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Black Leather Faux-Fur and Fleece Lined Cuffs  ShareThis

Black fur lined cuffs with red shoes

Black Leather with Faux-Fur Lined Cuff Restraints!

Basic, classic and defined as one of the BDSM essentials, faux-fur or fleece lined cuffs have been a staple of any Dom or Mistress's collection. The reason is that they are so easy to use on almost anyone, due to the way the fleece allows for a firmer fit, regardless of size.

However, they also work great for newbies, who may need a gentler, softer feel as they acclimate to the idea of wrist and ankle bondage restraints. Regardless of the usage and level of play, for the price, these definitely go a long way!

Made with the highest quality and attention to detail, this collection of black faux-fur or fleece lined leather bondage restraints are specifically designed with a soft touch of luxury!

Surrender to the lush, mink-like feeling of fur (no, it's not real fur!) as it wraps around the wrist and ankles! Or for a less expensive alternative, try the comfort and soft restraint of the leather fleece lined cuffs and collar!

Whichever you choose, or if you decide to get both types, they are all so comfortable, yet sturdy and restrictive... absolutely perfect for long term sessions, with little to no stress whatsoever.

Black Wrist Handle Chain Leash
Black Leather 30" Chain Leash

Perfect for training to be sure that your submissive or naughty patient  "tows the line", this leather wrist loop and chain leash attaches to a collar, restraints or even CBT leather bondage cages and Gates of Hell! So versatile and so in-control... you won't want to leave home (or the bedroom) without it!

Black Leather/Chain Leash
  Item #580-2100
 Price: $23.95


Hog-Tie Clips
What a clever idea! And so time efficient! Simply clip each one of the leather bound d-clips to a cuff, wrists, then ankles and voila! If you attached behind your patient you now have a perfect hog-tie! If you prefer to attach in front, that will keep them either stooping or squatting or sitting with their ankles and wrists attached!
What a picture!

Black Hog-Tie Clips
Item #640-2000
Price: $26.95


Black Leather Hog Tie

Black Leather Restraints Bondage on Nurse Ivy
Black Leather Bondage:
 Ultimate Sensory Deprivation HoodArm Splint Binders, Hog-Tie Clips, D-Clips and Black Faux-Fur Ankle Cuffs

...and those super sexy red high heels just finish her off!!

Black Leather Mitts and Sensory Deprivation Hood
Ultimate Sensory Deprivation Hood and Padded Black Leather Mitts

Small Brass Lock
Small Brass Lock/ Keys
Here's the lock that fits the various lockable buckle belt closures for lockable roller style buckles. You will need 2 total per pair of the Faux-Fur Lined Cuffs

Small Brass Lock
Item #600-1005
Price: $4.50/each


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Faux-Fur Lined Wrist Cuffs

Thick black leather with a fluffy faux-fur lining make these cuffs sensual as well as restraining! It is the ultimate blend of comfort and durability with 2 inch wide thick bridle leather strap lined with two layers of an ultra soft faux-fur. The 1 inch wide outer strap  with an adjustable belt buckle is lockable of six sizing slots ensure a tight fit! Lockable
roller buckles add extra security, too!

Wrist cuffs fit from 5.5" - 9"
Ankle cuffs fit from 7.5" - 12"

Faux-Fur Lined Wrist Cuffs (pair)
by Strict Leather
Item #580-4040
Price: $69.95

Locks not included.

Faux-Fur Lined Ankle Cuffs
Faux-Fur Lined Ankle Cuffs (pair)
by Strict Leather
Item #580-5040
Price: $74.95

Fleece Lined Lockable Wrist Restraint Cuffs
Black Leather
Fleece Lined Wrist Cuffs
w/ lockable buckle
Soft fleece wraps so snugly around the wrist, yet they are oh-so secure... these hand crafted leather restraint cuffs will stay put, keep snug and firmly bound for long term bondage. There's no squirming out these, especially if you add a lock to the lockable buckle! Fits wrist sizes from 6" up to 11.5" -available in Ankle size, too.

Fleece Lined Wrist Cuffs (pair)
Item #580-4035
Price: $49.95


Black Leather Fleece Lined Ankle Cuff Restraints
Black Leather
Fleece Lined Ankle Cuffs
w/ lockable buckle
Match up your Fleece Lined Wrist Cuffs with these Ankle... or just get these and use them with our Black Straitjacket! Designed to fit soft, yet oh-so-secure, especially if you add a lock to the lockable buckle! Fits ankles sizes from 8" up to 13.5"

Fleece Lined Ankle Cuffs (pair)
Item #580-5035
Price: $52.95


Black Fleece Lined Collar with Single o-Ring

Black Leather Fleece Lined Collar
Black Leather Fleece lined Collar with single large O-Ring is lined with soft, comfortable fleece for a collar that provides a firm but gentle touch to the skin. But don't get too cozy... the large O-Ring in the center reminds the wearer who is in charge... and with a leash attached, confirms it!
  Black Leather Fleece Lined Collar
  fits up to 17 1/2" neck
(Small - Medium)
Item #580-2035
 Price: $45.95


Black Leather Fleece Lined Collar
   fits up to 19 1/2" neck
(Medium - Large)
Item #580-2036
 Price: $45.95

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