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Medical & Nurse Fetish Clearance Sale!
These are items that we no longer carry or have been discontinued
by our supplier or special offers.  All sales are final!

Rubber Latex Socks 
  Thank you, Nurse! My feet were getting chilly... oh, the rubber patient's favorite, these easy to wear, yet snuggly secure Rubber Socks will make any fetishist's fancy foot work dance with delight! Not a fashion statement... a fetish statement! They are made of sturdy, high quality latex rubber.

Available ONLY in sizes Small (women's approx.6-7) to be discontinued after sold out!

   Great for pre-wrapping in mummy play or in a subby play scene (foot worship with latex... hhhmmmm) or to use as the perfect foot cover 'slippers' to wear with a naughty patient gown.
Rubber Latex Socks 
Price: $45 only $24.95/Pair
Rubber Latex Socks


Rubber Latex Wrist Gloves

Our high quality fine fitting rubber latex gloves will always be a true fetishist's idea of perfection.

Only available in Red - Large only and
Semi-Transparent - Small, Medium, Large sizes.

Wrist Length Rubber
Latex Gloves
Price: $35.00/pair  only $20.00/pair

Wrist Length Latex Gloves
Size & Color Selections


Van Buren set no case 8 FR - 22 FR
8 Fr to 22 Fr Van Buren Sounds Set of 8 without Case
The ultimate sounds for prostate stimulation! The Van Buren sounds are J-shaped: there is a single curve near the tip. The flat handle side made for holding and easier to maneuver. This set has eight sounds with sizes ranging from 8FR up to 22FR and are approximately 12.5" in length! Sounds only, no case.
Van Buren Sound Set - No Case
Item #240-9990
Price: $115.00 only $39.95


Latex Rubber Neck Corset

High Latex Rubber
 Neck Corset
Every Medical Fetishist's and Latex enthusiast's dream (wet dream?) has just come true! Imported from Austria, it is uniquely handmade of thick 2.5 mm white latex, rolled and secure to hold the head up high and neck posture straight! It has the corset style lacing in the back for closure. Created and designed with the finest quality and perfection by H-W Design. Only two left of the SMALL

Small: 32-34 cm (approx. 12.5"-14")
Medium: 36-38 cm -SOLD OUT!
Large: 40-42 cm 

  Heavy Latex Neck Corset
Price: $275.00 $155.00

High Neck Corset Size Selections

Gates of Hell Penis Plug w - Rings
Gates of Hell Penis Plug
  Missing 1" Ring

This is the same as the Gates of Hell Penis Plug we sell on our Urethral Sounds section, but it is missing the 1" ring! So save $20 off on this CBT device, which consists of a wand, measuring 3.2 inches in length and 0.5 inches in diameter, with removable penis glans or shaft rings to give you additional support and tightened sensations. There's even a handy thru-hole in the wand!

Only one!!!

Measurements of Gates of Hell Penis Plug Rings:

Three Interchangeable Glans/Shaft Rings:
Small Ring, 1" diameter
Medium Ring, 1.2" diameter
Large Ring, 1.5" in diameter

Gates of Hell Penis Plug - Missing 1" Ring
Item #240-2008-minus1
Price: $139.95 $89.95 SALE -> $69.95


Portable Sex fucking love machine
Portable Sex Machine Thrustick
The dungeon or kinky clinic of tomorrow... here today! This amazing sex / love / fucking machine takes them [the machines and the end users!] to a whole new level: sleek, portable, sexy, flexible and so versatile! Unlike the over sized, clunky "garage shop" versions that are so large and immobile with limited features, this handy remote controlled... YES! a remote control!! -yet another great feature!!... can go wherever you go (or your "patient" or subby goes!!) -- it's a breeze to move from spot-to-spot or room-to-room! Think of the great added perks for your next vacation when your hotel room becomes a den of torment!

The power unit looks like a small vacuum canister with a flexible metal tubing attached to the “business end” of the thrusting dildo! There are two different types of dildoes included.

remote Control Unit for Thrustick
Remote Control Settings:

8 speeds of thrusting motion
6 functions of vibration and pulsation

Works up to 32 ft. away (10 m)
Controller features LED display

Includes two attachments made of soft, Refined Touch™ material: rabbit-style and a phallic

Rechargeable DC15V 4A (110-240 V)

Portable, comes in its own carrying bag that resembles a small gym bag! It's total weight is about 6.5 lbs. (2.9 kg).

Portable Sex Machine -Thrustick
Item #340-6000
Price: $699.95 only $199.00!!!


Over The Mouth Latex Neck Coset

Over Mouth
 Neck Corset

Hand made of thick 2.5mm white latex, fully formed with a corset-style lacing in the back for closure, this will keep any chatter box quiet!  This stiff reinforced rubber neck corset holds the head and neck secure with correct posture, as the mouth is completely covered.
It's another superior quality offering we are importing from HW Design!

Small: 32-34 cm (approx. 12.5"-14")
Medium: SOLD OUT!
Large: SOLD OUT!

White Latex
Over The Mouth Neck Corset
Price: $375.00  $175.00

Covers Mouth Neck Corset Size Selections


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