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Kumimonster with Share Insertables, insertables and more insertables....

Used alone, during sex or as a tease device during role play scenes... insertable sex toys and related insertable medical toys are amazing! Anal and vaginal insertion toys have been around forever, and it seems that they are perfecting with age! Earlier versions of dildoes, vibrators and butt plugs are a far cry from the sophisticated and scientifically engineered vaginal and anal toys of today!
Insertable sex toys are available in many forms, so keep an open mind about your choices. Butt plugs and ass play toys are very popular, yet each design varies with its intensity and usage. Short and fat, long and thin, bumpy or smooth, each design acts and feels different.  The same holds true for vaginal insertions toys (vibrators, dildoes and electro-stim), as well as urethral insertion using sounds, catheters or electro-stim devices!
Many insertables are designed for a specific result, however, never be afraid to experiment! Safely and sanely trying various sizes, types and shapes of different toys adds even more exciting creative sensations and responses, which is ultimately what we all fantasize about, right? Remember... variety is the spice of life... especially your sex life!

Medical grade silicone double dildo called the "Share" (Kumi is holding one [above]) is revolutionizing those intimate moments "shared"... for her and her... her and him... and even those times all alone for a unique pleasure stimulating the G-Spot and/or prostate! 

Aluminum Butt Plugs

<>The beloved butt plugs made from solid, heavy aluminum are, sadly, no longer available!
< style="font-style: italic;">Designed for long term wear and comfort they have a "center" section made of medical grade rubber for flexibility, so it bends and conforms to the closing of the sphincter muscle around it,  thus allowing for very long duration of use, which also makes it very comfortable, but full-feeling due to the heavy solid metal mass!
< style="font-style: italic;">
< style="font-style: italic;"> Even a long, long session will much more easy to endure! But let's face it... you know that's what you want, anyway!!
< style="font-style: italic;">


Nurse Ivanna with Solid Metal Butt Plug

Sounds Sets

Looking for an intensely intrusive experience? Well listen up!

Sounds are the really cool (can be chilled, but not frozen!!) or really hot (can be heated, but not too hot!!) stainless steel devices which come in graduated sizes like the HEGAR set starting at
3 mm, going up to 18 mm. They work great in any orifice: penile, vaginal, anal... do you know of any others?

 So put on a pair of nitrile gloves grab a dab of Surgilube Jelly and your on your way!
Safe and Sane note: never use the same sound in different orifices!

Our Sound Sets Collections have grown so much, we created an online catalogue page exclusively for our Sounds Sets   We just keep more sounds, so be sure to to go there!



Ms. Ariana using one of our Bud Sounds!



Bendover Beginner Harness Kit

Bend Over Dildo Harness Kit
When the Nurse says "Bend Over!"... she means business... now we've got the perfect kit for those naughty patients who need some long overdue deep therapy! This Bend Over Dildo Harness kit comes complete with a small sized silicone dildo (girth of under 1" X 4.25" long) and medium silicone dildo (girth of 1 1/2" X 5.25" long) both designed with the up-turned end for precision G-Spot stimulation. The purple velvet padded strap-on harness has a removable mini vibrator pouch (yes, the mini-vibe and batteries are included!) for satisfaction on both sides of the equation!

The harness is designed to work with most flat bottom based dildoes and dongs, so it is extremely versatile! Simply unsnap the straps over the large "O" ring insert you favorite dildo or dong, snap the straps back in place and go to town!

The mini-vibe uses 3 watch batteries which are included. So you are ready for some action right out of the package! Just don't forget plenty of lube!

Great for couples starting out with Pegging, too!


The easy-to-use straps adjust on hips for up to 50"

Bend Over G-Spot  Dildo Harness Kit
Item # 360-8000
 Price: $89.00


Men's Latex Brief 
with Attached Butt Plug
You asked for it... we have them! These black rubber latex briefs have a built in solid rubber latex butt plug measuring 4 1/2" long by 1 1/4" diameter, which stays firmly in place! They fit oh-so-snug and will be sure to make a great impression! <evil grin> 
Sizes are:
Item #780-2500  Small  (Men's 28-32)
 Item #780-2501  Medium  (Men's 32-36)
Item #780-2502  Large  (Men's 38-42)
Item #780-2503  X-Large  (Men's 44-46)

Men's Latex Brief 
with Attached Butt Plug
Price: $75.00
Choose Latex Brief Size


Latex Women's Internal Penis Dildo Brief Panty
Women's Latex Brief 
with Internal Dong
  Designed for a snug and secure fit for women, these black rubber latex "panties" have a built in solid rubber latex penis styled  4 1/2 long by 1 1/2" diameter dong, which is centered in the brief for vaginal insertion.

And it will stay there! So sleek and smooth, they can be worn under clothes... no one will know why she seems to be so content, with her subtle smile of sheer excitement brewing below! 

Sizes are:
Item #780-4500  Small  (Women's 4-6)
Item #780-4501  Medium  (Women's 8-10)
Item #780-4502  Large  (Women's 12-14)
Item #780-4503  X-Large  (Women's 16-18)

Women's Latex Brief 
with Internal Dong
Price: $75.00
Choose Latex Brief Size


How to Clean Insertable Sex Toys

Things You'll Need:
•Antibacterial soap, warm h2o (water!) and clean dry cloth
•Rubbing alcohol
•Hydrogen peroxide (not recommended for any metal toys!)

1.) Wash all insertable toys before and after use. Warm water, antibacterial cleanser and a soft cloth can be used on almost all types of toys, including those with batteries and electrical parts as long as you do not immerse or soak! After washing the toys, dry them with a lint-free cloth or let them air dry well. Then store in clean, sealed containers or Zip-lock bags. Storage is as important a part of keeping your toys clean as the actual cleaning process.

2.) To sanitize silicone toys, you can either put them in a pot of boiling water and anti-bacterial soap solution (use only a small amount of soap or else you will have a soap "lava flow"!) on the stove for approximately two to three minutes. The other method is to run them through the dishwasher cycle, but do not use any soap with the wash cycle and do not let them run through the hot air dry cycle. Be sure to stop the dishwasher after it finishes the washing cycle, then remove the toys and let them air dry. This cleaning method works for silicone toys and other plastic, glass, rubber or latex materials toys, as long as they do not have batteries or electrical parts. Follow with wipes of alcohol swabs.

3.) Take extra care with some of the newer "Cyberskin" toys made of ultra-soft, ultra-pliable elastomer material are very delicate, so they need special care when cleaning. Hand-wash with warm (not hot) water and a gentle antibacterial soap, then allow them to air dry.

4.) For anything made of leather, they will need to be washed with a foaming cleanser and scrubbed down with a brush, then rubbed down with hydrogen peroxide, allowed to air dry, and afterward gone over with saddle soap and leather conditioner. This kind of care is very important with leather toys and items, as they can become stiff and brittle, and may be hard to use.

Tips & Warnings:

-Using condoms on all of your toys during use will help to keep them clean, and will stop them from gathering bacteria and other germs.

-If a toy comes in contact with blood, you need to wash it with warm water and antibacterial soap, then follow by washing it down with a solution made up of nine parts water and one part bleach. Be sure to thoroughly rinse off the bleach solution afterwards and allow to air dry.

-Never submerge, boil, or run a battery operated or electrically operated insertable toy through the dishwasher. Immersed in water, will ruin these types of toys.


Nurse Mona shows us how big the G-Force is!

Looks, style and a complete turn-on!
Oh... you were thinking we meant Nurse Mona?
Definitely! ...and the G-Force? --- ditto!

Bend Over Boyfriend: Pegging Dildoes and Harnesses

Pegging: A woman uses a strap-on dildo or a vaginally insertable, double-dildo like The Share  or Real Doe to have anal sex with a man. The word was coined by Dan Savage {writer of syndicated feature column: Savage Love}, after he asked his readers to pick a word for this popular and fun sexual activity, although people had been enjoying this activity for quite a while before that, referring to it as, "Bend Over Boyfriend".

Pegging stimulates the prostate which is also a healthy activity for men.

For women, pegging not only offers the unique thrill of giving pleasure, along with its dynamic power exchange, but with the use of various types of strap-ons or insertable double dildoes, like the Share and RealDoe, the simultaneous stimulation of the clitoris and G-spot gives dual orgasmic experiences for both the giver and the receiver!



Insertables Page 2

Share Black Strapless Dildo
"Strap-on-less" Silicone
Double Dildo

by Fun Factory

Perfect for her and him... her and her ...
or as a multi-tasker when all alone!

The “strapless” strap-on "Share" double dildo gives pleasure at both ends! Uniquely designed to give pleasure to the giver as well as the receiver, the specialized silicone pod is angle for G-Spot stimulation. You can even use your favorite harness with it. The other "receiving" end is a well formed flexible dong, set at a perfect angle for partner penetration, hitting the G-Spot or Prostate right where you want it! It also has a nice area for clitoral stimulation while in use. Perfect for Pegging! This is one of those dream toys that you (and your partner) have been hoping for! German engineering at its best!

Dong portion = 7.25"L x 1.5" Dia.
Vaginal portion = 5.0"L x 1.75" Dia.

Black Strapless Double Dildo
Item #340-4024
 Price: $105.99


Share - Non-Harness Dildo Larger version
For the more advanced and "seasoned" player, here's the bigger and ... badder version! Same precise high grade silicone made with German quality and craftsmanship as the Share (above), but lots more "meat"!

Dong portion = 7.55"L x 1.85" Dia.
Vaginal portion = 5.0"L x 2.0" Dia.

"Share" A- Lot More!
Black Strapless Double Dildo
Item #340-4028
 Price: $119.99


Glass Anal Beads
"The Bumpmeister"

This medical glass dildo/dong insertable is a full 8.75" with row after row after row of round "bumps" which are approximately 11/16" to 1 1/2" diameters all the way up and down the long clear shaft.

We nicknamed it the "Bumpmeister" because the first time we tried it, we warned our patient that they were in for a bumpy ride! The patient then asked for a seat belt, jokingly, so we obliged and strapped her to the table!

Run it under warm water or place it in the microwave to heat things up (but not too hot!!) or chill it under cold water or put it in the refrigerator for a cool sensation. Since glass is nonporous, clean up is a snap!

Glass Anal Beads "Bumpmeister"
Item #320-6005
Price: $29.95


Pure Plug 2.0 by NJOY TOYS
Stainless Steel
 Pure Plug 2.0
The Pure Plug 2.0  has a huge 2" wide head and a tapered 3-1/2” long insertable length stem with an easy-to-hold "handle" for control during insertion. And it's heavy at 1.25 pounds! It has that great sense of fullness, yet the ingenious design is perfect for long term comfort and retention. Made with the highest quality new-world craftsmanship, it is built for safety and infinite durability.

  • 2.0" head and 1.5" "bulb" on the other!
  • Approx 3.5" stem (insertable)
  • Specialized ring-shape grip for safety and control
  • A hefty 1.25 Lbs. (20 oz.)
  • Packaged in a beautiful sleeved box  5" x 9.5" x 2.75" with fuchsia satin lining
  • Cast in 316 medical grade stainless steel and hand polished to a mirror shine
  • Completely non-porous, so they can be cleaned or sterilized by any means
  • Holds heat (not too hot!!) and cold (never freeze!!) for temperature play
  • Luxuriously smooth and shaped perfectly to the curves of the body
  • Suitable for use with any type of lubricant
Pure Plug 2.0 in Box
Pure Plug 2.0
Item #320-5055
 Price: $114.95


Stainless Steel Pleasure Wand

The Stainless Steel Multi-Stim Pleasure Wand
Versatility, unique design, quality and luxury... everything you look for in an adult sex toy, all rolled into this multiple-stimuli insertable toy. Yes, it's perfection for so many reasons and uses. Perfect for playing with when you are alone or using on a partner. Male or female, it has whatever you need: G-Spot or prostate stim, anal stim or vaginal stim!

  • 1.25" and .75"-1" graduated bulbs, approx. 8" end to end, weighs 12 oz.
  • Packaged in a beautiful sleeved box  5" x 9.5" x 2.75" with fuchsia satin lining
  • Cast in 316 medical grade stainless steel and hand polished to a mirror shine
  • Completely non-porous, so they can be cleaned or sterilized by any means
  • Holds heat and cold beautifully for temperature play
  • Luxuriously smooth and shaped perfectly to the curves of the body
  • Suitable for use with any type of lubricant

The Stainless Steel Multi-Stim Pleasure Wand 

Item #320-5040
Price: $89.00

Ridged Rubber Double Dong
  Ridged Rubber Double Dong

Ohhh...always twice as nice to share! Here's a doubled up version of the Ridge Dong (above) with an additional smaller ridged dong attached to the other end for some double dong action! 

Same firm but flexible, foam core latex rubber dong with ridges with 6.0" (16 cm) long with ridges tapering from 2.0" at the base down to .75" at the tip and 5.0" (12.5 cm) long on the other end tapering the same. 

Only ONE available... to be discontinued!

Rubber Ridged Double Dong
Item #320-3500
$55.00 only $45.95

Prostate G-Spot Vibrator Tool
click on photo for larger view

G-Spot / Prostate Vibrator
This uniquely shaped new silicone vibrator is designed for anal or vaginal penetration for either the female "g-spot" or prostate stimulation! The simple yet very effective design makes it easy to play with alone, as well as for driving someone else into ecstasy! It is very quiet and has six (yes SIX!) different vibration settings: low, medium and high, then pulsing, escalating and super sonic! Simply slide it in, pointing the protruding tip toward the G-Spot or Prostate and push the button on the bottom for your different settings... and away you go! This is one toy that anyone and everyone will love! And because it's silicone, it'll last forever! 
Size: 4.5" Long

G-Spot/Prostate Vibrator
Item #320-4080
 Price: $34.95

Smartballs Teneo Duo by Fun Factory
Smartballs Teneo Duo
Kegel Exerciser

Practice, practice, practice makes perfect! These two, one inch wide, hard silicone balls inserted into the vagina can be worn all day long as Kegel exercisers or for some personal sexy fun! The idea behind these is a newer "German engineered" Fun Factory variation of Ben Wa balls. By the way, beware of knock-offs... they are usually not made of medical grade silicone and the quality of these!

 Inside each silicone ball are "floating" smaller metal balls that softly, but silently rattle and vibrate while walking or moving, adding a slight tingly sensation. The main concept is to use them as an internal vaginal wall and pelvic floor muscle strengthening device, while squeezing them inside the vagina.

Kegel exercises have been proven to help women maintain these pelvic muscles for more intense control during sex by squeezing tightly on the PC muscle which is also vital for women's continence health. Regardless of how you use them, you will love the results!

Click here for more Kegel trainers, info and video...

Silicone SmartBalls Duo
Item #320-4005
Price: $39.95

Enema Bag Set

Enema 2.0 Qt. Bag Kit
Water sports maximus! Every "insertable" toy play, usually starts out with a pre-play cleaning, so here it is for some good clean fun, as well! This is the complete kit with a 2.0 quart red rubber bag, including a flow line tubing and shut-off clamp. It has the anal and vaginal nozzles with adapters. It even has a hook to hang it up! Hang it on our IV Stand...  So... up yours with a hose!

Enema Bag Set
Item #300-900

Price: $23.95

See our Kinky Beginner's Enema Kit, just click here!
Nitrile Black Gloves
  Black Nitrile Gloves 
Yes, these are just what the Nurse ordered for playing it safe with anal play! It's the snap of the glove that gets everyone's attention... they'll keep you nice and clean and your patient nice and nervous! They're also perfect for sound-play, catheter-play, enema-play and much more...
  Black Nitrile Exam gloves are made of synthetic Nitrile rubber and they are powder-free. They are perfect for those with allergies to latex they are three times more puncture resistant than ordinary rubber!

 Available in small, medium, and large sizes.
Material: Latex-free Nitrile rubber.
Color: Black.

Disposable Black Nitrile Latex Gloves
Price: $20.00/ Box of 100 Gloves

Black Nitrile Gloves Size Selections

Surgical Lubricating Jelly
Note: may vary in packaging and manufacturer name, logo, etc

Surgical Lubricant

All "insertables" need to be lubed really well before insertion, so get plenty! Our surgical lubricant is a sterile, water soluble, non-staining lubricating jelly formulated for surgical and gynecological lubrication. This is a 4 oz. tube.

Surgical Lubricant
Item #460-2000
Price: $7.95

G-Force Prostate G-Spotter
"The G-Force"
G-Spot / Prostate Stimulator

The G-Force measures 11” in total (approx. 7” insertable and approx. 4" an easy to grip, ribbed handle). Its slightly curved, 3.5” circumference shaft is topped off  with a bulged tip perfectly designed for precise female G-spot or male prostate stimulation.

Made of high quality, medical-grade silicone, the G-Force is both latex-free and phthalate-free. It's obviously completely waterproof, so try using it while in the tub... just lay back and let the heat of the water and your G-Force take you to new levels of G-Spot exploration, anal play and prostate massage.

Note: The length, the handle and the over all design of the G-Force make this a great "beginner" tool for those just learning how to massage and milk their prostate and prefer to learn on their own, alone!

G-Force Massager Stimulator
Item #320-4075
Discontinued by the Manufacturer

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