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Straight TENS style Female Pin Connector to PES Pinch Connector Adapter Leads ShareThis

Get Electro-Creative!

  With the 200-8010 adapter [right], you can now connect the "Low Profile" connectors of the P.E.S. Electrodes with one of the power boxes from Erostek or Folsom Power Boxes.

Plus you can combine a single pole pole P.E.S. Electrode with TENS Pads (as shown below).

The only thing holding you back from having Electro-sex beyond your dreams is your own ingenuity and imagination! So get creative!

NOTE: PES Electrodes will not function with "lower powered" units,  such as a TENS Unit, Rimba, E-stim, MyStim, etc.


Pictured Above: Using a Pin Wire Lead [sold separately] to Pinch Connector Adapter to connect the Tubular Mid Ring in circuit with a Self Adhesive Electrode!

Example of Tens Pad and PES Electrode in use on adapter

ABOVE: Example of the Female Pin to PES Pinch Connector Adapter with the Tubular Mid Ring in circuit with a T.E.N.S. Self Adhesive Pad! (see demo above)

Leads sold as pair color as available

Thanks to this new connection adapter leads from P.E.S.,  you can use any of their awesome and powerful P.E.S. Electrodes such as the butt plugs, cock rings, vaginal plugs, Deep Throat, Prostate Stimulator electrodes, etc. with any manufacturer's power box, such as Erostek or Folsom Power Boxes! 

Keep in mind, due to the extra power needed to function, the P.E.S. electrodes will NOT work with TENS Units!!

Total length from PES pinch connector to female pin connector is 8.5"

  Female Pin Connector to P.E.S. Pinch/Low Profile Connector Adapter Leads (sold as pair*)
(*pair = black/red or green/yellow, based on stock available)
Item #200-8010 
only $14.95/pair

Manufacturer out of stock

How to attach pin connector leads to PES leads
How to Connect the "Banana" Pin to
200-8010 Pinch Adapter Leads

The connection on these adapters is just like P.E.S. Low Profile Leads that come with the PES Power Box. They rise less then a 1/4 inch off of the Electrodes, so, when "pinched" into place, they allow freedom to move into any position you desire without worry, even sitting or lying on your back.

The Low Profile lead connection allows discretion, so it's possible to wear your P.E.S. Electrodes under your clothing!  All P.E.S. Electrodes [excluding: the Samurai and the Little Big Man] require the P.E.S. Low Profile Pinch Connectors (included with PES Power Box) in order to work properly.

Pictured Above: The P.E.S. Low Profile Leads use a simple pinch & snap application method.

The difference with PES's unique patented design for the "pinch" connector versus the "press-on snap" style connector adapters on the market is the tighter connection and longevity, as the snap version wears out after repeated uses and literally falls off!

3.5mm Lead Adapter with Banana Plugs
3.5mm Male Connector to Pin Wire Leads

You can use these with T.E.N.S. pads [to the right] or other T.E.N.S Style Electrode Toys on the PES Power Box offering even more options! The 3.5 mm Pin Wire Leads will fit the female jack outlet of the PES Power Box, as well as the Erostek and Folsom Power Boxes.

3.5mm Male Connector to Pin Wire Leads
Item #200-8005
 Price: $14.95

Spare TENS Adhesive Pads
TENS Pads - Spares
T.E.N.S. units use conductive self-adhesive pads to conduct the electrostim, because they are so simple and require very low power to do so. Thanks to the  200-8010 female pin to PES pinch connector adapter [top], now you can use these in combination with a single pole PES Electrode. You can also use them alone with the 200-8005 3.5mm Adapter [left].  They come 4 self-adhesive pads with attached female pin leads in a set... So grab a set or two so you are ready for those rainy days! ... don't forget to extend the life of that zzzapp! by using the conductive gel, too!

Size: 51mm by 51mm (2" by 2")

TENS Spare Pads - 4 Pack
Item #200-6200
 Price: $14.95

T.E.N.S. Adapter Leads Kit
If you want to use your existing PES Power Box, TENS unit or other brand EES stimulator with the various E-Stim Electrode Toys we also sell, then you may need this kit!

 It is the adapter kit
that allows for a 2.5mm female input or even a 3.5mm female input on the power unit!

 This 2.5mm (or 3.5mm w/included adapter) mono jack plug has the universal 2mm male pins (dual: positive & negative) for connecting E-Stim Electrode Toys, such as the Flexible Anal or Vaginal Probe Electrode
or the Penis & Testicle Strap Set .

The kit includes an adapter to fit both 2.5mm and 3.5mm outputs. If you have a multi-channel estim power box, you will need to buy an adapter kit for each channel.

Cable Adapter Kit
 T.E.N.S. Leads w/2.5mm Jack
and 2.5 mm to 3.5 mm Jack Adapter
Item #200-6415
 Price: $16.95


X-Long TENS pads for labia and penis
TENS X-Long Pads
These self adhesive pads are long (three inches!) and thin ( over 1/2") making them ideal for placing along or around the penis or along the labia.

Just like standard sized TENS pads, they are reusable and are sold as a pack of four.

Size: 15mm by 75mm (0.6" by 3")

TENS X-Long Pads - 4/Pack
Item #200-6205
 Price: $21.95


Looking for more electro fun to add to your Power Box?

Click on any of the electrodes below for more details...

P.E.S. Power Box
Electro-Stim Unit

Urethral & Penis Head Double Electrode
"Deep Throat

Prostate Stimulator
Single Electrode

Penis Head E-Stim
Single Electrodes
(3 Styles)

Rectal Pacifier
Single Electrode $89.95

Big Stanley Extra Large Acrylic

Anal Tubular Single Electrode

Butt Plug

Double Electrode

  Electro-Flex Vaginal Plug
Double Electrode

Penile Rings
Single or Double

Urethral and Multi-use
Single Electrode


Penis Base Ring
& PenisMid Ring
Single Electrodes

Ball Sack Single Adjustable Electrode
"Testicle Tubular"

The Umbilical Cord
Multi-Wire Lead Control

~Designed for Men       ~Designed for Women       ~Unisex uses

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