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Gags & Blindfolds

"Hush! Or we'll double your dosage..."

Is your slave or patient a chatterbox? Does the Nurse call all the "shots"? Well, it's time to get a gag!

And even if you already have a gag, then you'll love our unique options and ideas for mimicking! All of our wonderful gags of distinction must pass our very rigid quality control guidelines!

They are eagerly product tested by our devoted staff, so we know they are the best! (See Nurse Victoria with Institutional style tan/white leather Silicone Ball Gag, left.)

 This page is filled with gags and blindfolds of distinct quality ... and purpose!

Spider Gags

Nicknamed the Spider Gag, this is one unique medical fetish gag that always makes the patients hyperventilate! It is an innovative, spider-looking heavy metal design with a 1 1/2" O-ring keeping the mouth open, drooling and ready for anything!

 With its full rubber coating, which protects the entire mouth, the naughty patient or institutionalized slave in training will not be able to use any excuses!

Wearing the Black Canvas Straitjacket and her locked submissive High Heels, Nurse Lilu is scheduled for extended procedures!
Red Spider Gag on Nurse Lilu

Anna Rose in the Inflatable Rubber Gag with breath tube
Rubber Gags and Inflatable Gags

Always the best of both fetish and BDSM worlds, rubber gags and their intimidating counterparts, inflatable rubber gags push all of the buttons at once!

Rubber (latex) gags represent the essence of submission... the smell, the taste (as long as it is a quality latex one, then it is a good taste!) and the sensation of smooth, silkiness filling the mouth to silence and control.

We have a few different latex gags, each designed for a unique purpose and resulting effect! For those just starting to explore more intimidating gags, go with the Open Mouth Hole Gag... it's to drool over!  Feeling ready for more? ... the Inflatable Rubber Gag with Airway Tube is the pièce de résistance! Ask Anna Rose [shown above, right and below] of!

Anna Rose with Inflatable Latex Gag w/ Breath Tube
Click on image above to see a super sexy video
of Anna Rose gagging herself in the awesome
 Inflatable Rubber Gag with Breathing Tube.

Anna Rose getting ready for the Inflatable Rubber Gag with Breathing Tube

NOTE: Above pictures and video were kindly donated by Anna & Uwe Rose of they are copyright protected, thank you!

Inflatable Penis Latex Gag

When all else fails ... try an Inflatable Latex Penis Gag

Medical and Dental Gags
You can never have too many gags, so add more of them to your collection as we add more of them to our selection: Whitehead (Mouth Spreader) Dental Gag, O-Ring Gag, Silicone Ball Gags, Pony Bit Gag, Jennings (Mouth Spreader) Medical Gag, Silicone Penis Gags, Leather Ball Gag, Ring Gags, Inflatable Penis Gag and more on the way...

Nurse Victoria and Madison Molt Gag The MOLT GAG! 

Designed to hold the mouth open from the side, the Molt Mouth Gag is another ingenious device developed by a man of medicine to hold the patient's mouth wide open during procedures!

 In the "old days" it was held by assistants, who simply squeezed the scissors-like handles to open it with ratcheted stopping points, then flipping the release tab with their thumb to close it again!
 If you don't have an assistant, it can be held in the mouth just with one's own bite!

Or get creative...  by using a strap or something to tie two of them in place around the back of the head!


Ambrosia w/Silicone Ball Gag
Nurse Ambrosia demonstrates one of our original style Silicone Ball Gags...
 quite beautifully!

   Nurse Victoria Gagged
Nurse Victoria silently endures in one of our
original style Institutional Silicone Ball Gag.

Claire Adams drooling over our ball gags!

Claire Adams of drooling over
one of our orignal style Institutional Ball Gags!

 Double Latex Penis Gag

Now this is a mouth watering concept for both the receiver and the giver... no matter which way you look at it! 

Designed with an intimidating little devil of a penis for the mouth portion of this gag as it holds a girthy, long dildo dong to do some serious face riding!

Think of the head trips this will induce on your poor little patient every time he/she sees it being prepared for use, as you apply the lube to external penis shaft!

This one, ...uh, pardon our pun... speaks for itself!
 (But Nurse Ivanna won't be!)


Butterfly Gag inflated

Inflatable Butterfly Gag 
 Our most devious gag! ...this fills the entire mouth so full as it inflates with heavy duty rubber in all directions!! The "butterfly" shape inflates inward and both sides, so the tongue and cheeks are held by the gag. Made of high quality leather, yet the "inflator" portion is removable for cleaning. Truly a challenge, this one! This is the most severe, heavy duty full mouth gag ever!
Butterfly Gag front view


More Whitehead Gag Photos... is the original source for Medical and Nurse Fetish
 and we were the first to bring the Whitehead (Mouth Spreader) Gag to the U.S. and the entire BDSM/Fetish community web-wide, over twelve years ago.

Now, as one of our "signature" products, our Whitehead Gag still remains the best seller, best quality and best price. And now available in your choice of a Black Leather Buckling Strap or a Tan Leather Buckling Strap!

As always, we continue to develop innovative ideas for toys and many other types of Medical and Nurse Fetish products! So be sure you are buying only the best... from

  Open Wide My Pretty with a Whitehead Gag

Kumimonster Whithead Gag

Natali Demore Whitehead Gag

Nurse Cindy Whitehead Gag

Nurse Victoria Whitehead Gag and Straitjacket



Jennings Gag

Similar to the Whitehead Gag, the Jennings Gag functions by opening and holding the mouth open with a side ratchet which adjusts the space opening.

The whitehead gag has two sets of ratchets, whereas the Jennings has just one side ratchet.

Great for sexy saliva photo shots (mmmm...)


Well, after 16 years of "healthy competition" The Dominant Whitehead Gag outsold the Jennings Gag 100 to 1, so we respectfully bid au revoir, Jennings... you'll always be a sexy second in our book!

Looking for these? Click here...

Serious 2 inch silicone ball gag Kumi

Silicone 2" Ball Gag... Nurse Kumi knows: it's serious!

Kumi with our Silicone Ball Gag

Nurse Kumi's ready to chomp down on one
 of our original style Silicone Ball Gags!



Nurse Cindy in the Leather Pony Bit Gag!

Nurse Ivanna donning our O-Ring Gag

Claire Adams of wearing our Red-White Leather Disc Blindfold
For more, visit our complete Blindfolds section!


 ... Keep them in the dark!

There are lots of ways to blindfold your slave or patient during a "procedure" but using a good fitting one, so there's no "peeking", is the only way! We have two which work great!

The Disc Blindfold has individual disc pads which cover each eye area and the Basic Blindfold is a full piece which covers the entire eye and lower brow area.

They both do the job... and very well! No chance of a pesky patient peeking out from these blindfolds!

photos depict our original style blindfolds, that are no longer available.
 But these pics are so sexy and savory, we left 'em here to tease you even more!

Nurse Victoria wearing the Disc Blindofld
Nurse Victoria in deep space... in one of our original style Disc Blindfolds.

...The Mummy Bondage Wraps! They are so easy to use, just unroll, wrap and fasten with the special metal clips they come with and you have a muffled and/or blindfolded patient.

As you can see on the lovely creature [above] wrapping these Mummy Wraps over eyes and mouths will serve perfectly for gags and blindfolds... with a very unique effect! Medical fetish at its best! You'll see what we mean on the Mummification page!


Red Leather Bondage Kit with Black Lockable Belting

Red / Black Leather Bondage Kit
with Blindfold

What good is a blindfold without the restraints? Here's a great all-in-one bondage kit that includes the collar, a pair of wrist cuffs, a pair of ankle cuffs, and the padded blindfold in sumptuously sexy red leather ... with black belting leather for the lockable straps on the restraints and collar!  The versatile D-rings on offer attachment points ropes, chains, or hooks... maybe to the bed posts, spreader bars, or each other... whatever or wherever!

Collar: Adjusts from 12 to 19 inches
 Wrist cuffs: Adjust from 5.5 to 9 inches
 Ankle cuffs: Adjust from 6 to 13 inches
 Collar and cuffs measure 2.5 inches in width.

Locks sold separately.

Red/Black Leather Bondage Restraints with Blindfold Kit 
Item #580-9050
Currently Unavailable


Medical Fetish Red Silicone Ball Gag
  2" Medical Ball Gag
For those who like to push their limits, this 2" version of our perfect medical fetish ball gag is just what the Doctor and Nurse ordered! Same as above, the sturdy tan bridle leather meets supple fine white glove leather and a lockable buckle.

 • Ball Diameter: 2"/5cm
 • Ball Circumference: 6.5"/16.5cm
 • Strap Length: Up to 22"/56cm

2" Silicone Ball Gag
 Tan/White Straps
Item #570-4200
Price: $28.95 


smaller silicone ball gag
1 5/8" Medical
Ball Gag
For the smaller, more delicate mouth, sturdy tan bridle leather meets supple fine white glove leather and a lockable buckle for the perfect medical fetish ball gag.

1 5/8" Silicone Ball Gag
 Tan/White Straps
Item #570-4201
Price: $28.95


Leather Stuffed Ball Gag Lockable
Lockable Leather Ball Gag
Nothing like having a mouthful of leather! This black, padded "leather ball" ball gag is just the incentive to keep a naughty patient or chatty submissive quiet!

Ball portion of 570-2000 leather ball gag
It is designed with a stuffed leather ball shape that fits into the mouth, while a broad piece of leather covers the outer mouth area.

Leather Ball Gag on

The leather strap adjustable with a lockable buckle in the back, for added security and nervous tension! The entire length of the strap is 26" of total length and the "ball" portion is about 1.5" wide -definitely designed for peace and quiet! Can be used with or without a small padlock (not included).

Lockable Leather Ball Gag
  Item #570-2000
Price: $36.95

Spider Mouth Gag with Rubber Coating
Spider Gag
w/Rubber Coating

Unique, scary, ominous... those are just a few words you'll here as someone tries to describe the Spider Gag! It is an innovative heavy metal, open mouth gag with a full rubber coating which protects the entire mouth. The gag is "O" shaped in the center with “spider legs” shaped sides, which hold the leather straps in place for a firm fit. They also restrain and keep the inner "o" ring just inside the mouth. The black leather straps have a lockable buckle to keep it all extra secure! It is
almost impossible for the sub to remove, once it is tightly buckled in place and locked! And drool? ... they will!!

Available in Black or Red!

Rubber Coated Black Spider Gag
  Item #570-6050
 Price: $69.95


Red Spider Gag
Rubber Coated Red Spider Gag
  Item #570-6051
 Price: $69.95

1.75 inches silicone ball gag

Silicone 1.75" Ball Gag
Smaller silicone ball, this 1 3/4" gag keeps 'em quiet, and allows for longer wear on a smaller mouth sub, since it is significantly smaller in diameter than the gag above. It is also attached to a buckling leather strap, which is adjustable up to 20 inches around. Silicone ball gags are tasteless and odorless.

 1.75" Silicone Red Ball Gag
  Item #570-3005
 Price: $22.95

Mouth Guard Gag
Mouth Guard Gag
Created and fabricated using the similar type of mouth guards that athletes use to protect their teeth, this ingenious gag is really designed for serious bondage and medical role play scenes.

 It fits fully into the mouth and the black leather straps are adjusted with a lockable (lock not included) buckle in the back. The D-ring on the front makes it daunting, edgy and sexy, all at the same time! 

  Mouth Guard Gag
w/Black Leather Straps

  Item #570-5050
 Price: $55.95


Pony Bit Gag - Silicone
Silicone Pony Bit Gag
Originally, this gag was very popular with Pony Play (call the Vet Clinic!) but over the years it grew in popularity in all circles of BDSM role play as a humbling mouth gag. This Silicone Bit Gag is designed and crafted out of soft silicone with a flexible leather belting with an adjustable buckle closure. It's perfect for long term wearing, since it is extremely gentle on the teeth and allows for ease of breathing.

  • Bit: 5" (12.7cm) wide
  • Bit: 2.75"(6.8cm) diameter
  •Strap: 8.67" - 14.75" (22cm -37.5cm) long

 Silicone Pony Bit Gag
  Item #570-5006
 Price: $27.95

Inflatable Rubber Gag with Breathing Tube
Inflatable Rubber Gag w/Airway Breathing Tube  

Ominous! That's the only word needed to describe this devious gag. The breathing tube that goes through the middle of the inflatable ball gag can be  quite "breath taking", if you get what we mean?! It's 100% heavy rubber and another of our British imports. The mouth piece, when deflated is shaped like a penis head at approx. 1.75 inches wide, but inflates to over 2.5 inches! Once it is wrapped around the mouth and face and buckled in the back of the head, there is no way a chatty patient or sub will be able to utter a syllable! (See Anna Rose's demo!)
Made in U.K.

Inflatable Rubber Gag w/Airway Tube
  Item #570-5022
 Price: $89.95


Rubber Open Hole Gag
Rubber Open Mouth Gag  

Rubber, rubber in and out! This 100% rubber open mouth gag, is one of our British imports! Made of heavy rubber, the mouth piece fits inside, so that the mouth is unable to close.

Open wide for a full 1.25 inches in diameter while the inside invades 1 inch into the mouth! No getting away from this one!
Made in U.K.

Rubber Open Mouth Gag
  Item #570-5020
 Price: $69.95


Inflatable Rubber Penis Gag
Inflatable Latex Penis Gag  

Pump it up and you've got a mouthful! This 100% rubber open mouth gag, is yet another of our British imports, made of heavy rubber.

 Inflatable Latex Penis Mouth

The mouth piece is shaped like a penis, approx. 1.25 inches wide, but inflates to over 2 inches! Once straps are buckled in place, it will leave them speechless... 

Made in U.K.

Rubber Penis Gag Detail
Inflatable Latex Penis Gag

  Item #570-5021
 Price: $68.95


Whitehead Medical Gag 
Our original (we were the first to introduce this nasty little gag!) stainless steel mouth spreader which ratchets to keep the mouth open at various widths up to 2+ inches during procedures, we made it even nastier by adding leather straps which buckle and can be locked with a small padlock in back to keep the gag in place! How deliciously devious... with protective teeth guard!  Open wide!!

Whitehead Gag with Teeth Guard- Black Lockable Straps
Whitehead Gag w/Teeth Guard 
  Black Leather Straps
Item #570-6015
 Price: $65.95


Whitehead Mouth agag with Teeth Guard-Tan Straps
Whitehead Gag w/Teeth Guard 
  Tan Leather Straps
  Item #570-6016
 Price: $65.95


Molt Doyen Medical Mouth Gag
Molt Mouth Gags 
Here's yet another fine gag you've gotten us into, Nurse! This wonderful dental device is designed to keep the mouth open by putting the curves of the "blades" between the teeth and the side of the mouth, so that the "scissors" section (which adjusts the opening and closing of the ratchet) are on on the side of the face...  you can use one on one side of the mouth or even more devious is another one on the other side! Opens a full 2" and that's really wide when you consider it's in the sides of the mouth! Open mouth gags are perfect for "drool" fetishists!

Molt Mouth Gag
  Item #570-6000
 Price: $30.00

Open Mouth Medical Spring Gag
Open Mouth
Medical Spring Gag

Another devious medical device [original use is for cats and dogs in veterinary clinics!] forces the mouth open with a spring loaded action. Just squeeze the upper and lower metal tabs until the plastic "bumpers" fit between the teeth (preferably the longer teeth, which works as a wedge).

Medical Spring Open Mouth Gag demo

Now the nasty head games really begin as the gag won’t allow your "patient" to bit down, and as they relax their mouth, the gag springs open more!

 It is 3 inches (7.6cm) fully opened.
Evil Doctors and Nasty Nurses love the looks and function of this rather merciless mechanism! And when you are ready (or they are drooling and gurgling for mercy) just squeeze the tabs and remove it!

 Open Mouth Medical
 Spring Gag

  Item #570-6040
 Price: $37.95 only $24.95!

Silicone Ball Gag Black
Black Silicone Ball Gag
with Buckling Straps

Silence is golden... but in this case, it's black! Black soft silicone ball and bit is double riveted to beautifully crafted stitched vegan-leather straps that buckle. The fit is superb and will definitely keep them from speaking!
The silicone is odorless, tasteless, and designed for comfort and a flexible fit.


Black Vegan-Leather Straps:
Adjustable 16" to 22" / 40 cm to 56 cm
 .787" / 2 cm wide

  Black Silicone Ball & Bit Gag:
 1.65" /4.191 cm diameter
Black Silicone Ball Gag
with Buckling Straps
Item #570-4008
 Price: $24.95


Double Latex Penis Gag
  Double Latex Penis Gag
Double your pleasure, double your fun! ...this firm latex double penis gag is made for both you and your partner! Gagged with a smaller latex penis in the mouth, that naughty patient can be of service with the external latex dong.

The internal penis gag is 2 1/2" long and 1 1/2" wide with the external dildo measuring in at full 5 1/2" in length and 1 3/4" of girth making this a delightful ride on that patient's face! Buckle in back makes for a snug fit for up to 23" circumference. Application of lube will make this shiny, willing and waiting! Made in U.K.

Double Latex Penis Gag
Item #570-5030
Price: $85.95

O-Ring Gag with Leather Lockable Straps
O-Ring Gag 
 Our O-Ring Gag will have that patient pleading "oh no!"... it's the O - that means open and it does just that! With the leather lockable buckle straps snugly buckled in place, though... you won't hear anything except gurgling!

  This O-Ring Gag starts with a chrome ring, which is then dipped twice in synthetic rubber (latex free). The synthetic rubber dries into a soft flexible form (same synthetic rubber coating used in hospitals to coat instruments!). This is one of the sturdiest, most "manageable" O-Ring designs, we've seen yet! The D-ring that attaches to the locking buckle neck strap has a smaller strap that attaches to the O-Ring itself, making it so easy to adjust the positioning.

Two sizes of O-Rings offer up options for the petite pucker person up to the big mouth!  And the neck straps fits approx. 17" to approx. 22", fitting almost everyone!

Two Sizes of Rings measure:
1" Inside Diameter  -- 1 1/2" Outside Diameter

2" Inside Diameter  --  2 1/2" Outside Diameter

Locking buckle, of course!
Lock NOT included.

O-Ring Gag - 1 1/2 inches (3.81 cm)
  Item #570-5001
 Price: $40.95


O-Ring Gag
- 2 1/2 inches (6.35 cm)
  Item #570-5002
 Price: $42.95

Leather Blindfold/Head Harness
Leather Blindfold/Upper Head Harness
Blindfold and partial head harness all rolled into one with this amazing leather head bondage gear! Wrap this high quality, supple leather mask over the eyes, attach at the top and back with easily adjustable leather Velcro'd straps! 

Since it covers both the eyes and the nose the overwhelming aroma of leather envelopes and intoxicates as it completely blocks out sight! Definitely a rush!! Keeps those lips and mouth available for other duties!!!

Leather Blidfold Head Harness side view

  Top of head strap from 6" - 10.5" 
 Back of head strap adjusts from 7.5" - 12"

Leather Upper Head Harness
Item #
  Price: $49.95

New Tan Disc Blindfold Institutional Style
Institutional Disc Blindfold

The Tan Institutional Blindfold is the perfect compliment to our medical and institutional restraints, muzzle, arm-splints and cuffs from our medical fetish bondage collections.

It is the sexiest medical fetish blindfold ever, keeping that "patient" from peeking at their next procedure coming up! The lockable buckle makes it highly secure, yet the soft fleece lining makes it so comfortable to the one lucky enough to wear it!
Back View of Institutional Blindfold
• Strap adjusts from 18.5" to 24.75" (47cm-62.9cm)

 • Eye covers measure 3" x 3.75"
(7.6cm x 9.5cm)

 • Made of tanned cowhide, soft natural fleece, and nickel-plated steel hardware.

Institutional Leather Disc Blindfold
Item #560-2011
Price: $49.95


NEw Black Leather Disc Blindfold
Black Leather Disc Blindfold

This Black Leather Disc Blindfold is constructed of two leather ovals (3" wide) are lined with black fleece. They slide on a 3/4" leather strap for full adjustability. The lockable buckle makes sure they know who's in charge!

Black Disc Blindfold back view
• Strap adjusts from 18.5" to 24.75" (47cm-62.9cm)

 • Eye covers measure 3" x 3.75"
(7.6cm x 9.5cm)

Black Leather Disc Blindfold
Item #560-2005
Price: $49.95


Padded Leather Blindfold
Padded Leather Blindfold
Thick, supple double-sided leather combined with thick padding makes this the ultimate blindfold for long term wear... even under other bondage gear!  The blindfold itself is approx. 7 3/4 inch (19.685 cm) in length and 3 inches (7.62 cm) wide over each eye area and approx. 2 1/4 (5.715 cm) inches for the bridge of the nose.  The heavy duty garment elastic strap is 1 1/4 (3.175 cm) inches wide and stretches easy over almost any sized head. The lack of buckles and hard leather strapping, make this a great blindfold to use with the Muzzle or any other hoods that may require some extra 'darkness'...

Padded Leather Blindfold demo

Padded Leather Blindfold
Item #560-2008
Price: $42.95


Classic Fleece Lined Blindfold
  Classic Leather Blindfold
W/ Fleece Lining
Classic in every way... fit, form and function, this faux-fur fleece lined leather blindfold is it! The outer portion is made of thick, supple lambskin leather sewn with a soft plush fleece inner lining. The large eye area assures that there's no peeking when this easy-fit elastic banded blinder is snugly in place!
Classic Leather Blindfold on Face

Classic Leather Blindfold
Item #560-2003
Price: $35.00

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