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The Samurai ShareThis

Anime Nurse Kumi with Samurai Electro-fem Stim
The name "Samurai" is derived from the Japanese word for
 "those who serve". Wow!  ...this unique electro-stimulation
completely services its owner!

With its "samurai sword" -like design, this powerful electrode attachment combination unit with clitoral vibrator will release the hidden dragon deep within any woman!

Combining mechanical vibrating stimulation with low frequency Erotic Electro Stimulation can help achieve a greater level of sexual amplification to the female orgasm. The specific combination gives greater sexual pleasure and the ability to control and fluctuate the orgasmic state!

Samurai Electrode for PES Box - Side View

Shown above: Vibrator Cradle detached from the main body of "The Samurai Sword". The Vibrator can be removed from the cradle for manual placement of the stimulation.

Dimensions of The Samurai "Sword"
Length of   7"  180mm
Girth  4.75"  119mm
Diameter  1.5"  37mm

Samurai Vaginal & Clitoral Electrode
(includes Vibrator Control Box, Power Transfer Cable, and Special A/C Adapter*) 

Item #200-4010
  Discontinued / Out of Stock with Manufacturer

*Note: Power Box not included.

The Samurai Vaginal and Clitoral Electro-Stimulator
in various uses (self administered, vaginal probe separated from clitoral stimulator or  with some help from a friend!)

Anna Rose of enjoying her Samurai!

The Samurai can be used alone without the vibrator for pure erotic electro stimulation pleasure using the P.E.S. Power Box

The Vibrator Cradle is adjustable to control depth of penetration of the phallus so that the vibrator can stimulate the clitoris precisely where the user wants it! 

Another feature is its unique curvature so the Samurai can deliver greater stimulation to the G-spot, as well!

Seen (and heard!) on Playboy Radio with Nicki Hunter completely awestruck and Rev Mel of Talking Sex Radio amazed by its size and performance!

 Need the P.E.S. Power Box*  for this electrode?
Here it is...

Item #200-2000
  Price: $295.00


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Violet Wand Kit

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InsideOut Complete Kit by Womanizer
Womanizer's InsideOut

Developed with the unique "pleasure air technology" which stimulates the clitoris without touching it - - soft pressure waves gently suck the clitoris resulting in a new kind of orgasm! The Womanizer's InsideOut also provides G-Spot curved vibrator for vaginal stimulation, along with the unique clitoral stimulation!
insideout - side view
Battery life is 2 hours of usage... yet it only takes a few minutes to climax! Do the math: that’s a lot of orgasms!!

It's 100 % waterproof, too ... so be sure to allow extra time taking showers and baths after getting one of these may be there a while!
Womanizer Angle View
Both the clitoral and vaginal stimualtion features have 12 different levels of intensity. Variety of different levels ensures the perfect settings everytime! They can also be controlled separately.
Vaginal Insertion G-Spot view
No batteries include... because they are not needed! The Womanizer's InsideOut comes with a magnetic pin USB charging port. It is fully charged in 120 minutes. And likewise, it is so easy to clean ... all you need is some warm water and any type of antibacterial soap or a toy cleaner.

Size: 192 x 120 mm
Weight: 240 g

Silicone stimulation head
USB Charger & USB charging cable
Operating instruction
Luxurious leather like packaging
High quality bag for storage

Womanizer's InsideOut
Clitoral and Vaginal/G-Spot Vibrator
Item #340-2065
$219.00 only $189.95


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The Umbilical Cord
Multi-Wire Lead Control

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