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Under $25 Medical Fetish FUN

Fun for under $25.00!
This section holds a variety of great F-U-N items that cost only $25.00 or less!

Couldn't be better timing for those tightened wallets and purses...
we're all feeling that pinch (and it's not the kind we like!).

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Wartenberg Wheel
Wartenberg Wheel/ Pinwheel 

One of the greatest and most time-tested medical fetish toys happens to fit very nicely in this "under $25.00" category because you can get two of these and still be under $25.00!

 ... two hands with two pinwheels can really wreak havoc!

So diverse and so perverse, this devious device will keep anyone on their toes with anticipation of its prickly rolling sensations!

Item #480-2040
Price: $13.95 $10.95


   Prostate & Perineum
Stimulator Magic Wand
Attachment for Men!

The girls have coveted the infamous Hitachi Magic Wand for decades... and every guy out there has turned green with envy! (Confess: how many, in secret, have tried to use the cool attachments on their partner's Magic Wand?) Well, finally, here's one for the boys, only! It's designed specifically for anal prostate stimulation with a flexible and expertly angled shape to vibrate and massage with a direct hit for a mind-blowing experience!  Just slip the attachment over the head of the Magic Wand, then slide this sensually curved piece into place and turn on! There's even a nasty little external stimulator, that teases and tickles your perineum at the same time!

Measurements: 3.25" insertable length
 1.22" max. i.d.
 2.3" i.d. of attachment cup

Prostate Stimulator Attachment
 for Magic Wand
Item #340-9010

Price: $16.95

Enema Bag and Nozzle Set
Enema Bag Kit

 Water sports maximus! Anal play needs a clean place to start...  This is the complete kit with a full 2 quart red rubber bag, including a flow line tubing and shut-off clamp.

 It has the anal and vaginal nozzles with adapters. It even has a hook to hang it up! Try it on our IV Stand... 

Be sure to check out the Kinky Enema Starter's Kit for even more fun and savings!

Enema Bag Set
Item #300-9005
 Price: $23.95

Visit our huge  Enema Section ... for even more fun!
TPR Mini-Dipstick
Thermoplastic Rubber Mini-Dipstick

Great for getting started in the world of sound and urethral insertion stimulation play, this elastomer thermoplastic rubber (TPR) mini-dipstick is also cost effective!  It works with the same concept as the Steel Mini-Dipstick , Steel Mini-Dipstick II and Royal Staff  however, it is flexible and malleable, so it is really easy to manipulate and control. There is a ring pull attached to the top for easy retrieval. It is 5" long tip to top with 4" insertable  and about 0.65" at its widest point.

  TPR - Phthalate-free

Note: Not recommended for long term urethral insertion play.

TPR Mini-Dipstick
Item #240-2003
 Price: $19.95


Tweezers Nipple Clamps
Tweezer Nipple Clamps

Okay... let's put the squeeze on! These tweezers style nipple clamps are clinically approved by our Nurses as the "tight as you can go" clamps!

The sliding ring squeezes the rubber tipped prongs together... as tightly as you like! The heavy "jeweled finish" steel chain really adds some weight to the situation!

Tweezers Style Nipple Clamps
Item #530-3001
Price: $18.95


Multi-Use Buck Hammer 
 Now this is a versatile medical toy!
The stainless steel body holds two rubber heads on one end, a small brush screws into the bottom of the handle and a sharp pointed "poker" screws into the top of the head. So many tactile tools, for so little money!
Buck Hammer - Medical Percussion
Multi-Use Buck Hammer
Item #480-8000
Price: $13.95
only $6.95


2" Faux Leather Ball Stretcher
Vegan/Faux Leather
2" Ball Stretcher

  This 'vegan-leather' ball stretcher will give the squeeze and stretch you need... 2 inches wide, thick supple strap, stretching the boys apart...  you'll love how easy it is to put on!

The cuff secures with snaps for easy removal, and includes a sturdy metal D-ring at the front, so ideal for attaching additional weights, restraints or a leash!

  ~Just pull, wrap and snap... one-two!

Item #540-1994V
2" Ball Stretcher w/D-Ring

rice: $16.95
 only $13.95


Straight Edge Razor Black Handle

Straight Edge Razor 
Shaving prior to an operation was SOP (standard operating procedure!), so how can you go without one of these in your medical collection. Sharp steel blades folds into the sleek black handle. Now you can shave just the way they did it in the old days!

  ~5/8" rounded tip
~Black plastic handle
 ~Fully opened length is 9-3/4"
~Closed length is 6"
~Available with Black or White Handle

Item #480-2000 Black Handle
rice: $10.95  only $7.95


Straight Edge Razor White Handle
Item #480-2001 White Handle
Price: $10.95
  only $7.95


Lube Shooter

 The Lube Shooter 
Just like its name, the Lube Shooter, this ingenious little device is great for inserting lube precisely where you want it to go... urethra (perfect for sound play!), anus or vagina! As it states on the box, "...puts lube between your cheeks and not on the sheets!"  The Lube Shooter Set comes with three disposable shooters and a cap for prefilling and having it ready when you need it!  Quick and easy.
5" long x 1/2" wide.

Lube Shooter
Item# 450-1000
  Price: $9.95 $8.95


Plastic Female Urinal

  This is the female version of the pee-pee-on-the-go-go container! Designed to fit perfectly over the pussy, no more excuses to stop a scene for a potty break! Imagine her face when you show her this and say, "Okay, ready?... now, pee!"

Size: 11.5" X 4"
Capacity: 32 oz. (1000 cc)

Plastic Female Urinal
Item #490-6026
Price: $12.95


Urinal Filled
Plastic Male Urinal 

Plastic easy to clean uni-sex urinal holds a full 32 oz. (1000 cc). Works for male... or female!

Plastic Male Urinal
Item #490-6025 
Price: $10.95

Black Stethoscope

Black Stethoscope 
Made of pliable nylon tubing and stainless shiny ear and drum piece.

Black Stethoscope
Item #720-8020
 Price: $17.95


Oxygen Mask w/Bag
O2 Oxygen Masks
  Definitely a medical fetish have... the look and feel of an Oxygen Mask is os sexy, it just sends a kinky "patient" directly to the trauma unit! We offer two styles: one with a bag and one without!

Both are latex-free and have 7 feet of clear tubing attached. An adjustable elastic strap holds it firmly in place over the nose, mouth and lower chin.

Set of 3 Oxygen Masks w/Bag
Item #490-9045


Set of 3 Oxygen Masks - No Bag
Item #490-9040

Cyber Vyber Pocket Vibrator

Cyber Vyber Vibrator/Massager
Small but powerful little pocket vibrator! It is great for sound play and butt toy play, too!

 Just touch it to the sound or toy and the whole thing will vibrate!  Specifications: 4" long, 1" dia., magnetic ball head, requires one "AA" battery (not included)

Item #340-2000
 Price: $16.95


Giant 12" Tweezers

Jumbo 12" Tweezers
Another oversized medical instrument to intimidate the willing... And you thought tweezers were just for getting splinters out and stray eyebrows plucked!

These 12" long gigantic tweezers are impressive... Great for pinching various body parts or grab that wagging tongue on your unsuspecting "patient"!

Oversized 12" Tweezers
Item #480-4040
Price: $10.00


Red Stethoscope

Red Stethoscope
When you really want the patient to pay attention, swirl this red stethoscope in front of their eyes!

  Made of pliable nylon tubing and stainless shiny ear and drum piece. 

Red Stethoscope
Item #720-8021
Price: $14.95


Silicone Ball Gag Black
Black Silicone Ball Gag
with Buckling Straps

Silence is golden... but in this case, it's black! Black soft silicone ball and bit is double riveted to beautifully crafted stitched vegan-leather straps that buckle. The fit is superb and will definitely keep them from speaking!
The silicone is odorless, tasteless, and designed for comfort and a flexible fit.


Black Vegan-Leather Straps:
Adjustable 16" to 22" / 40 cm to 56 cm
 .787" / 2 cm wide

  Black Silicone Ball & Bit Gag:
 1.65" /4.191 cm diameter
Black Silicone Ball Gag
with Buckling Straps
Item #570-4008
 Price: $24.95


Disposable Face Masks

  A pack of 10 (ten), these face masks have a face fitting strip in them to conform to the contours of your nose and chin.

Face Masks
Item #490-6015


click on iamge for larger detail

Nurse's Cap 
One Button Back Cap
The one button back version of our authentic crisp starched white nurse cap is just another style worn (in the old days!) by the nursing staff at every hospital!

If you love Nurse Fetish, these caps are a must for any medical fetishist or nurse fetishist or even just for the collector!

Nurse Cap: One Button
Item #720-8000
Price: $21.95 $16.95

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