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 Cupping & Vacuum Cup Sets
"Oh, my cup runneth over..."

Fire cups and cupping sets are based on the oriental method of using suction to pull impurities of the body through the surface of the skin. 

In Medical Fetish play, they are just so diverse! They can be used on so many areas... breast, nipples, penis,  even the buttocks!

The cup suction leaves a temporary "hickie" mark on the spot it was attached.

Vacuum cups are easy to use, simply attach the cup to the hand pump, hold the cup over the desired area (or body part!), pump and let go!

The cup will stay "stuck" by the skin being sucked into the cup! For more information on the use of vacuum cups click here... Vacuum Cupping.

There are two types of vacuum cupping sets that we sell: the first style has plastic cups.

The other style, the cups are made of a very fine, yet sturdy glass.

The glass are of course much more effective, due to their design and precision, but the plastic sets are our most popular due to their lower cost. 

Here's an example of what to expect when playing with cupping sets:

Fire Cupping and Fire Globes

Would you like to light up the room with an incredible  demonstration? 

 Well, the mastering of fire cups for use in BDSM play is surely one of the best ways to do it!
 Using a similar concept as the vacuum pump set, however, with these heavy, thick heat-tolerant glass globes, one uses a flame!

They can be heated using the flame from a candle (or for more ritualistic scene play: forceps holding a cotton swab dipped in 91% alcohol and then lit) held under the opening of the globe, which heats the air inside the globe, then placed on the skin. Then as the air inside the cup cools, the skin is sucked into the glass globe!

Read all about using the sensual fire cups in BDSM play here... Fire Cupping. It is a very exciting sensation and as the technique is perfected, can become quite an erotic sensual event!


Nipple Vacuum Cups

This pair of cups has their own bulb pump attached! What an exciting idea... They work great for ball sack play, too!

 The strong suction power of these cups will amaze both you and the reluctant, yet thankful "patient" ... 

Sorry, no longer available as shown above, but here's someting similar... the Jumbo Breast Milking Cups

 Be sure to visit our Nipple Play section of our Medical Fetish Library for more ideas and safe nipple play (NT) .  

For more advanced nipple enlargement and enhancement, as well as other body parts... see our Vacuum Pumping Products

Lubes and Shaving Creams




17 pcs. Cupping Set w/Magnets
17 Piece Plastic Cupping Set 
Large 17 piece plastic vacuum cupping set with pistol grip pump. The plastic cups in this set graduate in size from 2" (13 cups), 1 3/4" (one cup), 1 1/2" (one cup), 1 1/4" (one cup) to 1" (one cup) in diameter and come in a handy attaché style carrying case, extension tube (allows for hard to reach spots!) and how-to instructions!

Plastic Cupping Set 17 pcs.
Item #420-3001
Price: $64.95

Note: only one of the smallest comes in the kit, but you can get spares!!

10 Piece Plastic Cupping Set
One of our most popular sets, this cupping set comes complete with a pistol grip pump and ten plastic cups opening in various sizes 2" (6 cups), 1 3/4" (one cup), 1 1/2" (one cup), 1 1/4" (one cup) to 1" (one cup) ! Instruction sheet and a snap closure, box-style carrying case included.

Plastic Cupping Set 10 pcs.
Item #420-3000
Price: $48.00

Note: only one of the smallest cups comes in the kit, but you can get spares!!

Plastic Cup Spares
Since the 10 piece and 17 piece plastic cupping sets are manufactured for acupuncturists, they don't "pair off" the smaller size cups in the kits (as we fetishists would like to have!) So here you go... we are offering them here as a spare for your kit!  The smallest is 1" in diameter and the medium is 1 1/2" in diameter.

Item #420-5000
Small Spare Cup 
Price $3.25


Item #420-5001
 Medium Spare Cup 
Price $3.25


Fire Cups Sets
A true ritual in itself... Each set contains heavy duty glass fire cups which when heated and placed on the skin, cool sucking the skin up into the globe of the cup! Read up on Fire Cupping play with for more how-to's and history!
Fire Cup Sets & Sizes are:
(NOTE: sizes are the diameter of the cup mouth opening)

Fire Cup Set of 3 sizes
Item #420-4000 
Price: $26.95
includes one each Extra Small = 1/2", Small = 1", Medium = 1 1/2" 


Nipple Enhancer Kit

The Complete Nipple Enhancer Kit comes with four different ring sizes and two different pump applicators, allowing a full range of sizes and sensations
. Can be worn under clothes and/or extended periods of time.

Easy to use, too!
  • Slide the chosen sized ring onto the tip of the pump.
  • Squeeze the bulb, then attach to the nipple.
  • Wait for nipple to swell to desired level.
  • Slide the ring off the tip of the pump onto the base of the nipple.
  • Remove the pump.

Complete Nipple Enhancer Kit
Item #530-2010
Price: $23.95

Be sure to visit the Nipple, Cock & Ball, Pussy Pumping  and the Cupping pages for more...
Nipple Milking Cups Pair
Milking Cups
Another 'medical device' developed to work as a suction pump on the nipples for drawing milk during lactation.

Well, of course, they just so happen to be perfect for medical fetish nipple play, too!

Made of durable polyethylene plastic with a rubber squeeze bulb. A must have for every Medical Fetishist's collection!

Note: Rubber Bulb Color varies depending on availablity: Black Rubber (as shown, above), Red Rubber or Blue Rubber

 Milking Cups
Item #400-3000
Price: $32.95/Pair


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