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Leather and Metal Restraints, Hand Cuffs, Leg Cuffs and Bondage Hardware

Tan Leather Bondage Strap Tethers work overtime
on Nurses Victoria and Ivy
the Octagon Cage!

Leather & Metal Restraints & Bondage Gear

Keeping it all together during bondage play scenes can be a real challenge... and we're referring to the bonder, not necessarily for the bondee!

Having the right gear at the right time can change a moment of shear delight and excitement into a dragged out, snore-city half hour of searching and sorting, while the bondee slowly loses the tingle factor!

That's why we've thought of everything for you! We have the D-Clips, the Cuffs,  the Hog-Ties, the Suspension Tethers, the Extension Clips... so all you have to do is show up and let the games begin!

This page carries quite a few of our restraints and bondage gear, but be sure to also see other sections such as our Medical Braces, Institutional & Medical Restraints or our Black Leather Restraints for even more great ideas for captivating your captive!

Nurse Cindy's not quite sure why she likes this... but she does!
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Ivy Wheelchair Ballet Boots Restraints
click on photo for larger image

Nurse Ivy being put through some serious product testing!
Ballet BootsOxygen Mask, Enema Equipment

Black Leather Mitts Chained in Place with Sensory Deprivation Hood

Nurse Ivy struggles with the Black Leather Mitts and the Black Leather Sensory Deprivation Hood

Metal Handcuffs and Legcuffs  

Here they are! Institutional and law enforcement style Handcuffs and Legcuffs which we recommend highly... and tightly, thank you, sir!

Any BDSM play needs safety and the double locking feature of these offer just that! Most novelty handcuffs are not equipped with this feature. the double lock prevents the cuffs from continuing to "close".

Once the adjusted size is "set" the cuff key end is used to lock the ratchet so it can not further slide along and ultimately squeeze or crush your patient's or slave's wrists or ankles, toes and/or thumbs!

If you desire the "old days" or  looking for the type of metal restraints found in old dungeons or 19th Century psychiatric hospitals, get these antique Darby Style Cuffs! Made of heavy metal and built to last, these are handmade representations of the actual early 1800 locking cuffs and leg irons. A few turns of the key, locks them securely in place!




Dazed and confused... Nurse Valentine ponders her handcuffed peril...


Leather Bondage Strap Tethers
w/ Clips (Pair)

Easy... quick... secure... turn any bed post (or chair leg, or stairway bannister
 or whatever you can dream up!) into an instant bondage connection!
Simply wrap the one end of the tether through the other and voila! ... the D-clips are ready for attachment so that very sullen slave or patient will get quite a surprise!


Clever leather tethers... keeps her in place... wherever you choose!


Panic Snaps Clips and Double D Clips

Attaching all of the chains, spreader bars,  handcuffs, legcuffs and leg irons is a breeze with the right equipment! A few quick clipping devices and your patient or slave won't be going anywhere! As with all of our products, we have collected some heavy duty, long lasting and reliable Panic Snaps and Double D clips. So, add a few to your clinic for securing that patient to his/her bed with their Waist Chain and cuffs or a few for the dungeon to fasten that slave to the St. Andrews Cross or a spreader bar!

Medical Bondage Wrists Leather Cuffs
Institutional Medical Bondage Leather Padded
Wrist & Ankle Cuffs

These are so exciting! Thick padding under the red glove leather lining makes these 3.25" wide, double locking buckled wrist restraints perfect for extended medical play scenes!  Their unique design continues with an attached, rivet-secured D-clip connection! So easy to quickly clip to spreader bars, bondage rings, hog-ties... anything... anytime! (No more worrying if you have any spare D-clips on hand!) Aesthetics, style, function and just sexy as hell for any medical fetishist... at a price that works for today's budget "restraints"!!

Wrist Restraints = 3.25" W
fits 5.75" up to 9.5"

Medical Bondage
Leather Wrist Cuffs
Item #600-4050 
Price: $75.95


Medical Bondage Leather Restraints Ankles

Ankle Restraints = 3.50" W
fits 8.75" up to 13.5"

Medical Bondage
Leather Ankle Cuffs
Item #600-5050
Price: $79.95


Medical Bondage Leather Restraints Collar

Medical Bondage
Leather Padded

Complete the look and "patient" submissive feel created by our Medical Bondage Restraints Cuffs with a matching Collar! From the D-ring in the front to the locking buckle in the back, this collar is so comfortable to wear thanks to the smooth padded red glove leather lining!

 Available in two sizes:
•Small/Medium (fits necks up to 15.5")  •Medium/Large (fits necks up to 18.5")

Medical Bondage
Leather Collar
Item #600-5055 Small/Medium
 Item #600-5056 Medium/Large
Price: $69.95

Collar Size Selections



Magic Wand and Butt Plug Harness

Magic Wand "Hands-Free" Leather Harness

Look! No hands! ... but oooohhhhh mmyyyy ggggg....
 What an ingenious device! Designed specifically to keep the Hitachi Wand securely in place over the clitoral area (or penis!) ...for hours and hours, if need be... or can be tolerated, before absolutely collapsing!

 Strap in and belt up, click on the Magic Wand and watch the agony and ecstasy begin... and go on and on and on...  Such a devious design, this belt also comes with a butt plug harness! Perfect for creative bondage sessions: hands cuffed behind the back, Magic Wand Belt on, butt plug in ... flip the switch on the Magic Wand - boom!

  • High quality leather
  • Two belt buckle systems for security
  • Three O-Rings attached to the front of the belt
  • Accommodate a Hitachi Magic Wand [or a vibrator of similar size and shape]
  • Fits 28" - 36" hips
  • Butt plug holder internal diameter 1 7/16" 
Hands free hitachi wand harness

Hitachi Magic Wand Leather Harness
Item #360-2500
Price: $94.95



Medical Bondage Cuffs
The real McCoy! These heavy duty leather cuffs with thick leather with foam padding are the actual restraints used in hospitals and institutions!

These cuffs are commercial grade, strong and durable and once locked in place, no patient or captive will dare try to escape!

Sold as a pair ...with keys, of course!

Available in three sizes for a great fit.

Humane Restraint Cuffs 3 sizes

Institutional HR Wrist
Restraint Cuffs
Item #600-4000


 Institutional HR Ankle
 Restraint Cuffs
Item #600-4001
 Price: $139.95


 Institutional HR X-Large
Restraint Cuffs
Item #600-4002
 Price: $145.00


"Okay, guys! I know they work!! Now, get them off!!..." 
-Nurse Laural, during product testing!

       "Hey! Come back here and get me out of these!..."


"Fine!...  Take that ...phewwy...!!"

"Ha! I always get my way in the end!"



Oh no... Oops! We forgot to let Nurse Valentine out of her handcuffs! 

Black Leather Locking
Arm Binder Splints
Everyone wants these... they are the ultimate in controlling the mobility of your patient or submissive's arms in bondage during a scene! These sturdy, heavy duty all black beather Arm Binder Splints are 16" from wrist to above elbow with  10 welded d-rings, 5 lockable, 1 inch roller buckles on each arm.

Fits a wide range of sizes.

Locking buckle design allows for the extra security of a lock. Can be used with or without locks.

16 inches in length and 3 lbs 6 oz

Black Arm Binders/PAIR
Item #580-4013
Price: $284.95

Locking Leather Leg Splints
Black Leather Locking
Leg Binder Splints

By popular demand... we can now offer Leg Splints, too! Just like the Locking Leather Arm Splints (above), these leg restraints feature locking buckle closures that ensure restricted movement and the ultimate control in any bondage encounter, but there are six on the leg version (five on the arm version). Can you imagine, having the legs just as constricted and locked down, as well as the arms!?  Also made of premium high-quality leather and are fully adjustable for the most secure yet comfortable fit, these leg splints will bind and secure... no bending at all! Once they are on, that patient or submissive will be staying put! --- cannot run, cannot get away!

  • 20" approx. Ankle to Thigh
  • Top (thigh area) strap adjusts from 17-21" around
  •  2nd strap from 16-19.75"
  •  3rd strap 14.75-18.5"
  •  4th strap from 13.25-17"
  • Bottom (ankle) strap from 12.5-16"
  • Under-foot strap adjusts from 6.25-13.5" .
Black Leg Binders/PAIR
Item #580-4023
Price: $269.95


Leather Locking Wrist to Ball Restraint
Leather Locking Wrists to Balls Restraint

The ultimate for the patient who needs to be securely restrained, bound and cannot touch or play with himself... but needs some Ball Torture for good measure! These high quality leather cuffs, buckle around the wrists while in the back, they are linked like handcuffs! Then the adjustable ball stretcher (or cock ring) locks shut on a steel post with the included lock. The strap then connects to balls though the legs up to the cuffs and Voila!

Leather Locking Hasp Wrist To Balls
The more that naughty patient or slave tries to pull or move his hands, the more it yanks and pulls on the balls! What a vulnerable position!!

  • Fully adjustable wrist cuffs, ball strap & ball cuff
  • Can be used without the ball strap and ball cuff like handcuffs
  • Comes with two heavy duty Master locks
Leather Locking Wrists to Balls Restraint
Item #540-2100
Price: $129.95


click on photo for larger detail
Leather Bondage Strap
w/ Clips (Pair)
  NEW LONGER LENGTH! or Need a quick, but very effective hook-up? These long "furniture friendly" bondage tethers are made from strong bridle leather and are secured with solid steel rivets. They fit perfectly around bed posts, chair legs, trees, fireman poles, gurney legs, exam tables... well, you get the idea! Simply loop them through and clip your favorite patient to their cuffs, arm binders or foot trainers or whatever your heart desires! Sold as a pair. Also available in Institutional Tan!

New longer length:
36" from clips to top of loop!
 -- previously only 24" long!

Black Leather Bondage Tethers
Item #640-4000
Price: $58.00


These Tan Tethers in the new longer length (
36" from clips to top of loop!  -- previously only 24" long!)
work great with our Institutional Medical Cuffs.

Tan Leather Bondage Tethers
Item #640-4001
Price: $58.00

Black Leather Mitts
  Black Leather Padded
 Fist Mitts

  Always a hit (pun intended) with that "grabby" or "feely" subbie or patient! These black leather Padded Fist Mitts are made from soft garment leather yet secured by a 1.5" wide, thick leather strap with a buckle and small lockable* post. They feature a D-Ring on each mitt to attach that mitted little patient/sub's hands to anything, including bedposts, spreader bars, ankle cuffs... anything! Designed in two sizes for a snug fit to keep the wearer's hand in a fist.

Small/Medium: Approx. 6.8" in length
 wrist cuff from 1.5" to 3.5" dia.
Medium/Large: Approx. 7.75" in length
 wrist cuff from 2.71" to 4.30" dia.

*Note: Locks sold separately.

Black Padded Leather Fist Mitts
Size: Small/Medium
Item #580-4200
Price: $135.95


Black Padded Leather Fist Mitts (pair)
Size: Medium/Large
Item #580-4205
Price: $145.95

Black Leather Lined Cuffs
Black Leather
 Lined Cuffs
w/ lockable buckle
Soft glove leather lined leather restraint cuffs with stitched finish, makes these a must-have for any dungeon, clinic or night stand! They wrap snugly and securely around the wrists or ankles (available in both sizes) with that signature squeak sound of leather, that will start the heart racing!
(D-Clips sold separately)

 Wrists fit sizes from 7" up to 11.5"
Ankles fit sizes from 8.5" up to 13.5"

Leather Lined Wrist Cuffs (pair)
Item #580-4030
Price: $90.95


Leather Lined Ankle Cuffs (pair)
Item #580-5030
Price: $92.95


Thick Padded Leather Cuffs
Black Leather
Thick Padded Cuffs
w/ lockable buckle
Thick foam over leather padding make these cuffs, soft yet very, very secure. The padded encases the entire wrist or ankle and holds it in place. Perfect for the spunky little "patient" or subby who always seems to be able to wiggle out of their cuffs!
  (D-Clips sold separately)

Wrists fit sizes from 7.5" up to 11.5"
Ankles fit sizes from 8.5" up to 12.75"

Thick Padded Wrist Cuffs (pair)
Item #580-4050
Price: $94.95


Thick Padded Ankle Cuffs (pair)
Item #580-5050
Price: $98.95


Black Leather Bondage Collar

Black Leather Lockable Collar

Black Leather Bondage Collar with lockable buckle is lined with genuine black garment leather collar providing a firm but gentle touch to the skin. But don't get too cozy... these are made to push limits, and take the rigors of restraint and bondage. A small padlock can be placed on the locking buckle of this collar. With three D-rings, it's so easy to clip wrists or add a leash any where... any time!

  Black Leather Bondage Collar
  fits up to 17 1/2" neck
Item #580-2020
 Price: $65.95


Black Leather Bondage Collar
   fits up to 197 1/2" neck
Item #580-2021
 Price: $65.95

Leather Suspension Sling
Leather Suspension Sling
Great idea for those who want the legs spread like a gyno table and the floating sensation of suspension!
Sturdy and strong, the leather latigo straps support the upper legs and back while allowing for the extra large rings to hold the suspension. Recommended for use on at least 3/16" diameter zinc-plated steel chain (not included).

Leather Suspension Sling
Item #640-4500
Price: $220.00
only $195.95

Wide Bondage Straps
Wide Leather Multi-Use
Bondage Straps

A pair of easy to use, multi-purpose, heavy duty leather bondage straps can come in handy for so many tasks around the dungeon, clinic or bedroom! They are 28" long and 2" wide. One end of each strap has a 2" D-ring and the other end has a 1¼" D-ring to allow looping through, as shown above. Let your imagination (and bondage scenes) go to further extremes!

Leather Multi-Use Straps - Pair
Item #640-5000
Price: $59.95


Steel Toe/Thumb Cuffs 
Oh sure these were designed for the thumbs, but just watch what happens when a set is applied to the toes and another to the thumbs! One can be rendered quite helpless without the use of their big toes and thumbs!


ThumbCuffs / Toe Cuffs
Item #600-6000 
Price: $25.95


Steel Hand Cuffs
Looking for the real handcuffs used by law enforcement and institutions? Here they are! The highest quality, secure and safe with the double lock.

Steel Hand Cuffs
Item #600-6001 
Price: $48.95


Steel Leg Cuffs 
All of the same high quality and professional standards of the handcuffs, but these are for the ankles and are bigger, beefier with  a long (14") chain between!

Steel Leg Cuffs
Item #600-6002 
Price: $65.95


Double-D Clips for safe bondage
Jumbo Bondage D-Clips Sets    
Jumbo 4 1/2" Double D clips (also known as double end snap clips) are the best and easiest method for attaching mitts, cuffs, legcuffs, spreader bars or any other bondage devices! 
Just get creative! This 4 pack allows for more combinations.  It's the easiest way to connect (and disconnect)!  

Jumbo Bondage D-Clips
4 Pack
Item #640-2015  
Price: $17.95/4 Pack


Double D-Clip for safe bondage 10 pack
You can never have too many of these... great for hanging up toys, as well! Put four of them on the Hog-Tie Rings and you'll still have plenty left over for other restraints!
Jumbo Bondage D-Clips
 10 Pack

Item #640-2016 
Price: $34.95/10 Pack
Panic Snaps for Bondage
Panic Snaps (Pair)
Basic bondage safety restraint, the Panic Snap is a chrome metal designed to allow the snap to be released, even if there is pressure on it (hence its name!). It works simply by pushing upward on the spring loaded lever in the center of the clip. Highly recommended for any rope, chain or bondage scenario that may require a quick release ...or they work great to calm the nerves of a "newbie"!

Panic Snaps (Pair)
Item # 640-2020
Price: $20.95

Black Leather Hog Tie
Hog-Tie Clips
What a clever idea! And so time efficient! Simply clip each one of the Latigo leather bound d-clips to a cuff, wrists, then ankles and voila! If you attached behind your patient you now have a perfect hog-tie! Or you may prefer to attach in front, to keep them either stooping or squatting or sitting with their ankles and wrists attached! What a picture!

Black Hog-Tie Clips
Item #640-2000
Price: $26.95

Locking Institutional Leather Belts 
Click on image for larger detail
Authentic Institutional Medical Leather Bondage Belts

Secured locking leather bondage belts go a long, long way! These are the real institutional belts for incarceration and "unruly patient management"! The locking device is the same as used on our Institutional Medical Bondage Cuffs and can be used with them as a wrist to waist binding, ankle to wrist binding, etc. Use your devious imagination. You can never run out of uses and ideas for Medical Toys like these! Made from thick leather belting, they are available in three very convenient sizes: 18" long, 24" long, 48' long, 60" long and 72" long ... get two of each size...
 the possibilities are endless!

Locking Leather Belt detail photo 
Click on image for larger detail

18"  Locking Medical Bondage Leather Belt
Item #580-8000
 Price: $42.95 ea.


24"  Locking Medical Bondage Leather Belt
Item #580-8001
 Price: $48.95 ea.


48"  Locking Medical Bondage Leather Belt
Item #580-8002
 Price: $65.95 ea.


60"  Locking Medical Bondage Leather Belt

Item #580-8011
 Price: $72.95 ea.


72"  Locking Medical Bondage Leather Belt
Item #580-8012
 Price: $78.95 ea.

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