tool for the hot tub, bath, shower or G-Spot work and just think of what it can do during a gyno exam! It is very powerful... our patients LOVE their Fukuoku Gloves (most buy both left and right hands!)

Available in Right Hand (shown top)
or Left Hand (shown center)

Requires 3 AAA batteries (included)

Fukuoko Vibrating Massage Glove
  Price: $55.00

Fukuoko Hand Choices


Urethral and Sound Play

 Watch Nurse Laural's Medical Fetish instructional videos with
an introduction to Urethral Sounds ... click here to see them!

Silicone Flexi-Sound Set
Silicone Flexi-Sounds Set
3 Insertable Urethral Sound / 6 Sizes

Urethral insertion and sound play just got a whole lot easier and definitely more fun! This set of 3 insertable Urethral Sounds are made of premium silicone, which means they are safe, chemical-free and extremely easy to keep clean and bacteria-free! Silicone Flexi-Sound Inserted

They are perfect for anyone just starting out with Urethra Insertion and Sound Play because they are so flexible that they bend with the penis as they slip into the urethra. And for any "Sound Aficionado" these are a must-have because they are lightweight, easy to travel with and very handy <puns always intended> to use!
Flexing Silicone Sound
 Each sound is double-sided (like the Hegar and Pratt Sets) with a different size on each end

- 8 inches long / Double Sided Sizes
-Small is .19" (approx. 14FR) / .23" (approx. 18FR)
-Medium is .27" (approx. 20FR) / .32" (approx. 24FR)
-Large is .34" (approx. 26FR) / .38" (approx. 30FR)

Silicone Flexi-Sound 3 pc. Set
Item #240-1990
Price: $29.95


Van Buren Sounds
Van Buren Sounds Set
The ultimate sounds for prostate stimulation! The Van Buren sounds are J-shaped: there is a single curve near the tip. The flat handle side made for holding and easier to maneuver. There are eight sounds in the set with sizes ranging from 18FR up to 32FR and are approximately 10.5" in length!

Click here more info on Sound Play
and safe Van Buren Sound usage

Van Buren Sound Set
Item #240-4030
Price: $115.00 only $89.95


Pratt Urethral Dilator Sound Set
Pratt Penetrator Sounds Set
Yes! Another incredible sound set to add to the collection! This set's unique attributes are its solid stainless steel penetration rods weight, the entire set is 2 1/2 pounds!!

The eight double sided sounds sizes begin at FR13/15 and go up to FR41/43, in increments of odd sizes and are approximately 11" overall length. This set as all of our sound sets, comes in its own velvet-lined zipper case! Are you ready to step up to these heavy weights? 

Click here more info on Sound Play

Pratt Penetrator Sound Set
Item #240-4025
Price: $98.00  $89.95

Rosebud Bakes Sounds
Bakes Bud Sound Set
One of our most popular... by design! The sounds have small "rosebud" shaped tips, thus stimulating as the "tip" slides in and out. Our exclusive set includes 8 sounds which have a 30 cm long fine steel shafts topped with a "rosebud" or "bullet" shaped tip in various sizes from 6mm to 13mm around make this set in its velvet-lined zipper case! These have the unique adaptation of centralizing the stimulation as it works it way in ... truly! ...uuhhh...mmmm... mind blower! 
Click here more info on Sound Play

Bakes Rosebud Sound Set
Item #240-4005
Price: $105.00 $89.95


Flat Sided Hegar Sounds Set
We are now offering an amazing larger collection of the Deluxe Flat-Ended Sounds! This kit includes 14 varaibly sized sounds!! It's a great for kit for beginners all the way up to advanced users of urethral play. 14 pieces of chrome-plated brass urethral sounds which are slightly curved, measuring 7.5" long with 5.5" insertable.

They sounds range from 4 mm to 17 mm in diameter and are flat on one end for easy gripping or electro play. These sounds come in a velvet lined zippered case for easy storage and for travel.

Click here more info on Sound Play

Flat Sided Hegar Sound 14 pc. Set
Item #240-4019
Price: $79.95


Hegar Dilator Urethral Sounds Set
Hegar Sounds Set 
  This complete Hegar Sound Set includes eight sounds that are double ended. One end is 1mm larger than the other. Each end is sized in diameter in millimeters and the size is stamped on the dilator for each end's sizing.

The sizes are as follows: 3mm and 4mm, 5mm and 6mm, 7mm and 8mm, 9mm and 10mm, 11mm and 12mm, 13mm and 14mm, 15mm and 16mm, 17mm and 18mm and are approximately 8" in length.

They have a slight "S" shape overall and come in a red velvet lined zipper case! One of the best all around sets since it can be so versatile, great for beginners! Sounds great!

Click here more info on Sound Play

Hegar Sound Set
Item #240-4020
Price: $85.00  only $65.95

Long Nose Nasal Speculum Urethra Spreader
Long Nose Speculum
w/ Thumbscrew
Urethra Spreader
  Just squeeze the handle to open, tighten the thumb screw on the side, and it stays open! One of our most popular items, ever!... this is one you can't let get away, if you like urethral stretch play! It is not only perfect for opening and stretching, but it can also be used to clamp or pinch! ... but the fun part for the sound-crowd is that once it is lubed up, it can slip easily into that tiny dark crevice, the urethra with ease... then slowly, but surely open up!

5 1/2" Overall Length
Blades taper from approx. .154" up to .315" wide
 and are 2.75" Long

Long Nose Speculum
Item #480-4050
Price: $29.95

Thick Wick Ribbed Urethral Insert
Thick Wick Ribbed
Urethral Insert
Thicker and ridged, this is one intense insert --
 the "Thick Wick" is the equivalent of a 33-34FR urethral sound in width! Designed with a hollow pass through, it also has an arm support with an outer ring for securing under the penis glans, thus providing pressure and stimulation, as well. The ribbing on the insert provides a unique sensation that intrigues hard core sounding aficionadoes ... always seeking yet another new and exciting way to slip it in
 and get turned on!
Thru-hole for Thick Wick
 1.95" long
 1.45" insertable
 0.45" in diameter
 Glans ring measures 1 inch in diameter

Material: Stainless steel

Thick Wick Ribbed Urethral Insert

Thick Wick Ribbed Urethral Insertable
Item #240-2013
Price: $55.95 only $49.95

Urethral Insertable 10 Beads
Stainless Steel Multi-Beaded
 Urethral Insertable

Let the POP! of these 10 bumps send you to the Moon ...and back! Made of surgical stainless steel for the best in safety and hygiene, this urethral insertable device is 5.75 inches long with a maximum insertable length of 5.5 inches to the round end ball. Each of the  'balls/bumps' is approx. .25 inch in diameter and expands from a shaft width of just 1/8 inch.

It's also great for temperature play, by simply placing it in warm or cold water and comes in a plastic case suitable for storage.

Additional information:
 5.75 inches overall length
 5.25 inches insertable length
 .25 inch bead diameter
Polished Surgical Stainless Steel
  Weight: 3.5 ounces 

Multi-Bead Steel Urethral Insertable
Item #240-4017
Price: $59.95

Flexible Urethra Plug with Corona Rings and Thru-Hole
Flexible Urethra Plug
w/Corona Rings & Thru-Hole

If you are an avid urethral play enthusiast, you probably had the thought, "Wouldn't it be cool if someone made penis plug that was flexible, had a thru-hole and interchangeable penis head rings for it?"  Well, stop thinking and start playing! 

side view of flexible penis plug

This one has it all: hollow flexible silicone shaft, two different sized stainless steel interchangeable head rings with smooth, tapered, easy insertion stainless steel tip. Made entirely of  hygienic, allergy-safe, and high quality materials. It's so unique, versatile and just plain fun!

 Plug: 4.2" / 10.66 cm total length
 3.75" / 7.62 cm insertable length
0.3" / .762 cm / approx. 24 FR dia.

Large ring: 1.2" / 3.048 cm dia.
 Small ring: 1" / 2.54 cm  dia..

Ring arm: 0.9" / 2.28 cm long

Flexible Urethra Plug w/Rings
Item #240-1996
 Price: $64.95 only $55.95

Vibrating Urethral Sound
click on image for larger detail

Vibrating Urethral Sound
Looking for a completely mind-messing experience? Here it is... just what the Doc ordered: the urethral sound that vibrates! Just one little "AAA battery" and you are ready for the ride of your life!

 The full length is just over 7 inches, of which the "insertable" length is about 4.25 inches and it is approximately between 18-20fr wide.

The thumbscrew on the end rotates to turn the vibrator on and off and can vary the vibration a bit, too! It packs quite a powerful z-z-z-zing for the ol' ding-a-ling!!

Click here more info on Sound Play

Vibrating Urethral Sound
Item #240-2020 
Price: $110.00 $79.95

Longer Vibrating Urethral Sound
Longer Vibrating Urethral Sound
Just like our original Vibrating Sound, but this is just longer and quite a bit bigger! Great for those who have been playing for sounds and urethral stretching for a while and are now ready for the "upgrade"!

 The full length is just over 11.5 inches, of which the "insertable" length is about 6.5 inches and it is approximately between 22-24fr wide.

The thumbscrew on the end rotates to turn the vibrator on and off and can vary the vibration a bit, too!

Vibrating Urethral Sound
Item #240-2025 
Price: $125.00 $89.95

vibrating beaded urethral sound
  Vibrating Beaded
Urethral Sound

As if a vibrating urethral sound, like the two above, were not excitement for you... here's a few "bumps" to get you really shaken up! Every bead inserted just adds another sensation! The width of the shaft is approximately the size of a 24 FR catheter or sound, so it's not recommended for newbies to Urethral sound play! Made with a rounded tip for smooth insertion all the way through the seamless shaft to glide into place easily. Easy-on-off with a twist of the the base. The powerful vibrating motor will create incredible stimulation thrilling you from the inside out!
Urethral Vibrating Beaded Sound Demo
6.5 inches in total length
 3.3 inches long - insertable
0.32 inches (approx. 24FR) in diameter

Material: Stainless steel

Note: Requires (1) AAA battery, included

Vibrating Beaded Urethral Sound
Item #240-2023
Price: $89.95

Vibrating Silicone Urethral Sound
Silicone Vibrating Sound

Urethral Sound insertion has gone hi-tech! ... with this flexible silicone vibrating sound! It bends and moves as it is inserted into the urethra.Then the excitement goes even further as the pulsing vibrations and sensation by adjusting the vibrator end of the unit...gets your unit jumping!

Uses (5) tab batteries, included for immediate play!
Felxible Silicone Vibrating Sound

 Silicone Vibrating Sound Specifications:

Size: 6" long end-to-end
2.5" insertable length
 0.22" dia. tip
 0.14" dia. shaft

Vibrating Silicone Sound
Item #240-2030
 Price: $49.95

TPR Mini-Dipstick
Thermoplastic Rubber Mini-Dipstick

Great for getting started in the world of sound and urethral insertion stimulation play, this elastomer thermoplastic rubber (TPR) mini-dipstick is also cost effective!  It works with the same concept as the Steel Mini-Dipstick , Steel Mini-Dipstick II and Royal Staff [above] however, it is flexible and malleable, so it is really easy to manipulate and control. There is a ring pull attached to the top for easy retrieval. It is 5" long tip to top with 4" insertable  and about 0.65" at its widest point.
  TPR - Phthalate-free Note: Not recommended for long term urethral insertion play.

TPR Mini-Dipstick
Item #240-2003
 Price: $19.95

Mini-Dipstick II
Mini-Dipstick II
 Urethra Plug
Longer and thicker, this urethral insertion play tool is made of brushed stainless steel with varying "bumps" to slowly slide in and out with increased stimulation. It can also be warmed or cooled for temperature play and has a thru-hole...
Mini-Dipstick in latex gloved hand

  Use the handy pull ring for manipulation and easy retrieval. Yet another
dream come true for any urethral insertion play aficionado... and you can take it anywhere you go!

 6.63"/ 16.0 cm overall length
 5.13"/13.03 cm inserted
 0.5"/1.27 cm widest "bump" area

Mini-Dipstick II Urethra Plug
Item #240-2009
 Price: $79.95 only $64.95

Lube Shooter

 The Lube Shooter 
Just like its name, the Lube Shooter, this ingenious little device is great for inserting lube precisely where you want it to go... urethra (perfect for sound play!), anus or vagina! As it states on the box, "...puts lube between your cheeks and not on the sheets!"  The Lube Shooter Set comes with three disposable shooters and a cap for prefilling and having it ready when you need it!  Quick and easy.
5" long x 1/2" wide.

Lube Shooter
Item# 450-1000
  Price: $8.95


Samll Plastic Syringe 10cc
Small Plastic 10cc Syringe
Here's that handy little luer-lok tipped syringe that we discuss in the Sound Play section of our Medical Fetish Library... it's the way to get the extra lube into the urethra before inserting the sound!

  Small Plastic 10cc Syringe
Item # 260-4020
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Lubricating Jelly
Note: may vary in packaging and manufacturer name, logo, etc.
Surgical Lubricant
Surgical lubricant is a sterile, water soluble, non-staining lubricating jelly. It is specially formulated for urological, surgical and gynecological lubrication.
This is a 4 oz. tube.

Surgical Lubricant Jelly
Item #460-2000
Price: $7.95


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