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Authentic Medical Restraints Ultimate Sensory Deprivation Hood Fetish Shoes and Ballet Boots Leather Bondage Straps Whitehead Gag with Teeth Guard Authentic Straitjacket Spanky Spanky
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Urethra Sound Insertion Kits
Pussy Pumping for Labia and Clit
Medical Toys

*Penis Enlargement Tools - $75.95+
*Black Leather Arm / Leg Splints- $248.35+

*T.E.N.S. Unit e-stim toys -$42.50 & up

*3-Chamber Cock Sleeve- $34.95 $22.95

*Latex Ridged Dong - $48.00

*Stainless Prostate Stimulator - $59.95

*Black Leather Muzzle -$245.95 $169.95

*Fetish Ballet Shoes & Boots - $84.95 & up

*Under $25, $50 & $100 Budget Savers

Enema Equipment
Prostate Stimulation Devices

Clearance on Medical Toys, Medical Fetish, Nurse Fetish, and more!

Over the mouth latex neck corset

Over Mouth Neck Corset
370.00 Only $295.00!
+10% more off

TOGETHER Lubricant
$24.95  only $18.95!

Wedgies -Nurse Fetish Shoes

Nurse Fetish Wedgies
$68.00 Only $34.95!

Big Book of Masturbation

Masturbation Book
$22.90 Only $8.95!

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