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Institutional Leather Muzzle

New Institutional Muzzle
 Our adjustable leather lined and padded muzzle with attached collar will caused a riot in the padded cells! And it's also available in all black leather for dungeons and cells!

Designed with every adjustable strap imaginable to fit the largest to the smallest of heads. Everything stays in the center as you align the eye openings, mouth cover, neck and top around your patient's own unique cranium and neck!

Constructed of white and tan leather, lined with white glove leather padding allow for long sessions in their padded cell! The tan bridle leather accented and cushioned with a soft white garment leather lining. All hardware welded and heavy duty.

Vital Stats:

  • Thick White Padded Leather Lining
  • Sturdy Tan Bridle Leather Belting
  • Heavy Duty D Rings
  • Multiple Buckle and Strap System for a Perfect Fit

institutional straitjacket muzzle and leather belts
Ivy "patient"-ly awaits her enema treatments in our orignal style Muzzle,
StraitjacketInstitutional Cuffs and Locking Leather Belts

Black Leather Muzzle

Side View of Black Leather Muzzle

Jail Cell Scene

Attached to the top of our Jail Cell / Cage offered up an exciting night for Deborah Addington and Lawrence,
 bound sweetly in the Black Leather Muzzle, Black Leather Straitjacket and Black Leather Thigh High Ballet Boots.

Nurse Victoria Mitts and Collar

Venus in our Muzzle in the Medical Toys Clinic

Our original style Institutional Muzzles were all tan leather. 
Due to long delays of deliveries from the manufacturing source, we can no longer offer these,
however, we now we have the new style!

Kumimonstar in our original Muzzle we sold and authentic Straitjacket

More Hoods & Muzzles

New Instititional Leather Muzzle front view
Institutional Leather Muzzle

For those unruly patients who require extra attention (and you know what that means!) ... here it is! Our new Institutional Leather Muzzle Head Harness! It is made for endurance and makes the medical fetishist teary-eyed with anticipation!!

There are a series of straps which wrap around the head and face with an attached collar, all designed specifically with multiple areas of  buckles for sizing and fit adjustments to ensure the ultimate in security and restraint. The inner padding is perfect for long term wear and comfort.

There are three D-rings along the front of the collar and one on the top of the head area for more attachment points of bondage and restraints. This uniue strap system helps keep the muzzle firmly pressed against the mouth and jaw firmly in place... no back talk after this is buckled securely in place!

-Collar adjusts from 12" to 20" circumference
-Forehead adjusts from 22" to 28" circumference
-Jaw adjusts from 18 to 25" circumference

Back View of new muzzle
(back view)

Institutional Leather Muzzle
Item #580-3022
Price: $245.00  only $199.95


Black Leather Muzzle

Here's the "basic black" leather version of our extraordinary head harness muzzle. Just like the Institutional Muzzle, it is designed with adjustable straps to fit from very small to large without sacrificing functionality, this is the best Leather Muzzle, bar none! It's padded in the muzzle and collar, for a superbly tight fit! Everything will stay in the center and aligned to your patient's or sub's unique cranium and neck.
Back View of Black Leather Muzzle
Crafted with a mostly sewn construction, minimal rivets, it's perfect for hours of comfortable wearing. Constructed of heavy bridle leather with a soft garment leather lining and all hardware is welded and heavy duty.
It is designed with five straps, incorporating a fine leather collar. It can be depended on for a tight yet comfortable fit and outstanding durability.

  Black Leather Muzzle
Item #580-3025
Price: $245.00  only $199.95

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