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Details of the Electro-flex Vaginal Plug Electrode for PES Powerbox

Based on the original design of the Acrylic Vaginal Plug, the P.E.S. Electro-Flex Vaginal Plug is made of malleable silicone and Electro-Flex, P.E.S.'s conductive silicone elastomer.

Silicone Electro-flex Vaginal Plug [left] and the original Acrylic Vaginal Plug

There are two Electro-Flex conductive pads molded into the sides of the rounded silicone vaginal plug, delivering maximum stimulation. The silicone base platform has a rounded opening for clitoral access, which allows for manual, oral, or vibrator stimulation of the clitoral area and labia lips that protrude through.

This Electro-flex Vaginal Plug comes with latex straps for strapping the plug securely in place, while allowing for movement, standing, sitting, etc. and it won't "pop out"!

 It measures 5 1/2" (5.5") in length and is 1 1/4" (1.25") in diameter. Made from purple silicone, the Plug is a very clean and durable Electrode.

The Vaginal Plug is a double pole Electrode and as such can be used alone. It can also be used as part of a 3-Electrode Configuration. Please note that this kind of configuration may only work with the P.E.S. Power Box.

Electro-flex Vaginal Plug Electrode
Price: $249.95
Item #200-4015


Need the P.E.S. Power Box  for this Electro-flex Vaginal Plug electrode?

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    Item #200-2000  
Price: $295.00


General Lubrication: As with all P.E.S. Products lubrication plays an important part in the effectiveness of these electrodes, including the Electro-flex Vaginal Plug, we recommend Surgical Lubricant.

Just as important as the lube, is cleanliness! As we discuss in Medical Fetish Library, be sure to have clean hands (anti-bacterial soaps like Dial™ liquid are great!) or a good sex toy cleaner like, Swiss Navy Toy Cleaner and use latex gloves

Before insertion, lubrication should be applied to the contact surface of the electrode before placement, for easy adjustment. 

As we've stated before: Do not use silicone lubricants.
Silicone is an insulator which greatly diminishes the conductivity!

Note: This is a vaginal electrode, only. This electrode is not designed for anal insertion or removal

Electro-flex Vaginal Plug - plugged in ready to go!

Silicone Electro-flex Vaginal Plug
Plugged in, strapped on, ready for action!

NOTE: Sexy demo [above] courtesy of

Basic set up for Electro-flex Vaginal Plug

Electro-flex Vaginal Plug with upper and lower latex straps in place

Electro-flex Vaginal Plug with Electro-flex Anal Butt Plug (can be used with both leads hooked to all four contacts or as shown with one each* )
[ *NOTE: reduced power to one side only, when using only  one  contact on each ]

Electro-flex Vaginal Plug with the Anal Tubular Electrode

 Instructions for Use:

   1. Attach the included latex straps to the Vaginal Plug by lacing them through the two small holes at each end of the base platform.
   2. Attach your Low Profile Leads to your connection points.
   3. Lubricate both the Electrode and the vaginal area thoroughly.
   4. Insert the Plug into the vagina with the clitoral opening over the clitoris.
   5. Secure (tie) the latex straps around the upper thighs to hold the Electrode in place.
   6. Plug your leads into the Power Box.

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