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Nurse Caps, Gloves and Accessories

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Nurse's Cap 
One Button Back Cap

The one button back version of our authentic crisp starched white nurse cap was just another style worn (in the old days!) by the nursing staff at every hospital!

Regardless... if you love Nurse Fetish, these caps are a must for any medical fetishist or nurse fetishist or even just for the collector!

These are the last of our brand new inventory, which has been in storage ...and once they are sold out, they are gone.

High quality, made in the USA ,starched white cotton by WhiteSwan/Meta. They have internal slots for bobby pins to hold in place and come with care instructions!

Nurse Cap:
One Button Back
Item #720-8000
Price: $21.95 only $15.95


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Betty Page In Boots T-Shirt

Definitely for the late Bettie Page fans and memorabilia collectors, this Black T-Shirt is also every boot fetishist's dream! We love Bettie laced up tightly in those 1950's vintage platform boots, looking so haughty and naughty!

These are the last of our brand new inventory, which has been in storage ...and once they are sold out, they are gone.

Price: $24.95 only $20.00

T-Shirt, Bettie Page in Boots
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Red Stethoscope 

When you really want the patient to pay attention, swirl this red stethoscope in front of their eyes! 

It makes the statement for that Nasty Nurse!  ... and a perfect compliment to the PVC Uniforms!!  Made of pliable nylon tubing and stainless shiny ear and drum piece. 

Red Stethoscope
Item #720-8021
Price: $14.95

Black Stethoscope
Black Stethoscope 

"Take a deep breath, hold it..." 
Every Doctor must have his trusty stethoscope hanging around his neck! This is the black pliable nylon tubing on stainless steel shiny ear and drum piece to hear that pounding heart. Boom-batta-boom!

Black Stethoscope
Item #720-8020
 Price: $17.95


Large Chrome Syringe
  Huge Chrome Syringe
Looking for the ultimate "attention- getter" in the clinic? Well, just flash this large 6 oz. chrome syringe in their face and watch the reaction! By the way, 6 ounces equals about 177.75 cc's ... get the picture here? It comes with a removable splash guard and nozzle... no one will dare to call this a little squirt! This will definitely get attention!!
Finger Holes on Chrome Syringe
6 Oz. Chrome Syringe & Tips
Item #260-4030
 Price: $34.95 


16" & 24" Mega Forceps
  These are H-U-G-E  forceps with their signature adjustable locking bar at the finger holes. Forceps
Available in 16" as shown above and even larger is our 24" long forceps!!

Great versatility! - cath tubes, enema tubes, nipples, balls, labia lips, cotton swabs, and more and more...

Available in 16" $20.00 only $15.00
and 24"
$36.00 only $20.00

Huge Forceps Sizes and Prices:

Huge Forceps Selections


Buck Hammer 
 Now this is a versatile medical toy!
The stainless steel body holds two rubber heads on one end, a small brush screws into the bottom of the handle and a sharp pointed "poker" screws into the top of the head. So many tactile tools, for so little money!
Buck Hammer - Medical Percussion
Buck Hammer
Item #480-8000
Price: $13.95
only $7.95


Taylor Hammer
Taylor Hammer 
This is the rubber tipped percussion device your doc uses on your knee to check you reflexes! Think of the possibilities for other parts of the body...

Taylor Hammer
Item #480-8001
Price: $12.95


Samll Plastic Syringe 10cc
Small Plastic 10cc Syringe
Here's that handy little luer-lok tipped syringe that we discuss in the Sound Play section of our Medical Fetish Library... it's the way to get the extra lube into the urethra before inserting the sound!

  Small Plastic 10cc Syringe
Item # 260-4020
Price: $2.00


Large Plastic  Syringe

A full 60cc's (2 fluid ounces) in this plastic disposable syringe. Great for a variety of uses, such as lube insertion, quick water flushes, or attached to a catheter! Handy, lightweight and easy to use, these are always a welcomed addition to any medical fetish play scene or the perfect prop for that Nurse or Doctor Outfit!

60 ccLarge Plastic Syringe
Item# 260-4025
Price: $7.95


100cc Irrigation Syringe
100cc X-Large Plastic Syringe

We have had so many request for a "really large plastic syringe for doing enema play" for years and the largest we could come up with was our 60cc Syringe... well now we have it! Another 40cc's = a full 100cc plastic irrigation syringe with elongated tip. It's so sexy looking for "feeding" our medical fetishist's fantasies!

100 cc X-Large Plastic Syringe
Item #260-4028
Price: $12.95


Black Nitrile Gloves 

 Yes, these are just what the Nurse ordered for playing it safe! It's the snap of the latex glove that gets everyone's attention...

They're perfect for adding that authentic "touch"! 

Disposable Black Nitrile Gloves
Price: $20.95/ Box of 100 Gloves


Black Nitrile Gloves Size Selections


Oxygen Mask w/Bag
O2 Oxygen Masks
  Definitely a medical fetish have... the look and feel of an Oxygen Mask is os sexy, it just sends a kinky "patient" directly to the trauma unit! We offer two styles: one with a bag and one without! Both are latex-free and have 7 feet of clear tubing attached. An adjustable elastic strap holds it firmly in place over the nose, mouth and lower chin.

  Oxygen Masks w/Bag
Item #490-9045


Oxygen Mask- No bag
Oxygen Masks - No Bag
Item #490-9040

Disposable Face Masks
We've searched high and low for the original cloth face masks they used to wear during operations and procedures, but it seems like they are going the way of the uniforms and caps!
So, we decided to add the disposable ones... we sell them as a pack of 10 (ten). They have a face fitting strip to conform to the contours of your nose and chin.

Face Masks
Item #490-6015


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